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The US Government Economic Recovery Propaganda Has Been Exposed

from X22Report:

Episode 1046a. Greece just sold its largest port to China. Macy’s closes 100 stores, retail continues to contract. Obama says wages are growing, but a recent revision in wages shows they are declining. The Federal Tax receipts are as low as 2008 right before the crash, unemployment at 4.9% I think not. Gold demand reaches record highs in the first half of 2016. Obamacare on the verge of collapse.

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  • rich

    RICO: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

    Rudy Giuliani, former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (and former Mayor of New York), appeared yesterday, August 11, 2016, on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. (Eric Bolling filled in for O’Reilly; Bolling is incompetent in this interview.) Giuliani opined on alleged criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton @17:50. I wholeheartedly endorse Giuliani’s opinion. Here is the text of Giuliani’s remarks:

    “The State Department became a funding operation for the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation raised the money in exchange for special access to the State Department. Special Access meaning the American Ambassador to Lebanon, that cost $1 to $5 million. Special benefits to UBS cost $2 million.”

    “The Clinton Foundation is a fraud. Ten percent goes to charity; ninety percent goes to who knows what. I would, if I were a federal prosecutor, investigate it as a racketeering enterprise.

    “She should have been indicted. He never predicts putting people in prison, but his record was about ninety-five percent. Giuliani says this is a RICO case, and he’s never lost a RICO case. He was the first one to use I RICO, first against the Mafia, then against white collar criminals. [The Clinton Foundation’s relationship with the State Department] is a classic RICO enterprise. This is major league fraud.”

    “Hillary Clinton turned the State Department from the State Department into a Pay to Play operation for the Clintons.”

    “This is a clear violation of the Federal law against conflict of interest, which carries two years in prison for every count, and I believe it’s a racketeering enterprise. I believe the crime, the core crime here, is bribery.”

    “…The 35,000 [missing] emails were about the connection between the racketeering enterprise which is called the Clinton Foundation and the State Department which was the Pay to Play [operation].”

    “I believe there’s enough evidence now to warrant a full and complete racketeering investigation. I believe that the destruction of the emails could be argued as evidence of guilt…the typical argument that you make in court, by the way, when you prove intent. And I believe this crime is even more substantial than the email crimes they let her off the hook for, which they never should have let her off the hook for.”

    “How does Huma Abedin get to work for the State Department and also for Teneo, a private corporation? I never heard of that.”

    “The Justice Department has been turned into a political operation for the Obama Administration. So we have a Pay to Play State Department, and we have a political operation in the Justice Department, which to me, as a fifteen year member of the Justice Department, to me, is heartbreaking.”

    [Alleged RICO participants: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Susan Mills, and other operatives]


  • Ed_B

    The only way that this has even a ghost of a chance of being prosecuted is if Trump is elected as US president. He could then authorize the rebuilt US Justice Department (from the ashes of the Just Us Dept.) to investigate and prosecute these criminals and all who aided and abetted them in their crimes. This is not guaranteed, even if Trump wins, but I would like to see it happen. I want to see serious jail time meted out to those so deserving. I also want forfeiture of all of the assets that these people own. If you want to make crime pay, just don’t go after their ill-gotten gains. Making sure that crime doesn’t pay is the only way to stamp out crimes of this kind. I would be happy if a special prosecutor was authorized to investigate this and was given the legal, financial, and personnel resources necessary to do a thorough job of it. There’s a lot of smoke here. There HAS to be some fire in there somewhere and only a thorough investigation will discover it and lay it all out in a trial.

    I agree with Giuliani that the Clintons are a far bigger group of criminals than the Gambinos or other Mafia type family. Their ill-gotten gains run into the billions of dollars and absolutely dwarf the millions raked in by mobsters over the years. They deserve everything they have coming to them in court. I am hoping against the long odds that they will get it eventually. If not by the hand of man, then at the hands of fate. Karma can be a real bitch too. They would be better off to admit their guilt, give the money to the US Treasury as a form of financial compensation, and take their lumps here and now. It will not be so easy later on and there is NO escape from karmic justice. Those thinking that there is are fooling themselves.

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