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The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value

by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco Report:

The global economic and financial system is in much worse shape than I originally thought. New data and information suggest that the collapse will occur much quicker and with more dire results. This will cause global silver production to literally fall off a cliff within the next decade.

Again, this is far worse than anything I imagined before.  As I mentioned, new information and data point to a rapid “Thermodynamic collapse” of the U.S. and Global Energy Industries.  According to Louis Arnoux, from his article, Some Reflections On The Twilight Of The Oil Age:”

Within 10 years the Oil Industry as we know it will have disintegrated.

Furthermore, another quote from the article citing the Hills Group:

B.W. Hill considers that within 10 years the number of petrol stations in the US will have shrunk by 75%…

I plan on writing several long articles on this new information based on a 3-part article by Louis Arnoux.

That being said, global silver production is likely going to collapse at a much faster pace than I originally forecasted.  Here is my chart of estimated global silver production:


Global silver production will likely peak at 28,000 metric tons (or less)…  500 metric tons higher than the amount reached in 2015.  Currently, global silver production has increased slightly in the first five months of 2016 compared to the same period last year.  This was mainly due to Peru ramping copper production by 50% Jan-Jun 2016, thus pushing up it’s silver production 15%.  The majority of Peru’s silver production increase has come from a by-product of its surging copper production.

Regardless, the Fed and Central Banks attempt to prop up the Global Economic and Financial System will soon hit a BIG WALL… and this is the THERMODYNAMIC ENERGY WALL. 

The notion that the Elite will continue to control the Fiat Monetary System through market intervention for the next century is complete HOGWASH.  Thus, the LOUSY CONSPIRACY THEORIES forecasting that the elite will have a one world government, are completely unfounded and lack any logical sense whatsoever.

Again…. things are going to collapse at a much faster pace than I previously thought.

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46 comments to The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value

  • videoctr

    Here is a fact, the DNC Party hates the US Flag and what it stands for. They are globalists run by foreign interests.
    There were no US flags flying on day 1 of the DNC convention. Why? One might ask.

  • fonestar

    None of this points to silver becoming money again.

    It points to silver becoming a strategic metal that will likely be illegal to possess by your average citizen.

    • Billy Hill

      Damn. I was hoping more cogent thoughts would be posted before you showed up to drop a deuce in the pool, causing me to stop now and move on to another topic that you haven’t polluted yet.


      • fonestar

        Anything to refute what I’ve said? Didn’t think so… take your thesaurus and move along dipshit..

        • Millicent

          Foney, you should know by now that you are wasting your time trying to rationalize with irrational people. The SGT Bots are happy just the way they are and mercilessly attack anyone who doesn’t believe the gospel that Mr. Rock-em-Sockem Rocoocoo and the rest of the usual suspects who are posted here preach.

          They prefer to remain in their cloistered little world, preparing endlessly for some terminal event that they have convinced themselves will play out to a prepared script… Highly unlikely and like all of these sites there are least one or two paid agents whose job it is to cheerlead and to direct the attack against those ask too many questions.

          • KRELL427

            Daisy Domergue,you just helped me remember a song by Elton John. Maybe you have heard it? The Bitch is Back.

          • fonestar

            Sean should have me on his show. I’ve been mostly right about what I’ve said and his guests have been predicting the end, “this week” for the last 7+ years. He doesn’t even ask his guests about their numerous failed predictions. They just get fired up and start spewing more out predictions.

            • KRELL427

              You should make your own YouTube video, I’m quite sure you have built a large following of fans on the internet eager to fill your comment section under your Fonestar brand.

            • mike

              You should make your own site fonestar and name it the Corporate Propaganda antidote and that includes MINING Corporations.


              Would be sweet to hear some truth and someone actually asking real questions to get to the truth no matter how inconvenient.

              • Eric

                Within 10 weeks the bitcoin Industry as we know it will have disintegrated.
                Within 10 seconds of reading this the mikebot as we know it will blow a billion useless incoherent words out of his ass.

                bitcoin hasn’t gone to the moon like fonetard predicted. It continues to fall in price.

                There is no reason for Sean to have fonetard on his show. He hasn’t been right about anything. And Silver doesn’t need to become money again. It already is.

              • Eric

                mike flying high in his crypto outfit…

    • mike

      You know there is a correct way to look at that data.. Silver started to tank hard in 2015..Think the mines produced too much and cut back production since the they were obviously over supplying the market. If the market wasn’t over supplied then you would see a real physical shortage and I mean real as in the raw material shortage. That has not happened so this is just anther SRS Ro COO COO bird bad call misreading the data. It is not in the interest of mines or any other business to saturate the market by over producing. These miners have it down to a science on how to be profitable. Silver is abundant in the ground. There are currently 25 years worth of proven reserves and that mean 200 years when you know how mines report reserves. They only report what they are mining. That does not include the area above or below what they are mining even if they plan to mine it in the future.

      • Eric

        Oh there he goes already. bla bla bla mikebot syntax error in brain. does not compute. Mikebot does not have the required mining or financial program to speak coherent non-gibberish.

      • Eric

        mike, is “tank” a financial or economic term? Sounds pretty vague. Are you referring to price? Because if that is the case you should be more specific.

        To correct your incoherent babble, Silver started it’s consolidation phase in March of 2011 after a 10 year bull run which ended in January of 2016. Any idiot willing to look at a chart can see that. But you don’t look at charts do you? You make things up as you go.

        • mike

          Of course I look at charts and in 2011 silver was in a 30 year bubble. Eric your an epic moron. That is not an argument, true but I am not in an argument with you. You have never had an argument based on any fact or original ideas just youtube links to other epic morons like SRS Roo Coo Coo Bird that you then parrot. You have an amazing ability to ignore reality to live in lala land…Lay off the pot it isnt good for your idiot brain.
          Take some of your FRNs and travel the world. See for yourself the world is huge and No one accepts PMs as money ESPECIALLY SILVER!

          • Eric


            You don’t even know what an argument is.

            In philosophy and logic, an argument is a series of statements typically used to persuade someone of something or to present reasons for accepting a conclusion.

            Bubble don’t end at their previous 30 year high. If you knew anything about reading charts you would know that Silver is a massive cup and handle formation ready for take off.

            Nobody has to accept what already is. Been around the world. The world is not that huge. But you are obviously the epic moron because lots of people accept Silver as a store of value. You just never asked.

            Go back to what you’re good at mike. Collecting your government check.

            • mike

              Well the Bubble did ..$50 in 1980 %50 in 2011..2040-41 you’ll see it again.
              If charting is accurate then you must have only bought silver at it low..So you waited from 2009-2016 to purchase silver at $13..You would know right with your moronic charting ability? Are not you the one that constantly posting links to buy silver? Even last week you were buying at $20.50, why would you waste an extra $1.00 if you can read the charts and know what the price is going to be? If you can read charts then you know PMs have been trending down not up. They got a break from the Brexit but that wont last for long. There is too much downward pressure on PMs from inventory to ease of mining to the most important factor NO DEMAND..Only in the Us lol. The world is far larger than just the US. Once again I am not arguing with you, your a moron that only knows how to waste money.

          • Eric

            Silver up 41.66%
            First Majestic Silver up 445.26% YTD

            bitcoin up only 31.99% YTD

            Silver is money. bitcoin is unbacked currency.

            Poor mike 🙁 He wants to believe his illusion so bad he is delusional.

            • YTD only, Eric… stretch that metric back to late October 2015 at the $240 lows and the percentage gains are significantly higher. While your hatred for crypto is more than noted at this point, it’s highly interesting that BTC and the metals are trading in tandem to a large extent, whereas for most of their history, the inverse has been the case.

              What that means is you’ve had, for the past 6-8 months, a highly liquid asset with exposure to the “safehaven trade.” Certainly more liquid than mining shares. Metals are my savings account. Bitcoin is my checking account, with some cold wallets for a rainy day set aside (a small gamble for a potentially massive reward).

              In riding up the safehaven bid on Chinese price action, the BTC I bought last summer just earned me an essentially free Honda Elite, a two-wheeled “hard asset” with pretty low mileage 😉

              Would I have sold silver to buy a top-of-the-line scooter? HELL NO. But BTC, with its liquidity and considering “Gresham’s Law”? I’m more than happy taking some profits; did so at just the right time, at $660 before the latest violent correction.

              Same goes for my hosting/DNS bills; I now run a website that gets a somewhat decent amount of traffic, and my only option is to either a) Pay with PayPal, run by Bilderberger/Transhumanist goon Peter Thiel and recently revealed by HSBC whistleblower John Cruz to be one of the most egregious Cabal money launderers on the planet:


              …or b) Pay with bitcoin. There is no moral competition here – bitcoin is the more secure, ethical option. Not even a contest.

              Gold is the safe bet in terms of a (semi) hard-asset based, SDR-reallocated system. There’s no way it won’t be included, as “the West” (see Chatham House, BIS policy papers) and “the East” (see PBOC publication “Reform the International Monetary System” by Zhou Xiaochuan) both want it to play a role. Silver will hopefully catch the same bid, but with its key importance to all this “Smart City”/”sustainability” tech BS, industrial manipulation is far more prescient; at least, until the infrastructure for Technocratic feudalism is complete.

              But all of these players, be it “Westerners” like Larry Summers and R3 Consortium trying to infiltrate BTC payment gateways or “Eastern” societies like Singapore, where cashlessness has been a way of life for almost 20 years now, universally see cryptography as an integral part of whatever will come when these creeps “Reform the International Monetary System.”

              I’ve got a buddy who’s wormed his way into the council seat on the Atlanta “Internet of Things” board. Some high-up spook who cut his teeth at the Office of Naval Intelligence and now runs an “independent contracting agency” working with NSA was quite open when my friend not-so-subtly made it be known that he was “awakened” to the truth of geopolitics.

              The spook says to him, “Internet of Things is dead on arrival. We’ll use all the infrastructure you guys are putting up, but it’ll be running machine-to-machine, not these private APIs and Cloud Computing. The technology’s a few years off, but we’ll get there.”

              To which my buddy replied, “Machine-to-machine… like a blockchain for Smart Grid?”

              At which point the spook grinned at him and said, “A blockchain for EVERYTHING.”

              This is the future – enslavement through .gov, closed-source cryptography, and for this reason alone, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. You might not like it, Eric, but it’s your future, my future, everyone’s future. Too much steam and steel behind this “movement” to slow the gears at this point – but fortunately for us, blockchain technology is open-source and forkable. You have a choice. Perhaps it will prove to be a false choice, but the alternative is guaranteed serfdom.

              • Ed_B

                “At which point the spook grinned at him and said, “A blockchain for EVERYTHING.””

                AKA SkyNet… 🙁

              • Eric

                I see it differently rusticus. I don’t see bitcoin as a safehaven trade at all. Especially with all the mt. gox mishappenings.

                My metals are my savings and safe. My BitGold is my digital credit for groceries and such. My cash is my flash. And my mining shares are my growth. My checking account is where I receive payments and pay the mortgage, statements and remove more flash money.

                Whatever works best for you. But this is working great for me right now.

        • Not this month:

          On top of that, their gold sales are down nearly 67%. Perth has had an impressive run with their new Silver Kangaroo, whose launch was perfectly timed for the US Mint’s Silver Eagle allocation limits (funny how that works, ain’t it?).

          But metals “analysts” can’t have it both ways.

          2016 Silver Eagle sales are a perfect example – Mint sales numbers skyrocketed at the lows on allocation, which was reported as “booming retail physical demand” by most. Now that the Mint has removed allocation limits, though, sales to primary bullion dealers have fallen OFF A CLIFF. The primary dealers have no need to resupply – and why?

          Because they overbought during allocation in fear of losing their budgeted amount – like a sales manager who buys new computers at the end of Q4 so Corporate won’t cut their allocation for the next year. The fact that they’re not buying any from the Mint directly post-allocation also means they haven’t sold nearly enough of the coins they stockpiled while on allocation; if they’ve got so much in stock, that can hardly be called “booming retail physical demand,” can it? The currently insanely low premiums on Eagles is also indicative of this – they’re trying desperately to offload these coins. The RETAIL PHYSICAL market IS oversupplied, which should at least lead one to question all these “super secret insider” reports of tonnage being hard to source.

          There’s all sorts of evidence that we’re reaching a precipice for monetary reset and a new “Bretton Woods moment,” be it by the slow burn or increasingly violent events. Physical silver is also a great thing to have in this environment. But retail silver demand is NOT one of the metrics for “collapse” and the number of people peddling newsletters selling this LIE is disgusting. Some “Truth” movement we have here.

      • Eric

        In the ground is not the same as at market. Otherwise you would be mining it yourself.

        • mike

          Amazing you figured that out>? Market is paying 19/oz and physical above ground silver is in ample supply. If it wasn’t then there would be something called a raw material shortage. An event that has never happened in the history of man and an event that could NOT be covered up by anyone including Jews, CIA, Federal Reserve, TSA or whatever. If in 2015 mines “Peaked” out even though there is more proven reserves today than 2015, how is it possible that there has not been a material shortage? Please explain without the use of Aliens, CIA,NSA, The Federal reserve or Jews idiot youtube links. In your own words WHY HAS THERE NEVER BEEN A RAW MATERIAL SILVER SHORTAGE EVER??

          • Eric

            What’s hilarious is that you keep making this about Silver which it is not. It’s about all currencies.

            Who said there was a shortage? What part of “likely peaked” and “over the next 2 decades” do you not understand?

            Please explain in your own words the difference between the commercial and non-commercial longs and shorts at the CME relating to Silver. Mike do you know what a short squeeze is?

  • Troy

    If silver is $20, then that was what the club wanted it to be at at this time

    • KRELL427

      Your right, the club has a choke collar on the silver price, here is a good article,Mike you should read this to because the answers your looking for as to why the numbers don’t make sense lies down the rabbit hole. The SUA (silver users association)and the Pilgram society,

      • Eric

        Don’t expect mike to read anything longer than a few sentences. He’s too busy squawkin…

        • KRELL427

          lol, 30 year bubble

          • Eric

            The only bubble is the one in mike’s head. I just wish mike would put some pants on if he’s going to go to walmart.


            One of the reasons I don’t visit walmart are all the freaks like mike that go there. It will be perfect for him. He’ll be able to walk right into his own fema coffin.

            • mike

              Eric what is wrong with buying the same garbage from Walmart at a 90% discount to your prepper stores? Its the same manufactures and the same absolutely terrible garbage food? What is wrong with buying ammo at the rock bottom prices from SGAMMO vs your Bulkammo rip off site?
              You have no interest in helping anyone and keep people away from things they need but can not afford otherwise. You steer people in the wrong direction. Not everyone has the means to waste money at a prepper store when they can get the exact same thing at Walmart or even other places a lot cheaper.
              I am sure I am far more successful than you and one of the reasons I do not waste money. I attempt to get a full clear understanding of things instead of parrot a parrot tune. I don’t belittle people for going to Walmart for example, I simply dont care or read into what they are doing at walmart. I think its great people can go and buy bulk prep food there, one less person to worry about in a SHTF. Why are you such a snob? You have never even been out of the country or traveled at all and you are playing high and mighty to me?
              Why not try to help people for real instead of steering them to SGT advertisers that rip people off? You are a moron and do not have the ability to lead anyone into anything but ruin. Like it or not we are in this together (I hate that your in it with me). The more people you steer in the right direction the less people you need to worry about taking your stuff and they will take all of your stuff with ease.

              • Eric

                Your SGAMMO (never heard of it) was only $10 cheaper so I doubt you really helped anyone there.

                As for walmart, be my guest. I’m sure you blend right in with the walmartians. Personally I can’t stand the place. And I have never seen healthy food there. Maybe it’s just me but I’m obviously a lot pickier than you are. I eat organic and healthy as much as possible. If you want to eat garbage then by all means eat garbage. It’s your funeral. I mean fema coffin.

                The key word you used was worry. Why would I be worried? I have nothing to worry about because I have prepared to a T. I have travelled around the globe quite a bit. Stop being a childish fool making assumptions about me. And stop pretending you know what you are talking about. Everyone here knows that you just talk out of your ass!

  • videoctr

    I like the way Keith Neumeyer has simplied the way to look at silver production, (from an interview posted on SGT Report), Keith Neumeyer has stated that the annual demand for silver is 1.1 billion ounces. While the actual mined annual production is 700 million ounces.

    Noting the peak silver production number mentioned in this article, stated as 28,000 tons, that turns out to be 900,228,000 troy ounces. Which is still a short fall of the annual silver demand of 1.1 billion ounces needed per year, as mentioned by Keith Neumeyer.

    The take away for me is, based on the charts provided in this article, and Keith’s commentary in a previous article, silver should appreciate in the years ahead, given the shortfalls in annual production. Supply and demand rule applies.

    Another major catalyst is: The world wide investing community will turn to the precious metals instead of holding negative interest rate paper.

  • videoctr

    typo “Simplified”

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