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THIS Will Save More Lives in Louisiana than Government

from HighImpactFlix:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Raise up those houses another 5 or better. Some houses need to be 10 feet higher.

    Personally, I would not want to live with that much risk, and for any house to be up on stilts is not good for bad legs or wheelchairs…..BUT….

    it’s possible to jack houses up higher by several feet with a bunch of 2-6 ton bottle jacks, placed every few feet around the base of the house. (of course, pipes and wires must be disconnected, then extended and re-connected.)

    And the house must be well supported (engineered) with proper supports and anchoring at the new height. Years ago a builder-contractor was telling me how his crew did this with a bunch of little ($10 – 2 ton) jacks. They’d give each one a few pumps, then do the next one etc. They blew out (destroyed) only one jack with their careful system.

    As the house rose up enough, they inserted spacers to support each rise until they could re-position the jacks (also with blocking-spacers) to begin the next level higher.

    I think it took them all day or two, but with less than $1000 of jacks (perhaps only $500?), and simple techniques, they accomplished a job that might have costed $10,000 to $20,000 by a normal house lifting/moving company.

    Nothing is impossible for clever & CAREFUL people. And instead of sheetrock, how about materials that withstand total immersion so it won’t need a tear-down & rebuild?

    Sheetrock and fiberous insulation absorb water, holds silt and gets moldy dangerous.

    CLOSED-cell SPRAY-IN FOAM insulation is waterproof, adds structural strength and humidity does not reduce its “R factor” as happens with fiberglass batts. In REAL LIFE testing with normal humidities, fiberglass R factors often drop by 50%, nut the foam never drops.

    Often times, foam factor of R=6 performs as good, and sometimes BETTER than fiberglass R=11, or even better than R13.

    the fiberglass industry gets away with doing their test ratings at or less than 20% humidity.
    I don’t recall the exact number, but it’s a ‘legal cheat’. Real world conditions are often higher than 50% humidity. So your R19 might only be giving you an R8 or R10 on normal days, but give you the full rating on super DRY days.

    Closed cell rigid spray-on foam never lets you down.

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