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Trey Gowdy VS. Apple Over Encryption

from TheDailyTrump:

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1 comment to Trey Gowdy VS. Apple Over Encryption


    FBI wants apple to commit suicide, to then allow a false narrative cover up. San Bernandino killing was a yet another false flag.

    The FBI is now paid to profile. Whether you agree with Islamic tenants are not (I don’t), it is still easy to wind up and point certain groups. For example, young impressionable muslim youths can be brainwashed and pointed, as useful idiots. The same goes for black lives matter crowd.

    Oligarchy is desperate, as they move the U.S. into chaos, to then save us with a police state.

    Idiot congress critters also do their paymaster biddings. The police state wants Apple’s code as a twofer. They get to spy on and track everybody via their phones, and also have a cover-up of their false flag.

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