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Venezuela Is Beta Testing Executive Order 13603- Food Shortages and Slave Labor

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In an article I wrote last week, I reported on Wikileaks finding, from Clinton’s leaked emails, that Secretary of State Clinton played a large role in the present state of extreme shortage being experienced in Venezuela and it was deliberate.

Further the actions being pursued by the Venezuela government exactly parallel the articles and provisions contained in Executive Order 13603.

Is this just a coinciddence? Or is EO 13603 being beta tested in Venezuela for later application in the United States?

In the following paragraphs, I lay out the actions of the Venezuelan government in dealing with their contrived food crises and then offer a comparison to what is written in Obama’s EO 13603.

The Food Crisis In Venezuela

Venezuelan government officials, when they’re not blaming everything on their all-purpose scapegoat the CIA for their food shortages, claim nearly all their problems stem from the fact that a barrel of oil that used to sell for $100 now goes for less than $40. That is true, but even with the lower prices affect every oil-producing country, you don’t see food riots in Saudi Arabia.

In Venezuela, milk, eggs, flour, rice, chicen, beef: If it can be eaten, it’s vanished from the country’s supermarkets. People are eating dogs and cat and there are reports that they are eating each other. Venezuela has the worst food crisis on the planet. It was done to them intentionally and they are taking actions that should loook very familiar to people who have closely followed Obama and Executive Order 13603.

A Food Contrived Food Crisis and Slave Labor Comes to Venezuela

In an executive order that bypassed Venezuelan congressional approval, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decreed that both public- and private-sector employees (all peoplel) can be forced to work in the government owned fields for up to two months at a time — or longer, “if circumstances merit.”

Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, believed that food prices would be cheaper if crops were grown by the government rather than private farmers, confiscated nearly 7.5 million acres of agricultural land between 2004 and 2010. Predictably, the government farms produced less food, not more. This is what happens when the government takes over anything.

This is nothing new, but these practices always end badly. For example, Fidel Castro ordered a million urban workers into the Cuban cane fields in 1969 to save the sugar industry. Cuba still practices slavery today with laborers that it sends to it allies to help pay down its foreign debt. (They’re paid only pennies per hour for forced labor.)

And the biggest practing agent of slavery was Joseph Stalin, who enslaved an estimated 18 million forced laborers which was designed to help industrialize the Soviet Union.

America is preparing to join these despots.

Food Crisis Planned for America with a Government Takeover

In recent years the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been regionalizing disaster supplies and rapidly procuring hundreds of millions of ready-to-eat meals, blankets, and body bags. Combined with the DHS’ suspiciously massive purchases of ammunition, one has to ask why are the Feds doing this?

In fact, the government has been buying so many supplies and in such large amounts that shortages have affected the world’s leading manufacturers to the point they’ve been forced to suspend shipments to retail customers of survival foods and ammunition. I VIEW THIS AS PLANNING FOR A CONTRIVED SHORTAGE, VENEZUELAN STYLE!

However, this administration, which included Clinton, is known for creating the crisis and then providing THEIR solution to the crisis that they created. Here is the manefestation of this plot annd don’t worry, the elite have the solution and it is contained in EO 13603, and just like Venezuela, the US government plans to own and control all food.

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