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The Truth About The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy

from Stefan Molyneux:

On Friday August 26th, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines for his refusal to stand during the national anthem due to the country’s treatment of racial minorities. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the unspoken factors in the latest National Football League (NFL) scandal. What is the truth about the Colin Kaepernick national anthem controversy?

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1 comment to The Truth About The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy

  • Suzanne

    While I believe in each person’s freedom of expression, and that freedom of expression and speech can have a profound effect on the awakening of the masses to various aspects of our collective existence…
    Kaepernik needs to understand that the target market of professional sports is beer-swilling armchair umpires that shout “USA! USA! We’re number one!” at every opportunity… in other words they may not be real patriots but they are emphatic in their “exceptional” beliefs. So… if Kaepernik is a really good ball player, he will keep his job… if not, he will likely be replaced. The corporate masters of professional sports are pretty picky.

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