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The Gold Debit Card Better than BitGold – Dale Olmstead

from CrushTheStreet:

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3 comments to The Gold Debit Card Better than BitGold – Dale Olmstead

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    BitGold/GoldMoney is NOT a “delayed” system. You can say that it’s “instantaneous” in both directions. (there have been a couple of times, that there was a delay of 2-4 minutes for my card and/or gold account to finish catching up with my clicks.) Not a problem.

    I’ve used MY BitGold/GoldMoney debit card several times.

    I go to their website (or the phone app), and I “redeem/sell” some milligrams, grams or ounces of gold to be “loaded” onto the debit card so I can “swipe the card” and spend the money, normally takes less than 30 seconds for the gold to be sold and the money to show up on my card.

    At the 20 minute mark of the interview, they discussed a VERY important item. If your precious metals are in a home safe, and somebody has broken into your home and is holding a gun to your family’s head, you will be forced to open the safe and everything will be cleaned out (and a lot of criminals don’t want to leave any witnesses alive no matter HOW much gold they stole from you.)

    Anyway, the interviewer mentioned the idea of having a DECOY safe (with a SMALL portion of gold & silver inside of it.) GREAT idea. But I prefer NOT to be keeping everything in ANY “safe”. I prefer the idea of BURYING it in a couple of places around the yard, and keeping an amount in the house safe.

    So, if somebody breaks in, and locates (ALL) the house safes, and forces you to open all of them, you’ll still have all your buried PM’s.

    PS. Nobody needs the combination for any “safe”. The ONLY thing that is needed, is a $50 circular saw with a couple of $3 metal cutting blades and you can cut a big section out of the sidewall of the safe in less than 15 minutes. That’s why you never keep everything in the safe.

    I don’t know of anybody personally (but I’ve heard or read about them) who has a big gun safe with 6-12″ of steel reinforced concrete layer all around the big safe to make it more like a multi-TON bank vault. But even with such a wonderful safe, it’s still NO GOOD if somebody puts a gun to your family’s head and you have to open it.

    But having SOME PM’s in a situation that allows for it to be STOLEN (as a SACRIFICIAL token), may be exactly what is needed to make the criminals go away HAPPY and save the lives of you and your family. (Never tell, even your own CHILDREN about your PM’s, especially about anything that you have BURIED out in the yard.)

    I know you have to tell somebody (the wife, or if no wife, then some OLDER, MORE responsible kid who won’t come back and kill you to steal the family gold), but make a good plan to have your DECOY PM’s in the safe. Let your other family members who know about the safe, let them BELIEVE that everything of value of locked in that safe.

    Try to impress on everybody how important it is to NEVER talk to anybody about the family safe, guns, money, etc. Let them know that MANY families in the USA have been MURDERED because somebody out there HEARD about the family’s safe, and the drug addict or other criminals decided to kill everybody in the house to steal the contents.

    But keep in mind, that it is HUMAN NATURE to BLAB.

    Doing the burial thing? Also keep in mind, that GPS is not always reliable or totally accurate, and satellites may malfunction or go offline if the government cannot keep the system working, or some “orbital accident or solar flare” knocks them out. Making a little “map” of the locations, with some landmarks and actual measurements but without LABELS, stored between the pages of a thick book (thick books don’t burn so easy.) Even an EXTRA bible that doesn’t get used may be a good place because so FEW thieves or killers will be leafing thru a bible.

    As an extra “marker” of burial sites, you can drop a few PENNIES on the dirt over your treasure (to make the site a bit easier to locate with a metal detector). How about sticking one of those little marker road poles, or tree support posts, NOT at the site, but perhaps exactly 10 FEET North, or south of the buried treasure. Heck, with a tape measure (most normal ones are 25ft), you could put your marker-stick (non rotting type), 15ft, 20ft, or 25ft from the real site.

    You COULD plant yourself some FRUIT trees, (with a support pole), and make your burial sites exactly 20 feet from THAT fruit tree support pole. (The fruit tree is another TREASURE). This way, there won’t be some “odd, attention-getting” pole out in the middle of nothing. Trees are EXPECTED to be there.

    Doing the TREE PLANTING ceremony, makes it look VERY NORMAL when you go OUT in the yard with your shovel and tools, etc. Nobody who sees you doing this, will be thinking about treasures, because they will SEE you are planting a nice little TREE.

    (you never know WHO is watching. People are curious and nosy. Kids jump over fences. Perverts go snooping, etc.)

    • JMiller


      I have heard people before say to have a decoy safe but I believe it is a bad idea especially if you put a little bit of gold and silver in it. Here is why. If you have a decoy safe with some precious metals in, what happens if the burglar can’t open the safe or can’t carry it out of the house. Now you have someone who knows that you have a safe. They do not know what is inside but they would like to know and that might just give them the incentive to come back, may be when you are at home. If they do get the safe open either at your house or at another location then they know that you are a purchaser of precious metals and will probably target you again. As far as safes go, the best thing is to have a good high security safe that is bolted to a concrete floor and is well hidden so that it is almost impossible for someone to find it that is unless they know ahead of time you have a hidden safe. Also having entryways that are very secure and good exterior lighting would deter most burglars from getting into your home. While I would not have a decoy safe, I do keep about $20 in a desk drawer so that if a burglary did break into my house some how, he would be satisfied he got something and will be quicker to leave and would not even think about coming back.

      You are correct about some common tools can be used to cut through most safes pretty easily or the doors pried open. Burglars though rarely carry tools that can open a safe. The safes that I seen broken into were where the burglars obviously knew about the safe and brought tools along or they used the homeowners own tools. Luckily I have no tools like that and only a couple of my closets relatives, who are trustworthy, know I have a safe, which is of course bolted down and well hidden.

  • I still prefer the occasional fishing trip disaster !

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