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The SILVER Royal Price Flush!

by Bo Polny gold2020forecast:

After calling the exact Gold bottom at $1045 on December 3, 2015 in a Future Money Trends Interview (click LINK here), for months now we have been writing and talking about upward price movement in both Gold and Silver that HAS occurred as forecast; however today are about doing something COMPETELY different…

Today, we are writing about what we are calling ‘The SILVER Royal Price Flush!’

To add fuel to our update, today in a perfectly timed ‘Breaking’ announcement the ‘US Mint Halts Silver Eagle Coin Production’ due to LACK OF DEMAND (LINK click here)!

Those hoping for higher price in the near term are about to be very disappointed and those waiting for a buying opportunity, IT IS COMING.

In summary, a Gold and Silver price explosion awaits us this year 2016 as we have been forecasting; but NOT just yet.

BEFORE the price explosion, expect The Royal Price FLUSH resulting in an incredible Entry TIME and PRICE point. Also if you have not done so yet, be sure to take 15- minutes and watch our latest VIDEO, Chaos 2016.

Have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,

Bo Polny

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5 comments to The SILVER Royal Price Flush!

  • GoldTooth999

    Is this conman for real? Bo Polny has been pumping $100 silver all year. Now the lying chiropractor predicts a fire sale. Bo Polny sounds like a schizophrenic idiot. He told Dave from X22Report Spotlight and Greg Hunter that gold and silver would surge to new highs and the stock market would tank before August. How has that worked out? The Silver Royal Price Flush shows that Bo Polny’s market cycle counts fail again.

    • Matt Smith

      GoldTooth999… Not sure what your issues appears to be with Polny; however I have been a subscriber for months and find his analysis great. The failed forecast you reference he has already addressed on his webpage, yet the OTHER many good forecast you simply fail to mention, WHY? ARE YOU A TROLL, sure seem like it with you attitude!? My gold portfolio is doing great and I look forward to reading his updates each week. If the metals drop here he will be CORRECT again. We will know soon enough…

      • GoldTooth999

        “If the metals drop here he will be CORRECT again. We will know soon enough…”

        Is Matt Smith really Bo Polny? Both liars seem to get confused easily regarding gold’s direction. So is gold going to break out to $2,000 or is gold going to crash to $1,000? You can’t make up your mind. You’re just as confused as Bo Polny. Is Bo Polny running from his $2,000 gold and $100 silver prediction just like he runs away from critics and refunds to disappointed subscribers. Bo Polny’s earliest subscribers from 2011 are all broke and underwater and Bo Polny has probably made more money from ripping off subscribers than from actually investing in gold and silver. His turn dates on when to buy and sell have been garbage.

        So why did Sinclair cut all business ties with Polny? The old man wised up to Polny’s scams.

  • GoldTooth999

    Bo Polny: BREATHTAKING Crash in USD Before Summer?
    Another major failed forecast from 2015 from a pugnacious loser. How is the USD doing now?

    Bo Polny should just give up and retire off of his ill-gotten gains. This lying Philistine has ripped off enough investors with his failed forecasts. Who charges $1,000 per month for useless newsletters? Bo Polny sounds like an illiterate on YouTube and his market cycle counts show his innumeracy.

  • Millicent

    It makes you wonder why the SGT site keeps touting him and some of the other PM cheerleaders who are always revising and pushing back the dates on their predictions for the big Silver price “takeoff”… “Don’t worry folks, real soon now”.

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