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The Preservation of Perks, Privileges, and Power: The PPPP

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

The picture is clear – The Powers-That-Be in Wall Street and Washington, the “Deep State,” military contractors, Big Pharma, Big Ag, The Federal Reserve, Mainstream Media, the DNC and RNC, and others want to maintain the transfer game … because the following will continue:

  1. The transfer of wealth to the political and financial elite
  2. Payoffs to the President, Congress, and lobbyists
  3. Military adventures – very costly adventures – must be maintained to feed the massive military-industrial-security complex
  4. Ever increasing debt
  5. Power and influence over institutions and other countries

But if the Powers-That-Be had managed well and created a healthy global financial system, would the following exist?

  • Over $13 trillion in global sovereign debt “yielding” negative interest rates.
  • Official US national debt approaching $20 trillion and rapidly increasing. Pick your poison – default or hyperinflation!
  • Student loan debt over $1.4 trillion and much of it delinquent.
  • Over 45 million individuals in the US on SNAP – food stamps.
  • Wall Street bonuses are substantial while over 90 million in the US are not working.
  • Social Security cost of living adjustments at or near zero when we all know better, based on the increasing costs of groceries, beer, rent, medical care, college tuition etc.
  • A stock market crash every 7 – 8 years, and due any time…

Regardless of which candidate the voting machines select in the US election in November 2016, the above are important concerns that most likely will not be addressed. A few thoughts:

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