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The Economy is Doing Great! Oh, Wait a Minute … – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

The mainstream media continue to spin this narrative that all is well in the economy. They have to paint this beautiful and rosy picture for the public and hope beyond all hope that they will buy into it, hook, line and sinker.

This is a topic that I have talked about much in the past. It is the game they play and a game they love, called MOPE. Jim Sinclair is the founder of this term, but not its creator. He also has pointed out this strategy for years and shown those of us who are awake the blatant deception that the mainstream media orchestrates on the public, on a daily basis.

Their puppet masters ensure that they continue on with this strategy, despite its diminishing effects. This is why the media have never predicted a correction since its creation. They may see it coming, but won’t admit to it. There is simply too much profit to be made by the financial elites during both the boom times and the inevitable collapse that follows.

Unfortunately, for their strategy to be profitable, the mass majority of investors and the public need to be completely unaware of what is coming.

This is one of the reasons why the stock market continues to tick higher, utterly disconnecting itself from what is happening in reality and confusing any spectator that cares to look with eyes wide open.

The examples are all around you and come so fast that it makes your head spin. One such example just occurred today, as second quarter growth was trimmed back to a pathetically low 1.1%!

In addition to this, a once prominent symbol of American wealth, the chain of stores known as Macy’s, recently announced that they will be shuttering 100 stores, citing poor growth and stagnating sales.

Yet, they aren’t alone. Walmart, has also announced that they too will be closing a large number of their stores. What is going on here? I thought everything was going great and the boom times were continuing on without a hitch?

Of course, as you and I both know, they are not. Rough times for those who are unprepared and unwilling to see the facts slapping them in the face are fast approaching.

If you refuse to take the simple and easy steps that I and others on this blog have discussed time and time again, then there is little hope to protect you in the coming great collapse. This is a collapse that is going to make the 2008 crisis look like an opening act for a children’s concert. You’ve been warned – have you taken action? Have you prepared?

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1 comment to The Economy is Doing Great! Oh, Wait a Minute … – Nathan McDonald

  • K. Elysee

    The biggest epiphany is when you actually see what they’re doing. At that point They’re just rubbing it in…and they couldn’t care less.

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