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Treatise on Money Storage

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s very early Monday, and I’m “up and at em’” because I feel so passionate about today’s topic.  The day’s just started, but despite the 153rd “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid (actually, a mere “capping” this time), and 681st “2:15 AM” EST attack of the past 784 trading days, gold is back over $1,340/oz, and silver again challenging the Cartel’s maniacal “line in the sand” at $20/oz.  As it should, as per yesterday’s “gold panic-selling” article, last week – particularly, Friday afternoon – was one of the most egregious Cartel manipulations I have seen.  Let alone, as the weekend’s only “news” was that Japan’s 2Q GDP was a much lower than expected 0.0% – just like in Animal House, LOL.  And FYI, care of history’s most insanely stupid monetary policy, the Bank of Japan, which is already a top 10 holder of more than three-quarters of the Nikkei’s 225 stocks, is projected to be the top holder of a quarter of the Nikkei’s stocks by the end of next year – at one fell swoop, exposing the “myth of QE to Infinity” and launching Japan’s “end game of communism.”

Of course, the Cartel’s motivation- aside from its relentless long-term goal of averting the inevitable collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme – is simple.  I.e., its short-term desperation to prevent its record high naked short positions from blowing sky high; in silver’s case, above the massive, three-year resistance level of its 50-month moving average of $20.45/oz; and in gold’s case, the powerful “downtrend line” created by hideous, blatantly orchestrated “named storm,” attacks like September 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation I,” December 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation II,” February 2012’s “Leap Day Violation,” and April 2013’s “Alternative Currency Destruction.”  Inevitably, these resistance levels will be blown out of the water by an unprecedented global buying surge.  Which, given the expanding collapse of the world’s political, economic, social, and monetary order, is becoming more imminent each day.

Which brings me to today’s extremely important topic – of not just the importance of properly storing physical Precious Metals, but all of one’s monetary assets.  Not that I haven’t discussed this topic at length before, in countless articles and podcasts.  However, as the dangers to of theft; confiscation; and now, “bail-ins”; have become so acute, I thought it was the perfect time to publish a “treatise on money storage” – with suggesting an immediate call to action.

The catalysts for this article were threefold; but frankly, so many ominous events are occurring, I could have cited a dozen others.  First, last month’s Bank Monte Paschi “bailout” announcement – which frankly, is nothing of the sort, as the dying bank, Italy’s third largest, must sell €9 billion of bad loans, and raise €5 billion of new equity by year-end, before even qualifying for the government guarantees constituting said “bail-out.”  Which, I might add, starkly conflicts with the Eurozone’s official policy, as of January 2016, of bailing in depositors, Cyprus-style.  Which frankly, is what I ultimately anticipate will occur at Monte Paschi – as unless the ECB breaks its own rules, by covertly buying the bad loans and BMP’s new equity, it strains credibility to believe such demands will be met.

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