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Why 15 Years After 9/11 US Media and D.C. Think Tanks Cheer for Saudi Sponsored, Al-Qaeda Allied Jihadists in Aleppo

from Rogue Money:

It’s all about the petrodollar and D.C.’s increasingly desperate, indefensible measures to defend it.

This is why Saudi Arabia can get away with threatening the U.S. with dumping $750 billion in assets it no longer has thanks to lower oil prices over some 28 redacted pages of a 9/11 report prepared by Congress that gets released in sanitized form anyway. And why the Saudis can brag in their media about funding 20% of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and no one outside of Zerohedge and the alternative media bats an eyelash. And why we’re seeing desperate attacks on Donald Trump as the alleged Siberian/Manchurian candidate of the Kremlin to distract and deflect Americans from Hillary being bought and paid for by foreign and especially Saudi and Qatari interests (Doha being the major patron of the Muslim Brotherhood which counts longtime Hillary aide and wife to disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin’s relatives among its adherents).

With so much Sunni Persian Gulf money floating around, is it any wonder there’s an army of non-Arab shills eager to defend Saudi Arabia’s ‘Free Syrian’ proxies on Twitter and advocate for the U.S. military to act as the Sauds private mercenary force in attacking Riyadh, not necessarily America’s enemies? (And not just in Syria, but also soon sending more American troops to Yemen where the Saudis are getting their rear ends handed to them by Houthi tribesmen with nary an Iranian Revolutionary Guardsman in sight). – JWS

Rise of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Fall of House of Saud an interview with Sheikh Imran Hosein (a friend of my friend The Saker). In this interview Hosein describes his belief based on Islamic eschatology that a revived Ottoman Empire in alliance rather than competition with ‘Rum’ (the Third Rome or Russia) will replace a doomed House of Saud as the chief patron and center of world Sunni Islam.

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