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U.S. Bombing Mission In Libya, Special Forces Included

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

In an effort to bolster a weak and largely impotent U.N.-backed government in Libya, the United States has launched a bombing campaign against ISIS fighters in the city of Sirte. After having destroyed Libya and rendered what was once the country with the highest living standards in Africa to a desert of chaos and barbarism, the United States is now once again bombing the embattled nation. This time, however, the bombing is under the guise of “defeating ISIS” so that the limp GNA (Government of National Accord) can establish control over the country and, obviously, so that it might be able to translate and enforce the decisions made by the West into real results inside Libya.

Unlike in Syria, where U.S. bombing strikes are carried out mainly against Syrian military positions, civilians, or simply wasted in the desert (although sometimes ISIS targets are indeed bombed in order to encourage and force the fighters into moving from or ceding territory – terrorist herding), the bombing in Libya appears to actually be directed at ISIS targets. This is because the anti-imperialist figure of Ghaddafi is now gone and, in his place, is a puppet government more amenable to Western dictates. Thus, there is no more need, at least for now, of Islamic radicals to be used as a proxy force against the Libyan government.

Thus, after a request from the GNA, the United States began bombing targets in Sirte on Monday.

Prime Minister Fayez Seraj said on state TV that “The first air strikes were carried out at specific locations in Sirte today causing severe losses to enemy ranks.” Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook stated that the airstrikes did not have “an end point” at this time, suggesting the possibility that U.S. involvement will become even greater as time progresses as well as the potential for a much longer duration of operations.

Seraj stated that the Presidential Council of the GNA has “activated” its involvement in the “international coalition against the Islamic State” and “request[ed] the United States to carry out targeted air strikes on Daesh (Islamic State).”

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