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Will the “End Game” Commence September 30th?

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Last week, “Admiral Sprott” was asked what the Precious Metal bull market was like in 2000-11. He replied that it was as painstaking as today, with the Cartel seemingly “winning” more days than it lost. Having been fully invested in the sector since mid-2002, I concur 100% – as even during the “best of times,” it was sheer torture. Of course, until 2008, my portfolio was entirely comprised of highly volatile mining shares – largely, exploration and/or development companies – so the stresses of Cartel-created volatility were that much more powerful.

Today, not a thing has changed – except my Precious Metal portfolio, comprising roughly 90% of my liquid assets, is 100% physical metal, with my only “financial asset” being a 1% position in Bitcoin. Thus, the stress I feel during today’s Cartel attacks – which per the “manipulation mantra” I coined circa 2005, “each day worse than the last,” has not let up one bit – is more muted. But just a little, as after 14½ years of watching the government – er, Cartel – attack my net worth, livelihood, and sanity, I’ve built up a lifetime’s worth of anger.

Consider, for example, that not only have we been forced to endure “Sunday Night Sentiment” attacks in 152 of the past 158 weeks, but 28 of 30 this year, when Precious Metals have been the world’s best performing asset class.  Not to mention, “2:15 AM” raids on 87% of all trading days over the past three years – which I assure you, is no lower a percentage this year.  As well as relentless “caps and attacks” each and every day – such as yesterday’s prototypical “Cartel Herald”-catalyzed raid, at the “key attack time #1” of 10:00 AM EST (when global physical markets close).  When – what do you know – silver approached its 50-month moving average of $20.45/oz.  Which, as I have been noting for weeks, is the Cartel’s “ultimate line in the sand.”

However, in large part due to my decision to switch my investment to physical metal – partly in 2008, and wholly by 2011; plus perseverance, belief, and survival instinct – I’ve slept the “sleep of the just,” in not just my investment decisions, but how I’ve communicated my beliefs to the PM community.  Many of you, too, have survived the worst – each of you, in your own personal way – and for that, I salute you.  And for those new to the game, congratulations on not only joining history’s greatest bull market in its still early stages, but having missed the vast majority of the aforementioned “manipulation stress.”  As, in my view, the “end game” of an all-out loss of Cartel – and generally speaking, “powers that be” – control is approaching rapidly, no matter how hard they try to subvert reality.

Which, per today’s provocative title, I’ll get to momentarily.  As first, I’d like to present a brief list of topics from yesterday alone; each one of which, has the potential to “break the Cartel’s back” under the right circumstances.  Let alone, the “September 30th event I’ll end today’s article with.  Like, for instance…

  1. Oil prices plunging anew, after lowly, non-OPEC Oman refused to attend the informal September 27th oil producers meeting in Algiers; essentially, killing the latest “production cut” propaganda before it had a chance to spread

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