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#TinFoilHillary’s Vast Right Wing Kremlin Conspiracy Theory of Putin as the ‘Grand Godfather’ of Nationalist Thoughtcrime Worldwide

from Rogue Money:

Before we further analyze Hillary Clinton’s widely touted speech (delivered two hours late) on the Alternative or “Alt Right”, we first need to point out that we predicted this trend over a year ago. In August 2015, it was already becoming clear some Deep State and bloated military-industrial-intelligence complex forces in the United States were seeking to ‘link’ their critics, however dubiously, to the Russian security services and State. We wrote about this disturbing trend in our Lowdown Dirty Psyops series of articles here at RogueMoney.

Whether the connection was a tenuous one such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts frequent appearances on RT or now Katehon’s website, or more ludicrous theories such as claims that the KGB secretly funded the fiercely anti-Communist John Birch Society and Willis Carto’s smaller and far less influential “Liberty Lobby”, @StopAgitprop and fellow pro-big government neocon conspiratrolls have been all over it for a few years. Granted, none of these individuals or networked trolls if paid by Uncle Sam enjoyed either much influence or followers. Eighties relics like “Reaganite movement conservative” huckster Cliff Kincaid, who tried to get traction among half-senile donors recalling the good ole Evil Empire days by bashing RT and going after Ron Paul supporters and Alex Jones, appear to have achieved little.

Ross Elder

August 21 at 10:46am ·

I warned you about Russian Active Measures. I warned you about Alternative Media. I warned you about conspiracy theories masquerading as news items. I warned you about the manipulation of the new “patriot” movement. I even warned you to “Just Stop” before climbing on board the popular meme train.

My hands are clean. You’re on your own. Good luck.

Nonetheless, individuals like J.R. “Jeff” Nyquist, with their notion that the Soviet Union faked its own death and that Russia only pretended to collapse while sucking in Western investment and technology to rearm for a nuclear war of vengeance, have actively promoted notions of the Russian security services as being quasi-prescient supervillians. Take this account @IFFConsulting as yet another example of Kremlin mindrays taking over ‘Trumpkins’ brains like The (Jim Carrey) Riddler’s TV signal in the campy 1990s, pre-Christopher Nolan Batman movies:

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