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Young Women Need To Watch This Before Voting Hillary

from Rebel Media:

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  • zombie

    The Mesmerised are those who are more-interested/”respond-favourably” to Gossip than The State of their Enslavement. These are The Conditioned [as opposed to “Saviours”/”The-Aggressive”/”The-Possessive” who are The Conditional. Just like the lady in the YT Video] and like it, believe it, or not, The Conditioned will not be swayed by either Reason or Infomration other than responding to more “Gossip”. As such, these types seem to be responsive but they will “re-Tow the Line” by similar Conditionings from The Other Side. There is ONLY one way to “Get Through” The Conditioned and that is to deConditioned them. To removing that which is Conditioning/”Possessing” them.

    Realise it or not, The Vast Majority of The Conditioned/”Possessed”/Mesmerised are unable to “Snap Out of It” because they are like Addicts where having the ability to “See” will not enable said Addicted to counter/”correct”. The Stupid-Dumb might say that “Winning The Vote” is all that matters but not when that vote is for either The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. You know, “Voting Between” Counting- de-Money/Liberating-Greed-Fear Immediately after The Inauguration or Misery Thereafter.

    The Vast Majority need a Personalised Drama to awaken from their Hynotic State. Unfortunately, The Vast Majority of The Vast Majority will merely revert to their Zombie State after the passing of said Personalised Drama. For most, asking, “Why Me?” has NO Effect other than Just Another Experience. This is because many are Too Addicted to Fame, Fortune & Immortality to be correctable. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not.

    This is why Reality is self/Self and is also the reason why there is no known case of Someone Breathing For Another. As such, Saviourship is ONLY for Gathering Its Worship and Little Else. Be conscious and be aware of those who claim that they “Breathe For Another”. It does NOT exists other than within The Thought/Imagination/Airy-Fairyness of Humans. Especially those who would like to be Voted to Enjoy Governmented Freebies.

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