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The Elite Are Planning to Implement Debtor Prisons, AKA FEMA Camps

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

We are living in a time when nearly every important banker and senior finance minister will/has been meeting in Washington, D.C., this week. The Federal Reserve in is an absolute state of panic.

I have just found out that the Federal Reserve met secretly with Obama at the Pentagon and members of the Joint Chiefs. Vice-President Biden was in attendance as well. This speaks to the gravity of the situation, because the President and the Vice-President almost never attend the same meetings for security reasons. Also, it is highly unusual for the President to ever meet with the Federal Reserve. The Federal tells the President what to do. So, one has to ask themselves, what does the Federal Reserve need, from the President, that they cannot supply for themselves? Answer: They need the use of the President’s military assets.

From the SF Gate: “White House spokesman Josh Earnest said both Obama and Yellen are focused on ways to expand economic opportunities for the U.S. middle class. He called the meeting an opportunity for the two to “trade notes” while emphasizing that Yellen makes decisions about monetary policy independently. ” The notion of trading notes on future economic possibilities is silly. The President, nor Congress has any say over money policies. This is strictly the domain of the Federal Reserve. Again, I come back to the Federal Reserve’s anticipated need for military assets to to enforce the economic decisions that are coming. If you don’t think something isn’t terribly wrong, please consider that the President, Vice-President and Federal Reserve Chair have never met together at one time

Did You Ever Wonder Why the TPP Is Not Allowed to be Read by Congress?

WYDE FM talk show host Joshua Coy and I have discussed on my show, several times, the plight of the disappearing homeless people. Many in the Independent Media have made note of this phenomenon. Where are they being taken, where are they going and for what purpose. Through a multitude of sources, most through the leaks coming out of last year’s Jade Helm 15 drills, we have both learned that they are being abducted (remember LA Times story about impromptu homeless shelters?) and taken to detention camps and while at the detention camps, they are being used as cannon fodder to train the would-be FEMA camp personnel. And their is emerging evidence that their organs are being harvested. In other words, these homeless people are being used to beta test FEMA camp procedures.
As I will discuss in a later part of this article, this is all being done under the premise of creating debtors prisons which are are FEMA labor camps. Leaks from the TPP justify this interpretation.

Will the TPP Lead to Mass Arrests and Detentions in FEMA Camps?

The evidence trail that shopping malls, sports stadiums,schools and Walmarts are going to be converted to FEMA camp detention centers is growing by the day. Now we are seeing clear evidence that private prisons are being converted to house political dissidents. The homeless were their first prisoners provided for training purposes.

If you are new to this topic, you may want to click on the above hypertext links so that you can see the progression of the conversion of many of our institutions to FEMA camp detention centers.

If you are up to it, go to the search engine of The Common Sense Show and search these key terms and be prepared to spend some time reading. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on these topics after you research them. Please leave your ideas in the comments section and let’s compare notes about what could be some of the darkest days ahead in all of American history.

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