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What Pisses Me Off About The Olympics

from Stefan Molyneux:

According to a recent study from The University of Oxford and Said Business School examining the games between 1960 and today, the average inflation adjusted “sports-related costs” of the Summer Olympic games is $5.2 billion and the average cost of the Winter Olympics is $3.1 billion.

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2 comments to What Pisses Me Off About The Olympics

  • Randy0302

    The homeless can be removed for organ donation thus offsetting infrastructure costs 🙁

  • Fred Hayek

    This is why, when elite a-holes were trying to push for the City of Boston to make a serious bid to host an olympic summer games, there sprouted an immediate backlash against the idea. The proponents were soon squashed when they couldn’t satisfactorily answer who was going to pay for the inevitable, gargantuan cost overruns. It was one of the rare times that I could be proud of living in the suburbs of Boston. At least we were skeptical enough to not fall for that particular line of bullshit. Everything else, sure. But not that one.

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