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Trump Camp on ‘Rigged’ Elections: ‘We have to be Worried’ if Relying on Feds

from The Hill:

Donald Trump‘s campaign chief on Friday doubled down on the GOP presidential nominee’s claim of election rigging after criticism from President Obama.

Obama laughed off Trump’s claim on Thursday at a Pentagon press conference, calling it “ridiculous” for the business mogul to even suggest. 

“For someone whose career got jumpstarted by the Chicago machine I was surprised to hear him say that,” Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort remarked Friday on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

“Frankly we think that the situation in the country, just like with the DNC’s primaries, is a situation where if you rely on the Justice Department to ensure the security of elections, we have to be worried,” he added.

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3 comments to Trump Camp on ‘Rigged’ Elections: ‘We have to be Worried’ if Relying on Feds

  • Millicent

    Yup, and Oscama would never authorize the use of drones, half a world away, to terrorize the locals and overthrow the countries that weren’t dancing to the bankster’s tune…

  • M Galda

    For what is worth. As a Canadian I have been replying to articles on CBC news site for years without problems, srutiny or objection. I do not defame people and state my opinions and facts. Recently after stating negative comments about Hillary RC and stating this is the end of the establishment I was forced to recreate my user name. I selected Unicorns and Rainbows – it was refused, then 123456 user name – refused again, then Shawn Lucas and refused again. Clearly the Canadian news media (CBC) are clamping down on all anti establishment posts. This tells me the system is going down because the establishment is clamping down on all anti Clinton comments. Go to either CTV or CBC news web sits and see the anti Trump comments. 99% are anti Trump. The Canadian media are now lined up with the State Dept. Instead of getting angry this actually is exciting to see change so close. Cheers, Mark

  • d

    A corrupt president and administration together with MSM…who have lied to the citizens of America and the world, want you to believe them about everything they tell because they say it is the truth…’that dog’ doesn’t hunt anymore…ALL that they say are LIES….imho

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