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The Fed Goes All-In On Stimulus

from Peter Schiff:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I always love the Peter Schiff analysis on things because he wraps things up SO WELL, with details that make sense without putting me to sleep.

    He doesn’t throw in a bunch of extra words to “pad the presentation” and it does not take him forever to present the valid points.

    He often uses bits of humor to get some points across and connects the dots very well.

    One thing that Peter didn’t present to us, is HOW much “money” the various central banksters have NEVER stopped doing all the different hidden variations of “Q.E.” around the world, as well as here in the USSA.

    I think Jim Willie is not too far from the target on that one, when he claims there are a combination of “QE’s” going on that adds up to perhaps more than a $Trillion dollars every month just to hold things from imploding. The ‘back door QE’s’ allows The FED (and other Central Banks) to delay the start of “above the table” QE, as they just pump up all the hidden QE’s to infinity (and until HYPERINFLATION takes over.)

    Many other “presenters” could learn a thing or three from Peter’s deliveries.

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