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What’s Really Going on with Hillary? Why All Sides Agree that Bad Health Automatically Disqualifies a Presidential Candidate

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not well, nor is she physically capable of executing the job of commander-in-chief and chief executive of the most powerful nation on the planet – and the evidence continues to pour in proving that point. But only her cult-like supporters and her Left-wing drone-like cheerleaders in the mainstream media refuse to see what everyone else sees clearly.

Let’s look at the evidence:

–The fainting blood clot incident: Back in 2012, Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion. She was rushed to the hospital, and was diagnosed with a blood clot between her brain and skull.

Since then, reports have indicated that Clinton takes a lot of daily medications, many of them to prevent blood clots, which she is obviously prone to developing. Also, she takes drugs to prevent fainting spells, and to treat a thyroid condition.

–Coughing fits: Coughing is a side effect of some of those drugs she takes, Town Hall reported.

As she so often does when she begins uncontrollable coughing at public events, Clinton blows them off as “allergies,” “stress of the campaign,” “talking a lot,” etc. But they are a sign that something is amiss.

–Lack of physical capacity: In recent days, as reported by Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and author of the new science blockbuster, Food Forensics, Clinton had to be physically assisted up a small flight of stairs at a home – a photo of which screamed around the Internet.

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