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Why Should There Be a Moratorium on Vaccines?

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

My new book, Eat to Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities was published July 20, 2016, and Blog Talk Radio show “In the Know” host Sallie O. Elkordy interviewed me about it, but before we got to talking about my new book, she asked a pointed question about vaccines since she knows that I have researched vaccine information since the 1980s and wrote Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines the only book I know of that addresses most of the toxic ingredients in vaccines and the damage they cause from published peer review journals, which is not being taken seriously by the medical profession.

Since Sallie has spearheaded the national campaign “Unite to Save Our Children, Call for a National Moratorium on Vaccination Now,” the question Sallie asked was, “Why should there be a moratorium on vaccines?” However, Sallie put that question to me during her phone conversation inviting me on her show, so I was prepared with a statement when she asked that question on air. Here’s what I replied:

What would be the most logical, sensible and FACTUAL answer to that rather contradictory question regarding vaccines?

The primary reason for a moratorium on the vaccination program is the fraud and downright deceit involved in what I call “tobacco science” exercised by the CDC and FDA in approving new vaccines for licensure going back to the 1950s with the polio vaccines, and now even more prevalent than ever, I think, with regard to the horrible state of children’s health with childhood Autism obviously from the MMR vaccines, plus other serious chronic diseases in childhood not experienced demographically before the current craze to vaccinate right out of the womb. Add to that the serious health effects, including deaths, from the HPV vaccines given to preteens and teenagers.

Furthermore, there’s a video on the Internet wherein Dr Maurice Hilleman, MD, the father of modern vaccines who was the vaccinologist at Merck and Company, discusses in no uncertain candid terms the SV40 virus that was in vaccines, especially the polio vaccine, which the CDC finally admits was there and the US Congress held hearings on in 2003 wherein it finally was confirmed that 98 million or more U.S. kids were vaccinated with a cancer-containing virus vaccine to prevent polio! However, is that the reason for the cancer epidemic today?

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