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This Cloak Makes Russian Military Invisible to Enemy: “For First Time, These Weapons Do Exist”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Russia has unveiled a secretive new technology that could give it the upper edge in clandestine operations and electronic warfare.

They have claimed success in the attempt to create an invisibility cloak, as RT reports:

A Russian defense company has created a “cloak,” which it says can make electronic objects invisible to enemy radar. The aim of the fiber technology, which is used in the cloak, is to make weapons invisible to prying eyes and detection systems.

The St. Petersburg-based company Roselectronics has come up with the invention and says it can make weapons that use thermal, infrared, and electromagnetic radar in targeting invisible.

The main idea of the development is to create coverage that reduces radar visibility of the object both on the visible and microwave spectrums,” Georgy Medovnikov from Roselectronics told Ruptly, RT’s video agency.

Roselectronics believes the lightweight and flexible material can be used to protect armored vehicles, missile systems and warplanes. According to its creators, the material is unique in its ability to absorb radio-electronic signals and interfere with the distribution of electronic traces.

If war comes again between Russia and the U.S., or if proxy wars continue to heighten tensions, then there is no doubt that electronic warfare, including the use of microwave weaponry, and advanced guidance and tracking signals, jamming technology and much, much more will be used in greater effort than conventional bombs, tanks and the like.

he electronic cloak will likely prove to be a valuable tool in evasion and defense, as the use of the invisible spectrum makes warfare precise, and remaining hidden nearly impossible over a long period of time.

This is the era from which the super soldier will be born, and sophisticated displays can interlink the individual soldier on the battlefield with data support from the cloud or network. Enemy forces can be shown in contrast with friendlies on mapping systems supported by GPS and related technologies.

But all that could be crippled if an enemy enforced a denial of service (DoS) across an entire region of country where war was being waged.

This is already happening, and the U.S. may not be able to do anything about it. They, along with other NATO allies and and even Israel are concerned about the advances that Russia is making rapidly in theaters of conflict.

Here’s how Putin gamed NATO in Ukraine, and then Turkey in Syria using electronic warfare and carefully coordinated mobile surface-to-air missiles:

As the Free Beacon reports:

Russia is preparing to begin waging electronic warfare in Syria with the institution of jamming systems that are meant to prevent an incident similar to the attack on Tuesday that brought down a Russian plane in the war-torn region, according to reports by the Russian news media.

Moscow also will install in Syria a highly advanced missile system capable of shooting down aircraft from the ground. […]

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