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Will Julian Assange be Assassinated?

from Paul Joseph Watson:

Is the Wikileaks founder the next victim of the Clinton body count?

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2 comments to Will Julian Assange be Assassinated?

  • Yakob P

    Doubt it….He has the same lawyer the Rothschild family has…I guess the SGT crowd STILL hasn’t figure out the divide and conquer game…You think Vlad and Assange are on your side??…What about Trump….Unless youre on Epsteins island with Donald, trust me he’s not looking out for you….NONE of them are….

  • Ed_B

    Forget the hired mouthpieces. If Assange really spills the beans on Hellery or tries to do that, he WILL have “an accident” of some sort… a fatal one. He’s not en elite or an elite minion, so tough noogie for him. He’s about to be Breitbarted or Scaliaed, IMO.

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