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To See the Light at the End, You Must First Find the Tunnel

from Rogue Money:

Commenters from last week’s installment, in particular “KW88”, suggested sticking with greater focus on the preparations for a western standard of living failure. I agree, and some quick location theories will be addressed in the “Hard Asset Tip” segment, plus a little bonus tip..! But I will still pound the drums of the current, and past failures that have led to this “WSLF” (western standard of living failure), if only for the purposes of chronicling it’s movements, and the hope of another “reader wake up call”. As the headline of this installment indicates, I firmly believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, the problem will be finding the tunnel and successfully traversing through it.

Last Friday night was an interesting exchange with my teammates at ‘’ (V & Ken in this case), especially within the political conversation. One thing was abundantly clear; the standard of living collapse will happen regardless of the candidate elected, and we all feel Hitlery is one of the worst candidates ever, period! Trump being a far better candidate to likely join in with the future task of rebuilding properly. That being said, I will throw some interesting tidbits of information for RM review that might taint the Trump bandwagon.

A humorous yet philosophically useful aside from my friend “The Russian Analysts”…check out an email he sent me, last week. And btw, I did not choose the “Wolf” oriented moniker for ‘’ it was “The Guerrilla” that chose it. We agreed on the name, as I thought it was stylish, but check out this cool video in the language of “The Bear”….

My pack you are right, I’m an old one
I’m like a blunt fang
I can’t gnaw my memory of freedom’s dreams
There isn’t fire in them for long time*
They beat hard
Eyes of my friends, eyes of my friends-wolves!

Next only a couple (note this installment should be shorter) news items followed by a potential attack on your ability to bounce around the blogosphere. An actual war if you will. Followed by a different angle on the Donald, and then a review of a great interview with Dr. Jim Willie, that will lead to some more concrete solutions.

News that Reiterates Past Evidentiary Fiat Failures

This next link is not part of the different take on Mr. Trump, but it does add fuel to the fires of past “Why & Why Now” questions raised by one Wolf Gray……..

Regarding the above link, most RMer’s are now quite aware of why, but it would appear “The Donald” is trying with greater desperation to get the message out. As reported many months ago once his nomination was confirmed, he immediately came out with this sort of “beware of western paper message”. Back then, the WG assertion was he was getting himself fitted for a proper “pitch fork & torch proof vest” with messages that would keep him out of the “frying pan of blame”. But that being said, maybe he is a lurker at ‘’ and is just getting the truth out. Hey, that ain’t so far fetched. After all, some of his key guys communicate with the “Economic Great Ape”. I am sticking with the “pitch fork & torch proof vest” theory. After all, I suspect he circulates among folks who know what is about to “go down”!

Here is a good one…..

Wow, looks like Aetna wasn’t getting their cut of the 58% juice to the GDP totals, the great “vig” on ZeroCare. Once again, as detailed many many times before, the UCA (unaffordable care act) is pure “Fascism” without any apologies. A total failure and a failure that is about to give everybody one hell of a Christmas and New Year’s hangover. The Wolf says watch out for this one folks.

Boy here’s a repeat subject from ‘’ highlighting the first of the year predictions from the 01/01/16 radio broadcast……..

Folks, you can’t afford to finance a damned car for up to seven years, unless you are independently wealthy….! You read that right, unless you are wealthy and clearly don’t give a shit. That’s because you are behind the ‘8 ball’ for the first seven of the 8 years, and could care less if you are behind the “financial 8 ball or not”, due to being too rich & stupid. If you can’t afford the car based on the monthly payment levels tied to a 4 year loan, then you don’t need the damned thing. I can hear the “Stones” in the background….”You can’t always get what you want…”….We are without question about to get back to a “NEEDS” based economy through shear “pocket-book” pain, and I say “Hear Hear, hallelujah, amen & holy shit!” The desire to feel entitled to all the “WANTS” based items you can reach for leads to bullshit fascist crap like placing the “penalty tax” from ZeroCare on the plus side of the GDP ledger, and to boot it all to the tune of 58% of the entire GDP.

No doubt about it, the Team was right on Friday night, as the next major stop will be a “Western Economic Wake Up Call”…! A wake up call that will leave ‘the-unaware’ searching for the proper tunnel to reach the light. Good luck is all I can say if you haven’t taken action on your DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) preparations. The PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are corralling you, and the “Dodd Frank Wall Street reform & Consumer Protection Act” will be the sponsoring signs on your economic fence boundaries. With supporting sponsorship from the lack of signs highlighting the “Glass-Steagall Act”, long gone since 1999. Enough of that, it has been hit on as much as a sexy woman still sitting in a bar after 12:00 pm. WG

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