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Why So Many People Fail To Prep & Prepare – Even Though They Have The Money

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

I am curious (as I’m sure you are too) why it is that so many people do not prepare at all (at all!) for emergency, disaster, or worse…SHTF. ??

And I’m talking about people who have the money to do it. Even though money to buy ‘stuff’ is not THE answer to preparedness, it does certainly enable you to buy at least the basics such as a food storage or deep pantry…

But people still don’t do it!

We can only guess as to why:

They do not perceive the need for any preparedness.
Incapable of recognizing or discovering the threats that we face.
Poor (non-existent) journalism to expose real risk & threats.
The concept of preparedness is not taught in the mainstream.
The notion of preparedness does not fit with the agenda of TPTB.
People are too caught up in their daily routines (‘busy’).
Any ‘free’ time is mostly consumed with entertainment.
Their normalcy bias that everything will always be ‘okay’.
The belief that others will be there to provide for them.
The belief that government will provide an adequate safety net.
Many people live in a ‘Nanny’ state or environment of coddling.
The fear of facing the possibility of disastrous circumstances.
The emotional weakness of people who need their ‘safe place’.
Perception that preparedness is ‘old fashioned’ in today’s modern world.
The stigma of the word, ‘prepper’.

Okay, I got it started. What’s your opinion?
Why is it that some estimates indicate that only 3% of people are ‘prepared’ at all?

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4 comments to Why So Many People Fail To Prep & Prepare – Even Though They Have The Money

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Me & Jim Willie can add a couple of things to that list of WHY people don’t feel the need to “prep”.

    Such as when a person has an “investment portfolio” with a present “value” of more than $100k, they think they have enough “wealth” to get thru the next 3 years without too much trouble.

    (this is because they don’t have any understanding that those stocks & bonds are likely to crash 80% or more and nobody will be allowed to “sell” that stuff because the down-draft will be amazingly fast and nobody out there will want to buy anything that is losing value by about 5%-10% every hour.)
    And if that’s not enough ignorance, or even if the “confident non-prepper” has $200k in cash hidden under the floorboards, they don’t consider that the CASH can lose value by 50% in a single day.

    My own brother, when advised by me to buy a few hundred ounces of silver within the last few years, declared he doesn’t see the need for it, and his 401k is doing great. And, he said that if he did have silver (or gold) he would not feel safe keeping it home or burying it and he would keep it in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX at the bank, and when ever he needed any, he would just drive to the bank and take some out of the box.

    That is from a man who has a Master’s degree from a major university and later built a decent business with a “builder’s-contractor’s license”, doing lots of top notch work, but has no worries about the economy.

    I’m the younger, less ambitious brother who worked 33 years at the Detroit car factories busting my butt on car assembly lines every damn year. I live modestly, and have a pension (until it’s gone) that is wonderful when compared to the situation of most people today who have nothing coming in. I am fully aware that Soc Sec will break, EBT will dry up, UAW pensions will be GONE, Teachers, Teamsters, Fire & Police will lose ALL their pensions & benefits TOO.

    THAT’s why I stack when ever possible. Fill the pantry, and gather up garden supplies, etc.
    I’m trying to get myself prepared for the USSA to be something like Zimbabwe and Venezuela all rolled into one pile of poop.

    I won’t be satisfied until I have enough food for 2 people to survive an entire year at home.
    Enough Toilet paper for 2 people for 5 years, and plenty of other items. I buy the single ply stuff, sometimes Scotts, sometimes Dollar General similar, and when I bring it home, I put the pack on the floor and STAND on it, walk on it to FLATTEN it as much as possible so I can fit more onto the shelf. (this lets me stack about 1/3 more rolls in the same space, and when it’s time to use it? I just “squeeze” them round again. It works quite well.)

    With the Dollar General 4-pack (those rolls are EXTRA fat with 1250 sheets per roll and most anybody out there, can sustain an entire month with just ONE ROLL of that stuff.)
    Yes, the single ply stuff, requires some extra sheets from the roll, but let me see YOU guys get a full month from a single roll of any “double ply”, eh?

    I don’t care how much other family member “complain” that they hate the single ply stuff, just wait until they have to wipe their butts with their bare fingers and they’ll kiss your feet for a roll of single ply.

    • Eric

      At this point I have concluded based on my extensive research that it’s because they’re really chemically dumbed down ignorant MORONS!

      Preparing takes them out of their comfort zone. And that’s just not fun.

      Hey you guys stack any silver today? I kind of have a one track mind these days. Can’t wait to get my Star Trek coins.

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