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Trump Leads Hillary By 17… Press Conferences That Is

Hillary has held ZERO press conferences in 2016, but has held 130 fundraisers

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

It’s day 269 on the Hilary Clinton never ending no press conference hidathon.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki was the latest reporter to point out Monday that the last time Hillary stood and answered questions from members of the press was on December 4, 2015, more than NINE months ago.

In that time, Kornacki noted, Donald Trump has held SEVENTEEN press conferences.

That equates to almost one every fortnight.

“There’s no law that says a presidential candidate has to hold a press conference if they don’t want to.” Kornacki said.

“They don’t have to if they can get away with it. Maybe that’s the political calculation, but there is a tradition there of candidates coming forward, taking questions from anyone in the press who wants to ask them, being hit with whatever question happens to come to them, and having to deal with it on the spot,” Kornacki added.

“That is the tradition of the press conference. It’s one that Hillary Clinton has not had much enthusiasm for though,” Kornacki concluded.

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1 comment to Trump Leads Hillary By 17… Press Conferences That Is

  • Ed_B

    Not to worry. The lefto-communist media will not consider this “news”, so won’t be mentioning it. If it was the other way around, we would hear non-stop 24/7 braying from these jackasses. Does anyone pay ANY attention to these idiots anymore?

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