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The Government is a PARASITE on Society

from Dallas Ahrens III%:

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3 comments to The Government is a PARASITE on Society

  • Ed_B

    “The Government is a PARASITE on Society”

    So are a LOT of the citizens… many of which comprise the FSA. :-/

  • anon

    “The Government is a PARASITE on Society”?

    A BLOATED government surely is. Like the one we have today, in 2016. There’s an even GREATER PARASITE feeding off of the LABOR (THE REAL WEALTH) OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ~ it’s the Western International Central Banking system ~ of which the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” (and it’s sister organization, the IRS) is part.

    We, the (American) People, are SUBSIDIZING the Western International Central Bankers. When they hand themselves a massive bailout (as they did in late 2008), they simply tack it onto the so-called “National Debt”, and tell us, the American people (taxpayers) that WE OWE THAT MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT! See what they did? The W.I.C.B. handed themselves TRILLION$ of OUR money, in the form of a bailout, and then passed the bill to the American taxpayer.

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