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Trump: Anti-Establishment or Trojan Horse?

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

It continues to amaze me how many people continue to accept Donald Trump’s assertions that he is an Anti-Establishment candidate at face-value, without any serious scrutiny. Donald Trump’s campaign finances are handled by a Goldman Sachs money-man. Trump’s campaign has now been taken over completely by a Washington Insider. Someone please explain to me how this is an “anti-Establishment” candidate???

Yes, he still talks Anti-Establishment, this is Donald Trump’s schtick. Most successful politicians have their own schtick. Who can forget this classic from Barack Obama?

I promise Change.

Barack Obama was an “anti-Establishment candidate” too. He was going to change the direction of policy in Washington, and begin to represent the People instead of just the Fat Cats. Does this sound like anyone we know?

He was going to “clean up Wall Street”, while his campaign coffers were beingSTUFFED FULL of Wall Street money. What did we get? We got More Of The Same.

More war. More corruption. More serving the Fat Cats. Zero “change”. Talk is cheap, and nothing is cheaper than the talk of a politician.

Trump can’t simply talk about “new policies“. That was Barack Obama’s schtick, and the oligarchs know they can’t duplicate these cons precisely, or even the gullible American population will begin to clue-in to the Game. So Trump claims to be a “new candidate” — a real Outsider. And to give this schtick some credibility, he engages in even more pseudo-attacks on the Establishment than Obama.

So Trump talks about taking on the Fat Cats. He talks about representing the People. He talks about some of the oligarchs’ Secrets. But these are Secrets of which the already-aware are fully aware. We learn nothing new from Donald Trump.

For the unaware; the mainstream media continues to label Trump as some simple-minded loose cannon, who has no idea what he is talking about. NOT a difficult thing to do since Trump is a loose cannon, and much of what he says is simple-minded, ignorant, prejudiced rhetoric.

The oligarchs get to have their cake, and eat it too. They now own Trump (as evidenced by their complete control over his campaign). They can allow Trump to spew all of his sexy Secrets on the one hand, while using their propaganda machine to discredit all those Secrets with their other hand.

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3 comments to Trump: Anti-Establishment or Trojan Horse?

  • Randy0302

    With Silver,up nearly 50% and Gold nearly 30% Jeff Neilson calls it a fake rally. There will be pull backs of course. He is so paranoid about not getting punked by the cartel he and others have already missed a huge run up especially in mining stocks and ETF’s like NUGT that have been 6-8 baggers since mid Jan lows.
    Now he doesn’t want to get punked by Donald Trump.
    Trumps finance man has worked for Goldman….he has also been a close family trusted friend for decades.
    TRUMP is a Patriot. Which will Jeff figure out first that the PM rally is quite real or Trump is a Patriot?
    Stay tuned!

  • Silver Shield

    Trojan horse. I called that a year ago…

  • Moishe

    SS….This one is more accurate than yours…..Trump Is Not Your Savior

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