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The Whole World Is About To Change | Bo Polny

from Gold 2020 Forecast:

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5 comments to The Whole World Is About To Change | Bo Polny

  • GoldTooth999

    Bo Polny must be getting more desperate and less creative after each interview. Now the lying chiropractor is stealing headlines from Holter. “The Whole World Is About to Change” and “Our Entire World Is Going to Change.”

    Ask Dawn J. Bennett how correct Polny’s forecasts have been before she throws away his $500 gold turn dates calendar to the green trash bin. The lying chiropractor has been crying for a “jaws of death” and a “megaphone top” collapse since 2014. At the end of the interview, the lying chiropractor says he has Prophet Daniel’s timeline. If the lying chiropractor’s warped interpretations of financial charts indicate anything, his biblical interpretations might be even worse.

  • GoldTooth999

    Check out Bo Polny’s court cases. He lost 2 major ones and owes over $100,000. Seriously. His wife is another medical quack and fraud. Bo Polny was incompetent and prone to malpractice as a chiropractor at his old job. Every investor pretty much knows he is a charlatan regarding gold forecasts.

  • Millicent

    a random comment…

    “Gold (and especially) silver prices (on manipulated commodity exchanged, admittedly) remain in a band of historically low prices when compared to their prices even only five years ago. Silver, particularly has gone BACKWARDS as it has only ever reached $50 – in 1980 and 2011. Now, what do you think 1 1980 US$ would be worth (i.e. purchase) today: $10, 20, 30? let’s say $1 1980 dollar is worth the equivalent of $20 2016 dollars. So, the silver price of $18.70 should really be 20x$18.70 which is $374! Yes, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it, but how many ‘things’ or ‘services’ that you buy today cost the same as they did in 1980? Name one – I dare you. This is why what ‘they’ do is called ‘Managemant of Perceptions Economics’ (MOPE for short). Yes, it really exists. Google it and be amazed (unless you already knew, in which case, give yourself a pat on the back and wear a smug expression).

    As to why they keep the silver price at historically unheard of levels – work it out for yourself! Although it’s not hard to do (even I managed it), there isn’t one silver or gold pundit who has hit the bulls-eye, not one. And that is not a boast – it’s actually quite sad.”

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