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The Battle For $20.46 SILVER & Death of the Cartel — ANDY HOFFMAN


Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins me this Monday, August 1st to document the collapse of the current global economic order. Andy notes that there is an epic battle for $20.46 silver which marks silver’s 50 MONTH moving average. And it’s a battle that the cartel is about to lose as their RECORD silver short positions have not been enough to cap silver’s historic run this year. In fact silver is the second best asset of 2016 when priced in USD and the best asset for 2016 when priced in local currencies. “The cartel is going to be defeated and likely in the next six to twelve months,” Andy says.

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180 comments to The Battle For $20.46 SILVER & Death of the Cartel — ANDY HOFFMAN

  • Suzanne

    Please get this information out to your networks and please send an e-mail to your state attorney general.
    I sent the following e-mail to Attorney General Ken Paxton citing this information at

    Dear Attorney General Paxton,

    I am writing to ask you to see if you can get the “e-voting” machines in Texas switched out in favor of the old punchcard voting booths that we had before that.

    We have more than enough proof that the black-box e-voting machines are easily programmed to weight some votes in order to steal elections… they use a vote-counting system called GEMS which can count votes for certain candidates multiple times, or votes for other candidates as a fraction… thereby stealing that vote.

    For example, over the past several national elections, a number of districts that had small numbers of registered voters turned up with thousands more voters which turned the election toward what became the winner, and some districts reported “the winner” as having received 100-108% of the votes… which are statistical impossibilities.

    I am convinced that since the company that makes these machines is in Hillary Clinton’s pocket, it is important to use the time we have left to get rid of the e-voting machines, or at least have a team of experts heavily reprogram them and protect them so they cannot be hacked.

    I offer the following information for your perusal:
    and which researched and publishes what is really going on with these machines.

    I remind you that voter fraud is a felony. It is time to prosecute.

    • Ed_B

      Completely agree @Suzanne. In 2012, there were precincts (or whatever they call them there) in PA reporting ZERO votes for Romney. This too is a statistical impossibility because in the history of the USA, this had NEVER happened before… anywhere. That Obama could be re-elected once his incompetence, race baiting, and anti-American behavior was fully known to the electorate is also an impossible situation. It is quite likely that voting machine tampering occurred during this election and will do so again if serious efforts are not made to protect democracy when it is under attack by tyranny. IMO, vote tampering should be equivalent to treason as it seeks to undermine the very basis of our nation. The penalties attached thereto should be fully equivalent to those of treason.

    • Suzanne, please don’t take affront to this statement, but you seem to be experiencing an extreme case of cognitive dissonance.

      The Republican Party uses “e-machines” (formerly Diebold, now “Premier Election Solutions”) to count their PRIMARY votes in most (if not all) districts across the several States. Even “paper” ballots are fed through these machines, which is why they all have a magnetic strip/barcode; there’s no avoiding digital vote-counters unless you vote for a write-in. Those same machines infamous for rigging primary and general elections across the Nation are indeed the same machines that have granted Trump the nomination.

      So you’re faced with a bit of a quandary, Suzanne… either black box electronic voting machines do indeed rig elections (in which case Trump is “their man”) or they count votes accurately. There’s no in-between; populist uprisings, no matter how voluminous, don’t usurp algorithms.

      I wonder, if Premier Election Solutions delivers Trump a victory in November, will the cognitive dissonance finally be dispelled?

      • Ed_B


        “I wonder, if Premier Election Solutions delivers Trump a victory in November, will the cognitive dissonance finally be dispelled?”

        Does either of us really think so? πŸ˜‰

        But if Trump is allowed to win, it will be interesting to see what he does and what he does not do. It is clear what Hellery will do and the very thought sickens most real Americans. It does not sicken the legions of the Free Sh*t Army or the corrupt establishment politicians because this is what they are counting on.

        • Given Trump’s increasingly close association with Gingrich and Thiel, two consummate insiders who’re devout Transhumanists/futurists, my money’d be on Trump fulfilling most of his promises vis a vis manufacturing… just not in the manner most expect him to.

          Got robots? πŸ˜‰

          Then there’s the Icahn/Khashoggi connections, which, while not as fleshed out as they could be just yet, lead one to believe his relations with the Intelligencia drug trade are more than noteworthy:

          I wonder if “building a Great Wall” has more to do with managing the drug flow for CIA/DoD pilots than it does immigration. All just hypotheses at this point, though; but as you say, it sure will be interesting!

          • Ed_B

            Forget the damned wall! Create a bounty system and let the profit motive solve this problem. πŸ˜‰

            After the 1st 2 weeks, there won’t be a Mexican within 5,000 yards of the US border.

            • Eric

              I always wanted to be Boba Fett. πŸ™‚

            • Have the CIA stop turning Central/South American countries into drug-running, arms-laden shitholes of regime change and hyperinflation (thanks IMF) and I can all but guarantee there won’t be problems with immigration. These places are rich in resources and fertile farmland; if anything, people should be going the OTHER way in a truly organic economy.

              Mexico, with its silver mining supply alone, should be one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. We can thank the cartel for that one.

              Your average Amerikan, unfortunately, has no conception of why people come here in the first place. Take the boot off the neck of their home countries and all will be solved. Same goes for the Middle East; these were all nice places to live in the 50s (see Egypt), well-developed nations with modern infrastructure.

              Nowadays the only infrastructure South of the border is either “Smart City” crap (look what it’s done for Rio, the “greenest” city on the planet) or military installations. I know you half jest, Ed, but these poor people are even more enslaved than we are. To quote Immortal Technique:

              “You’re my people with the same oppressors, so how could I hate you?”


              Now a bounty on the drug cartels that the Agency contracts to reap chaos here… that’s more than worthy of discussion πŸ˜‰

              • Ed_B

                There are many s**tholes in this world and most of them are created by those living there and oppressing their own citizens. Does the US contribute to this? Yes, it does. So do others who have the capability. No, this doesn’t make it right but it does describe it reasonably well.

                “… in a truly organic economy.”

                Idealized? Maybe. I’m wondering if we as a species have had that since the days of the Garden of Eden. Probably not. But it would be good if we did. Problem is, some people just HAVE to mess with the rest of us, get under foot, raise hell, etc. They are not satisfied with their share and do not play well with others. It is what it is.

  • Eric

    Thanks guys.

    The collapse is DEFINITELY coming. Just wait and see how fast the US national debt gets to 30 trillion. Currently holding at 105.09% debt to GDP. $527 billion budget deficit. $737 billion trade deficit. $102 trillion unfunded liabilities. $5.7 trillion budget deficit using GAAP accounting!!

    $60,000 in debt owed by each citizen
    $162,000 in debt owed by each taxpayer

    The US has the furthest to fall.

    It’s NOT ABOUT GOLD. It’s about the US DOLLAR! Gold and Silver are virtually your only protection.

    Storable food and Physical Silver.
    Storable food and Physical Silver.
    Storable food and Physical Silver.
    Storable food and Physical Silver.
    Storable food and Physical Silver.
    Storable food and Physical Silver.

    • Ed_B

      Amen to that, Eric. I agree wholeheartedly. πŸ™‚

      But let me add something to this. It needs to be emphasized that when the SHTF, a flailing US Gov WILL grab every asset they can in order to slow their own demise. If that impoverishes every American… they can live with that. But we cannot.

      IMO, the wealth of the individual is MORE important than that of an incompetent government that is desperately in need of replacement by a citizen-led constitutional government. That would be a lot smaller, a lot cheaper, would tend to avoid foreign entanglements, and would not be a nanny to every ninny out there.

      But in order to get to the better days ahead, it is necessary that Americans not be impoverished by our own government. If that means repudiating the US national debt, then so be it. This would not be the 1st time the US Gov has had to resort to this and it would impact our ability to borrow more money. Many would say that our ability to borrow SHOULD be impacted. Perhaps that would help keep us out of the financial trouble we seem intent on creating for ourselves.

      But if it comes down to the US Gov gabbing our assets, those assets that are inside the system WILL be the ones that are most easily grabbed. To prevent this, we all need to keep most of our assets in forms that are not easily grabbed. Bank, brokerage, and retirement accounts are the most susceptible to theft, IMO. That which is difficult to find likely will not be grabbed. Lay low and blend in with the masses, regardless of how much hidden wealth we all might have. Once the SHTF dust settles, there will be time to unearth the silver and gold we own and make good use of it for vital necessities.

      • Eric

        Yep. But I think the odds of the debt being repudiated when over $6 trillion of it is held by foreign countries are very very slim. Not without one helluva war. And our military has been exhausted. The rest of us are not soldiers, but we’re not total wimps either. And we know this land a lot better than any foreign army.

        I get paid in another week. Gonna start shopping for deals again so I’ll post whatever I can find. Its too bad about those Platinum eagles. I don’t know why they offered them with such a low premium when they sold out in only one day.

        I really like the cowboys and indians. But they are too pricey.

        I think I’m on just about every bullion dealers mailing list now. I saw JM Bullion had 5 oz sunshine mint bars for 69 cents over spot if I remember. I still prefer the Chris Duane route of semi-numismatic 1 oz coins, 2 oz high relief pirate booty or else 100 oz bars which are very easy to stack.

        Anything you can hold in your hand is better than bitcoin. Even a rusty old nail.

        • Eric

          You mean it hasn’t broken $600 yet? With the way it was dropping, I would have thought it was well on its way to $450. Then $370. Followed by it’s fair value of 37 cents.

          Silver is like that useless dagger you bought from Germany. It worked 100 years ago and it still works today. Except the dagger isn’t going to do you much good. Pretty much useless as a survival knife in White Horse, Yukon.

          Next time you want to admit to your criminal activity, I’ll be happy to notify the local canadian authorities for you.

          • Millicent

            Toot, toot, toot, toot… Do you remember Big Toot and Little Toot?

            You are loser Toot.

            • Eric

              Apparently, it is you who is stuck in the 7th grade.

              Millicent = comment critic.

              • Millicent

                Yup, Hoffman (Jew) hadn’t been getting any hits on his posts for quite a while now so its time to post some price-point nonsense to rev up the metal heads. Back up the trucks boyz and girlz it’s time to buy while it is cheap! (from MF of course)

                Still got Victoria on your mind? It appears so…

              • Eric

                You clearly know nothing about markets, finance or money.

                It’s a wonder you’re capable of surviving this far.

                Did you even listen to it? Of course not. Millicent is just here to bash the rest of us without building an argument. Mostly me. What part was factually incorrect? 20.50 level is not resistance?

                At least Victoria makes valid points. Even if she is wrong about a lot of them.

        • Ed_B

          Let’s just say that it is VERY difficult to mess with a nuclear armed country. “OK, we repudiate our debt… WTF are YOU gonna do about it?”. Not much, IMO.

          Pt Eagles are pretty sweet but they pretty much evaporated. They did say on SDB that this was a limited time offer and that when they were gone, that was it. All too true.

          “Anything you can hold in your hand is better than bitcoin. Even a rusty old nail.”

          lol… Right you are. When last seen, it was at $571, so seems to come back off of its most recent lows somewhat. Still, every time I think about BC, which isn’t often, it looks a great deal like the tulip mania of the 1600s. That went up like a rocket and came down the same way… and with a big B-O-O-M! on the end of its downward flight.

      • Suzanne

        Ed_B, I really agree. I understand that the poop could well be hitting the fan fairly soon. I’ve been putting up all sorts of stuff. Been making my own fig preserves. I have a bag of rice under my desk. Just about every available space has something stored in it. God knows how much ammo…
        I’m a 56 year old that’s pretty much doing everything possible to earn some money under the table since I can’t get a job these days. Nobody over 45 can get a job any more.
        I’m damn glad I got my silver when I did… a nice little collection of various mints.
        I feel like I’m reasonably ready for when the poop flies. The only thing that has me worried will be getting meds for my disabled husband (has Parkinson’s).

        • Ed_B

          Hi, Suzanne. You definitely have your stuff together by prepping BEFORE it becomes an obvious need… unlike so many out there, so good job on that.

          Having some silver will be good to have when paper money goes POOF! and becomes pretty much worthless. It amazes me that so many people have such little appreciation for gold and silver these days. At age 67, I am old enough to remember using silver coins as money. I have watched the value of these coins rise over time in fiat terms and know that this proves that they are real money and not the fake paper money that the Fed / Gov shovel out the door in such huge quantity.

          Having some food and water will help get us through the hard times to come and the more the better because we won’t have any idea just how long those hard times will last.

          I have a good larder built up but one can always add more. What I need most now is freeze dried foods. These can last for up to 25 years and WILL be consumed at some point, so will never go to waste like some canned foods might. Rotating and eating up the older canned foods is good but requires attention and action on our parts.

          I also know what you mean about trying to find a job. Fortunately, I don’t need a job any more but know quite a few people who do and who are having a hard time finding one. That’s a genuine shame and reflects the incompetence of the current regime in DC. If they had their stuff together, our economy would not be flat on its back… as it was during the Jimmy Carter years of 1975-80. Obama reminds me of Jimmy Carter II… malaise they called it back then… very little economic growth, reduced opportunities, and rising inflation. Those were not good days but worse ones likely are coming.

          Sorry to hear about your husband. Parkinson’s is a terrible disease that affects quite a number of people. It takes real strength and faith to be able to handle something like that, so my hat is off to you for that. My wife and I have dealt with the deaths of our parents over the past 10-12 years from various causes and that’s no easy task either. Life can be hard sometimes but I just have this nagging feeling that it is about to get a whole lot tougher. Hopefully, we will be able to get through the coming hard times and then on to the better ones that follow.

  • glitter 1

    “Only gold is money, everything else is credit” – JP Morgan

    “The currency of the Elite is Gold and Silver” – Lindsey William’s Elite Friend

    In the movie about the Russian Mafia Hitman, “John Wick”, Gold Coin is used as currency. Charlie always get paid in Gold Coin.
    Fast forward to the last 30 seconds.

    Think Hollywood is trying to send a subtle message!

    • goldguns&glory

      That’s right, only GOLD is money!

      And what’s with all the little bitCOIN fags on this site? I hate these little fags, they’ve started showing up in my area now too. I found one going through some junk in my yard the other day “hey man I don’t want any trouble. I’m not touching your stuff man. Just looking for old hard drives filled with bitCOIN.”

      So I took my claw hammer and smashed him over the head, threw him up against the fence and started f**king him right in the ass. “How you like that bitBOY? You gonna squeal for me like a piggy bitBOY?” And I threw the little fag in the creek. But I rather focus on what gold and silver (REAL MONEY) are doing now as they reclaim their natural place in the world.

  • Eric

    Too expensive/overvalued.

  • pokemon_no

    What should I do with large amounts of cash on hand? What’s the best way to convert it to hard assets without letting the government know about it? Local coin shop? Keep transactions under $10k? What percentage should I keep in cash?

    • Eric

      Yes find a local coin shop or 2 and build a relationship. Keep them under 10k otherwise a form 8300 has to be filed. And I believe that’s within a 24 hr period but not sure. Store up lots of storable food, water, toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent… Consumables that you will use anyways. I recommend keeping at least 6 months of living expenses and supplies on hand. Good to have a high quality safe that is BOLTED DOWN!!! And guns with lots of ammunition.

      Like I said it depends on your situation. But food and water first, medical supplies that you may need, communications equipment, protection. Then sound money. Real assets. Not paper promises. Keep plenty of small bills on hand for. Daily transactions.

      I don’t give financial advice because I don’t know your situation. But this is generally what the rest of us feel is the best way to prepare. 6-12 months. Be ready to hunker down. And be ready to bug out at a moments notice too. If you have to leave, bring extra food.

      • Ed_B


        Good advice, my friend, as usual. Add to this, having some way to bathe and wash clothes that doesn’t depend on having grid-supplied hot water or a washer. A propane or wood fired heater is good for heating water and cooking. Having an out-house would also be good and there are plans on YouTube for building these necessities once the sewer system quite working.

        Good thought on not trying to plan for others because each and every person’s situation is different and only they know ALL of the details of it.

        Local coin shops are miserable in my area, so I rely on the on-line vendors to get PMs. This might not be ideal but it can be about the only recourse available to some. Last time I went into a LCS, their inventory was almost non-existent and they wanted a $5-6 per oz. premium on their ASEs and Maples. They had some bars for a mere $4 per oz. premium, so were not a viable solution for PM purchases. Worse comes to worst, there is always the ever-popular “boating accident” where the PMs were “lost”… in VERY deep water! πŸ˜‰

        • Eric

          They’re not too good here either Ed but there are quite a few. to be honest, I haven’t visited many.

          There is one I need to go check out that I just found out about. But the one I had was perfect but they closed their doors a while back.

          I’m happy with the doc. But I think the UPS guy is getting a little curious.

          • Ed_B


            Yeah, those UPS guys are like that. The last delivery I got weighed 24 lbs. The guy asked me if I was getting some ammo. I’m pretty sure that he knew that it was not ammo because it didn’t have the right hazardous materials stickers on it. I just looked at him with a trace of a smile and didn’t say anything. It’s none of his business what I am getting via the company for which he works. He SHOULD know that. The last thing I want to do is confirm that I am getting PMs delivered to my home. Would not want to have to shoot the idiot who thinks that he can come over here and get rich. All I can say is that he will have a “lifetime supply” of money in his own pockets at that point.

            • Eric

              Right you are Ed.

              It’s none of his damn business!!!

              My guy just assumes I’m getting ammo. Last time he was like “ammo time!”

              This time I told him its not ammo. And told him about the anti-gun laws on that Jerry Brown just signed that I told him I think are on the ballot. He had no clue what I was talking about. He’s a nice guy though. Most of them are. And do mind their own business. But they do get curious.

              The important thing is to dominated the situation. Don’t give him an inch to ask in the first place. Be polite but stern.

              I’m sorry sir but that’s my business. Not yours!

              • Ed_B

                I’d rather just ignore inappropriate questions, neither confirming nor denying anything. Let them think what they want. As long as their curiosity doesn’t cause them to do something stupid, they can be as curious as they want.

  • There are no more bargains on guns or coins at auction any more. Bid to buy, and beware of buyer’s premiums.

  • Eric

    Bitcoin… $580

    MX Gold is breaking out possibly.

    What’s up with Silvercrest Metals? Up 45% today! Woo hop! Wish I had more than just a tiny bit.

    • KRELL427

      All the cry babies are coming out of the wood work because silver has not made them rich yet.That guy sure would be fun to hang around with.Birds of a feather flock together and you know how to pick them Millicent.Also until this cycle is over its a little early to start criticizing, know one knows how this goes down.

      • Eric

        I feel just fine. But I’ve been at this quite a while. And I’ve always been one patient son of a gun.

        You make yourself rich. Silver is wealth preservation. Anyone who thought it was a hot trade is a lazy chump.

        • KRELL427

          Exactly Eric, that’s why lottery tickits sell so well.Most people want something for nothing.

          • Eric

            God they buy those like candy around here. I stand behind them waiting in line and bite my tongue trying not to laugh out loud.

            I hope the Doc has a good deal for me up his sleeve. Otherwise I have to go check out the Honda Ridgeline they finally got in. Black Edition looks badass!

            • Ed_B


              Honda Ridgeline has lousy resale value. I see 2006s for sale for 1/2 to 2/3 of what a US-built truck of similar capability and original price sells for… and when the SHTF, one can probably find parts to fix a Dodge, Ford, or Chebby. But, whatever floats your boat. I never complain about what people choose to spend THEIR money on… unless by doing that they bring real harm to someone else.

              • Eric

                So F-150 then Ed? I like those too. I have no interest in selling it later.

                Ugh. If it was only as easy as buying honest money.

                • chuck

                  That’s because a Ridgeline is a weak POS. Good to see they finally got a clue and separated the bed from the cab. It’s not a truck, it’s an SUV with half the roof missing. Good for a trip to the garden center. If you need a real truck though this ain’t it. I have 2 f-150’s. My ’98 has 390k on it and still runs great with great body integrity. Dodge and Toyota both make tough trucks as well.

                • Ed_B


                  F150 is good. Am considering one myself. The 3.5L Ecoboost looks like it has plenty of power when you need it and pretty good economy when you don’t. I need a truck to tow the boat I want. I looked at SUVs but most of them have wuss-level towing capacity. A good fishing boat like I want weighs 5000+ lbs with trailer and gear. So, it has to be a truck as my tow vehicle. A Dodge Ram 1500 with the VVT Hemi and 5 or 6 speed auto would be good too. I don’t trust the newer 8 and 9 speed trannies. Too many problems reported by owners on these.

                  As to not looking to sell later… well, life has a way of changing our situation on us. It’s good to keep that in mind. You may not have any intention of selling this truck NOW but a year or two from now could find us all in a completely different situation.

                  Anyone wanting the ultimate SHTF vehicle should consider an early 1980s F250 4×4 with the non-turbo non-fuel injected 6.9L diesel and the 4-speed manual tranny. That old dog is tough as nails, will go anywhere you can get without tracks, and will run on used French fry oil if set up for that. Added to all this, it is impervious to EMP, so it will still be rolling when most everything newer than this is off on the side of the road with fried electronics.

                • Eric


                  When are we going water skiing? πŸ˜‰

                  I’m just kidding. Down with fishing too though.

                  You and I think a lot alike. My best buddy had an F-150 for a while. Everyone I know has one. They seem pretty rock solid to me. Nice truck for sure. The newer ones are great. I’m going to go look at an Explorer first. Lots of Rams around here too.

                  Chuck just turned me off from the Ridgeline. It would serve my purposes pretty well and is cheaper, but I do want something rock solid. Like the batmobile or a Brinks truck but more inconspicuous. πŸ˜‰

                  As for resale value, that’s what keeps me from buying a van. I don’t want to buy something then not want it in a few years. Better to buy what you want and keep it for a long time. Always buy quality. Then you are never disappointed in it. Like Gold and Silver. What is better than that as far as monetary assets go?

                • Ed_B

                  “When are we going water skiing? πŸ˜‰”

                  Lol… that would be good on a hot day, for sure. But fishing is where it’s at for me. It’s nice spending time on the water, even if nothing is caught.

                  “You and I think a lot alike. My best buddy had an F-150 for a while. Everyone I know has one. They seem pretty rock solid to me. Nice truck for sure. The newer ones are great. I’m going to go look at an Explorer first. Lots of Rams around here too.”

                  We do. I am sure that we would get along well together. I was surprised to find out from the “The Millionaire Next Door” book that the F-150 is the most commonly owned vehicle among the self-made millionaires. Many of them own small businesses that need a truck but don’t necessarily need anything of greater hauling / towing capacity than that.

                  “Chuck just turned me off from the Ridgeline. It would serve my purposes pretty well and is cheaper, but I do want something rock solid.”

                  Dependability and widespread repair facilities are good to have in a vehicle. Don’t want to be on a long trip somewhere and only then find out that your XYZ-mobile can’t be fixed by anyone within 100 miles.

                  “As for resale value, that’s what keeps me from buying a van. I don’t want to buy something then not want it in a few years. Better to buy what you want and keep it for a long time. Always buy quality. Then you are never disappointed in it.”

                  My wife loves her Dodge Grand Caravan. It’s a very good vehicle for her needs and does well as a family car too. We’ve taken it on a few driving trips and it worked well for us. The Stow-N-Go seats are amazing. It has plenty of power with its 3.8L V-6, yet gives us about 24 mpg on the road and about 18 around town. Not at all bad for a 4200 lb van.

                  “Like Gold and Silver. What is better than that as far as monetary assets go?”

                  They are pretty much the top of the heap in financial assets, although I have done quite well in the past in mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs. Those good years of 25-35% growth in the value of such assets really add up fast. Most of those profits go into PMs as my “insurance” against an “Oh, s**t!” occurrence. Sooner or later, one will come along and when it does it likely will be much worse than most think.

                  Good farmland with its own water supply is good too. Not so much as a financial asset that one buys and sells for profit but so that one can grow their own food. Not only is this better tasting and more nutritious but it opens up a new business possibility for those of us who are into gardening. My other business during a SHTF time will be making beer… there will always be a market for that! lol

          • Eric

            I’ll almost certainly pickup some of those 2 oz walk the planks however to go with the rest of my pirate booty.

            Arrrr! No cause is lost!

    • Eric

      His numbers aren’t even accurate. And he leaves out the entire DEMAND side of the equation.

      2015…Gold ounces mined some 92 million ounces.
      2015…Silver ounces mined 886.7 million ounces.

      It’s not about being rare. It’s about VALUE.

      Silver comes out of the ground at a 9:1 Silver to Gold ratio
      Silver is priced currently at a 66:1 Silver to Gold ratio

      Which offers more value at current prices? I’ll take Chris’s excellent designs with limited mintage over a boring Silver Eagle any day. That was funny though. You might want to stop brushing your teeth with the sodium flouride so you can think clearly and start doing your due diligence. Actually, millicent might be happier investing in overvalued bitcoin and watch it fall in price.

    • glitter 1

      Who would ever listen/pay any attention to a slightly cross eyed guy who parts his hair down the middle along with not knowing what he’s talking about.

  • goldguns&glory

    What would you guys reccommend a first time silver buyer get? Coins rounds or bars? My parents are interested in protecting their wealth.

    • SGT

      I’d recommend government issued coins – silver eagles and/or canadian maples are a good place to start. Personally, I don’t care for silver rounds. Best of luck.

      • Eric

        I concur.

        Start with eagles and maples. Look for the deals on semi numismatics after that. I try to post them here from time to time whenever I see a good deal. I don’t care for generic rounds either but I do like 10 oz or 100 oz bars for core holdings. Also good to have some constitutional silver, dimes, quarters, halves, silver dollars.

        But 1 oz eagles or maples will do you just fine. Also kookaburras or anything from the perth mint. Some good deals around on britannias right now too probably. But if you’re in the US, eagles and constitutional silver have a dollar denomination on them. 1 Silver Dollar is different from 1 US DOLLAR. So it’s always a good idea to start with the country you reside in.

        SD Bullion, Provident Metals, or JM Bullion. I usually place an order, write the order # on the check, print out and send a copy of the receipt with the check, place 2 stamps on it and drop it off at the p.o. right away. Then wait. If the UPS guy asks what you got, tell him you ordered some marbles.

        Also, look for local coin shops you can build relationships with.

      • Matthias


        please also consider my deletion request at β€œGLOBAL COLLAPSE UPDATE β€” David Jensen”!

      • goldguns&glory

        Great! Thanks for the help guys, folks are leaning towards a monster box from Tulving. Love the site btw…

        • A monster box is an excellent choice, as are bags of 90%.

          But as Millicent says, Tulving is bankrupt, as is Northwest Territorial Mint; both, not coincidentally, had the same business model. Taking your money up front, sitting on it for a month, playing the markets, and then and only then, delivering your silver.

          STICK WITH THE RECOMMENDATIONS BEING GIVEN TO YOU in terms of dealers. You want someone who will deliver within DAYS of your payment being received, not weeks. SD Bullion, Provident Metals, JM Bullion, or APMEX. Provident is my personal favorite. Buy from one of those four when starting out, as they’re all reputable companies that don’t play with your money.

          If a site is offering silver at a significant discount, there’s a reason for it, and most times it’s not a good one. You’re already making a wise decision in terms of what type of silver to buy, don’t muck it up by going with an unreputable dealer! Don’t mean to come on too strong, but I’d hate to see your first silver purchase end with you getting scammed.

            • Ed_B

              Indeed it is… and, no, it’s not “coming on too strong”. This sounds to me a lot more like someone who really cares about a fellow silver buyer having the best buying experience possible on his 1st purchase.

              But I would add the following… wealth protection is an excellent reason to own gold and silver. I suggest that those doing this do so in increments over time and not dive in head first with a 1st time large buy. Buy 100-200 ozs. first and see how that goes. In 2-3 months, do that again. Wash, rinse, and repeat. This is now I buy silver and it works really well.

              Second, make sure that the buyer has a secure place to store their silver. A home safe is good, especially if it is a heavy duty unit and is bolted to a concrete floor and / or wall. If it is not bolted down, it can be hauled away by thieves and opened at their leisure using noisy power tools and as much time as needed. If it is in a home with wood floors, put a hardened steel eye bolt through the bottom of the safe and then chain it to a floor joist with a good quality hardened steel chain and padlock. Look on You Tube for further info on securing a home safe.

              The best security is created via layers and can include things like a good safe, noisy dogs, a monitored electronic security system, motion lights and sensors outside the home, proper landscaping, and perhaps even an armed homeowner ,if they are trained and have the right attitude about it. If not, then do what you need to do to be both safe and comfortable with securing your PMs.

              There is a lot of discussion about the worth of safety deposit boxes (SDBs). I have one and use it mostly when on vacation. I do this because I believe that the risk of loss from my home is greater than from a very secure bank vault that is 3 minutes away from one of the local sheriff’s offices. When I am at home, I provide additional security so tend to keep my goodies at home with me and not in the SDB.

              The SDB that I have is at a local credit union. I would not have one of these at any of the big NYC-based banks or any of their nation-wide local banks. Even so, there are risks involved no matter what we do, so we all have to decide which ones we can accept and which ones we can’t and then formulate our security program based on these concerns.

              But do give this a lot of thought because while there is no counter-party risk to owning physical PMs, there sure is a risk of theft. As with any other valuables, do not talk about what you have. You can say something to a friend who then mentions it to another friend, and then some less than honest person overhears that and before you know it he is paying your home a midnight visit.

              • Never considered a deposit box as it’s “within the banking system,” but having one on hand for vacations is a smart idea!

                I wonder, though, if SDB’s are more secure than the hole(s) in the ground I’ve been using πŸ˜›

                • Eric

                  Possession is 9 points of the law. I would never consider a SDB even with a credit union.

                  A deep hole is more secure in my mind as long as it’s secret.

                • Ed_B

                  Depends on what happens. If the banking system collapses, then maybe not. For any other “problem”, probably so. Dang, I wish I knew what the future will be. πŸ˜‰

    • Eric


      also check out the 5 oz viking bars from SD Bullion. Very cool!

      Damn now you got me excited. I just a whole bunch of britannias and maples delivered today.

      Don’t forget to check your order to make sure it’s all there when it arrives.

      • Eric

        You might find this helpful too…

        Never ordered from or BGASC. Have heard some horror stories from and have had a few bad experiences (not many) with apmex.

        Haven’t heard or had anything bad happen with SD Bullion or Provident.

        • Ed_B

          I never had a problem of any kind with Apmex. They have nice US 90% silver coins that few other dealers have… AUs, BUs, and proofs that are gorgeous. The roll of Kennedy proofs I bought have almost tripled in value, so not bad there.

          Provident messed up one of my orders but made it right and tossed in a nice little bonus of a free 1/4 oz. Indian head round that is pretty nice. I use it in my water pitcher to keep it pure.

          SD Bullion is great and I have not had any problems with them, other than the usual check holding / waiting to ship nonsense that falls into the one size fits all (none?) category. Yes, I know… some people are dishonest. But I am not among them. If a business wants me to trust them, then they need to reciprocate, IMO. Loyalty is NOT a 1-way street.

          Silver Towne has also been good, although it is often possible to get their products at lower cost from other dealers who buy in quantity and then share some of the savings with their customers.

    • Ed_B

      Don’t forget about US 90% silver coins that were minted prior to 1965. Dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars are all good. The premiums on these can be nasty at times, so watch for deals.

      Also agree on the ASEs and silver Maples. These are the bulk of my stack, although I do have some US 90% silver coins and some 5-oz. SilverTowne bars. I like these bars because they are a nice size and they have serial numbers that could be useful in recovering them after a theft.

      A couple of years ago, Apmex was selling the 1992 proof US quarters, which are 90% silver, for less than the cost of circulated pre-1965 US silver quarters. Now THAT was a buy! I got about 20 rolls of them as well as a bunch of Kennedy, Franklin, and Walking Liberty halves.

  • Millicent

    “know one” It takes one to know one… tard.

  • knowtoomuch

    Off topic ( but for a REAL reason ) :


    Holocaust deprogramming course

    Do you care to know about how the people you have trusted all your lives have lied to you?

    If anything were to ever convince you of the terrible Jewish lies about World War II, this would be that document. You can’t possibly read this compilation of sources by hundreds of serious minded examiners and still believe the lies that mainstream accounts have forced upon you as “the truth” of World War II.

    PLEASE read as much as your mind can tolerate. You will never find as many courageous truth tellers represented in one place.

    Best wishes,
    John Kaminski


    • goldguns&glory

      wow what kind of a dumb fag would “invest” in bitcoin.

      • KRELL427

        We have two of them that frequent this site,stick around you will see what they are like.

        • mike

          Hmmm dont see Bullion banks being robbed why not? Of Gold and silver are money then you think they would be a target? Nope..PMs are not money and not liquid. Didn’t Criminals use to target Ships,vaults, individuals, Trains , Coaches etc..Oh yeah thats because PM were once money, no longer. Money was stolen since BTC is the only honest money on earth. The BTC was not hacked, that is impossible it was an exchange. If you dont hold it you dont own it right? Well these poor people that lost their BTC will be the same people that lose everything investing in stocks for example or your bank account going to zero when TPTB steal your money.Be your own central bank and never use online wallets or even online banking..Look at all the theft of PMs through paper manipulation, US dollars, Identify fraud that happens online…Anyway nice try Krell..Your still a dull parrot of a parrot…Oh and Millicent, Tard is my word for the three stooges.

          • Eric

            Ah ha. He finally showed up. Here’s one of em.

            Gold is the money of kings.
            Silver is the money of gentlemen.
            Barter is the money of peasants.
            Debt is the money of slaves.
            Bitcoin is the money of crooks and criminals.

            Of course Bitcoin isn’t money. It’s just a medium of exchange. That’s why it’s called crypto-currency. Not crypto-money.

            Oh and it isn’t a store of value either as anyone with half a brain can easily see by the price dropping like a rock the past few weeks.

      • Eric

        ggg… you’re my hero. πŸ™‚

    • Ed_B


      That sounds a lot like the “Mt. Gox experience” of a few years ago where a whole lot of BCs went POOF! Such a deal. :-/

  • fonestar

    Dedicated to all teh losers who got their a$$es hacked off tonight! So long suckers!

  • Eric

    No security breach in my vault.

    Hahahahahaha. Hilarious.

    Hey where’s mike? Only blipcoin is munny. πŸ™‚

    • fonestar

      That’s right moron. Only Bitcoins are money (which is why people go to great lengths to steal them). These people’s loss is our opportunity to scoop up more CheapCoinz(TM).

    • mike

      No breach in my vault either moron.

      Interesting how criminals go after money not assets. Imagine trying to pawn 60 million in silver ah hahahaha..You need a train to move it and your going to get nailed quick. Seriously please attempt not to be a moron. BTC can NOT be hacked. It was an exchange and subject to hacking just like your Bullion banks, banks, stock market etc and paper silver and gold…You said it yourself if you dont hold it you dont own it.
      Remember the teachings of your Rabi Eric, never trust institutions with your money. They dont necessarily have your best interest in mind and you might need to flee someday when the mean greeny gentiles find you out.
      You really do get the prize..And the 2016 ALLTARDS awards goes to Eric CONGRATS Alltard!

      • Eric

        Why would anyone with half a brain (not mike) want to pawn honest money (Silver)?

        Do you pawn cash?

        You seriously need help mike. A psychiatrist. You’re delusional I’m afraid.

        The fact that you have counter-party risk with BTC is why it’s so risky. Much like a tech stock. You are subject to exchanges, electrical grid, Internet access.

        Gold fits easily in my pocket and is extremely liquid. Just like cash.

        Not too many Jews named Eric. I know a few named Mike though.

        I suggest you try some brain force. You need it badly.

        • fonestar

          I’ve sold almost all of my physical silver to buy more Bitcoin. Bitcoin is honest money that you can bank on.

        • mike

          If you stole 60 TONS of Silver how would you get rid of it? You can spend it and you would need to hid it. How would you transport it? How would you get away with it?
          Silver is not money. If you stole 60 million worth or about 60 ton of silver it would be useless because it is not Money.

          Going to have to score you +10 points for that tard comment on Silver under the parroting category and another +20 points for your Jew comment under general ignorance, very nice work…Krell better get at it if he wants your title.

          I want to encourage all ALLTARDS Contestants, your all doing a wonderful job but only one can be the Champ.

          • Eric

            Only criminals, crooks, scam artists, and greedy psychopaths “steal.” That’s why they like Bitcoin which is a Ponzi scheme. Not money. Silver is HONEST money!

            You make yourself look like the biggest fool of the world kike.

            +100 tard points for you.

            • KRELL427

              I don’t play points systems, after yesterdays performance he is now Stuttering Kross eyed Kike. I purposely use a K on cross.

              • mike

                (((πŸ…ΊπŸ†πŸ…΄πŸ…»πŸ…»))) vs (((πŸ…΄πŸ†πŸ…ΈπŸ…²)))
                2017 𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐒 π’π‡πŽπ–πƒπŽπ–π

                π•‹π•Žπ•† π•Šπ”Όπ•ƒπ”½ ℍ𝔸𝕋𝕀ℕ𝔾 π•π”Όπ•Žπ•Š 𝕃𝕆ℂ𝕂𝔼𝔻 𝕀ℕ 𝔼ℙ𝕀ℂ 𝔹𝔸𝕋𝕋𝕃𝔼 𝔽𝕆ℝ ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼𝕋𝔼𝔻 𝕋𝕀𝕋𝕃𝔼
                𝕁𝕆𝕀ℕ π•Œπ•Š 𝕁𝔸ℕ 1π•Šπ•‹ 2017 𝔽𝕆ℝ β„π”Όπ•Šπ•Œπ•ƒπ•‹π•Š

  • fonestar

    Sean Turnbull how are your efforts to block fonestar coming along?

    A fonestar infection is nasty and very hard to cure.

    • Eric

      That’s because he’s a parasite who hacks his neighbors wifi connections in whitehorse, yukon and looks like this…

      He can’t hit the target very well with a Ruger 10/22 either. And doesn’t get 10 seconds to aim when the SHTF.

      • fonestar

        “Bitcoin still safer than FED notes”

        • fonestar

          Funny how they always try and make your “gold coin” look like real Bitcoins so people will accept them?

          • Eric

            There is no such thing as bitcoin.

            It’s just make believe munny.

          • KRELL427

            Your brain is spun.

          • mike

            Even though they try to make gold look like money it still doesn’t spend like the BTC lol. You can’t even buy a hotdog off the average person with a 1oz gold coin but the tards still insist it is money and gold/silver will save in you in a collapse. In a real collapse a piece of bread will buy a BAG of gold.
            These tards will never get it..Only gold is money? Even though it does not spend and is subject to inflation and there is an endless amount of reserves that are easily mined with virtually NO human effort? 1 gallon of diesel fuel will get you around 5-7oz of gold at 11.6grams of gold per ton thanks to innovation. Unlike BTC that actually spends and is truly limited in quantity…These guys are truly tards who do absolutely no research just parrot the parrots. The PMs are in a hyper bubble right now and what does Eric do? Push Britannia’s?

            • hal

              DO you use a stack of $100 bills to buy a hotdog? I think if worse came to worst and all you had was a gold coin and you were starving, you could buy a years worth of hot dogs rather than not get change. You guys are great coming up with ridiculous scenarios.

              PMs are in a bubble? Why is it then that I struggle to find people who are even remotely interested in considering the idea that they offer protection against devaluing debt notes….

              Mortgages, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen and people think it’s odd or that you must be poor if you dont have one.

              • mike

                Hal ..This video is reality..No one know wants the stuff and wont sell you a hotdog for one. Now if you sold you gold coin asset for real money as in anything that spends then people will sell you a lot of hot dogs. But Pms themselves are not money and not accepted as money by the masses and that is the only thing that counts. In a shtf scenario you wont be able to buy a thing because people do not want it..Get it?

                • hal

                  you literally just said that PMs are in a hyper bubble and now you are linking to provide evidence that no one wants PM?

                  call it what you want but gold is the foundation to why we even have paper currencies to begin with (which is what most people consider money at the moment). it had to begin with an underlying good or asset or it would never be trusted.

                  save however you like.

                • mike

                  Hal PMs are in a bubble..They can be mined for penny’s and look at the price?

                  Primary miners like FM can mine silver for $10/oz..Dont believe it think its much less but we will say $10.00. Primarmy miners mine virtually nothing compared to byproduct miners that mine pms are Zero cost. The overall average is penny’s. There are limitless reserves of PMs in the ground. All metals are far over priced right now. A fair value for Silver is maybe $1.50/oz and $2.00 in your favorite bullion form.
                  Gold is no longer money, it is not divisible, fungible, a store of value..And the single most important aspect of money, GOLD DOES NOT SPEND and it is not accepted as money anywhere on earth…I provided proof..Watch the video. I am sorry, I keep forgetting I am dealing with dull people who dont even listen to the miners interviewed right here. I should have explained that connection to you in detail so you could understand what you are watching..My bad.

                • Eric

                  Gold is the foundation of money. Bubbles don’t end 40% below their all time high.

                  Mike you are clueless!

                • nike

                  Well if it is the foundation of money, no one knows it..So how are you going to convince people in a SHTF to sell you anything for your gold if they dont even know what it is, get it? Even people that do know what it is wont sell you anything for gold..Maybe trade a like item but thats it. You need to get with your Rabi and work together first on an escape plan..When Gentiles lose everything they burn Jews at the stake like during the Black Plague in Europe. Then once your free of the western world learn the way of the Muslim to hide among them. You will probably look better in a Burka anyway? I dont know what else to tell you except maybe swallow some diamonds and later dig through your poop to retrieve them? You might be able to purchase a flock of sheep once you arrive in Saudi Arabia with your Rabi?

                • Eric

                  I have no interest in buying anything with Gold. Gold is going back into the system.

                  I know no one knows it. That’s why they complain about not having any money. They don’t know what money is.

              • Eric

                Kike, are you familiar with quantitative easing?

                Gold is accepted by central banks, coin dealers, and many others who can think outside of just being told what to do.

                What did your mother do to you? You have to be told what to do. You have no entrepreneurial spirit in you.

          • hal

            “Funny how they always try and make your β€œgold coin” look like real Bitcoins so people will accept them?”

            lol what are you smoking on today? for some strange reason, i get the feeling that the bitcoin “coins” came well after gold bullion coins and were made to resemble an authentic gold coin.

      • mike

        Lol Eric..A worthless .22? Why not get a BB gun? When the SHTF happens I know who is going to lose everything, ERIC and FASSST. Marauders will take everything from you like taking candy from a baby.. Unless your house is made from 10′ thick concrete your the first to go in a SHTF scenario.
        Not to mention your land locked (Moron move) that’s truly smart? Anyway don’t need to point out to the ALLTARD judges your full tardness, if I do poor Krell will never have a chance to win the ALLTARD title…Krell is so close, maybe next year. You two just need to continue parroting and one of you will win. Good luck Alltard contestants Eric and Krell, 2017 is just right around the corner.

        • Eric

          Mike, I never said a .22 was worthless. Where did you get that?

          Yes my house is made from 10′ thick concrete. I think ahead.

          Much easier to drop the price of blipcoin to $0.00 overnight than it is to drop the value of anything real and tangible.

          We’ll see who loses everything. Buy more digital blips. They suit you. They’ll help you a lot in a SHTF scenario.

          Maybe your mentally retarded gibberish will work on the zombies.

          • fonestar

            I think ERIC meant to say..

            “Yes my head is made from 10′ thick concrete. I think thick.”

            • Eric

              I think fonestupid meant to say, “I’m a stupid moron who invests in ponzi schemes and try to scam everyone else cuz I’m a criminal psychopath.”

          • mike

            I said .22 are worthless and if you have one why not just get a BB gun? I had a daisy pump 881 when I was a little kid every bit as powerful as a .22…22’s are for little children to learn to shoot and get used to hearing a tiny little crack when pulling the trigger. Other than that the .22lr is is a 100% worthless round.
            Need to get a Firearms Trust and get yourself some real weapons instead of wasting money on worthless Britannia’s and .22’s if you think a SHTF is coming and plan on surviving it.
            Didn’t that stupid kid from “Into the wild” only have a worthless .22, didnt people warn him to get something more powerful?
            You need to start to think for real if you truly believe your own BS.

            • Eric

              Come over. I’ll show you a real weapon. Right after I show you what real money looks like.

              If you need more hard drives to store your blipcoins, I have about 40 old ones. They fail from time to time you know. Glad my wealth isn’t on one.

              My Britannias are more secure than your worthless digital unbacked Ponzi scheme.

            • Troy

              .22’s are good varmint guns, small game. I have a Marlin .22 rifle that holds 14 rounds. CCI stingers fired at a gang marauders at 300 yards can be effective during a SHTF situation. .22’s are not worthless…thats just a silly statement.

        • fonestar

          Don’t forget HOWARD. He deserves to be in that race too (unless he’s been banned for doping).

          • mike

            Doping would be counted at a “Tard” activity under “General Ignorance” category so it might earn HOWARD some points to unseat the current ALLTARDS Title holder Eric in 2017.

            Big Competition for the 2017 ALLTARDS Title. Here’s the spread so far on who is most likely to win at this point:

            Krell 37%
            Eric 35%
            Howard 28%

            All this is subject to change depending on Tard comments written between now and Jan 1st 2017.

            Contestants will be Judged in these 4 tard category’s:

            Ignoring reality 20% of overall score
            Parroting 50% of overall score
            General Ignorance 20% of overall score
            Insulting 10% of overall score

            • Eric

              While you’re still trying to get rich in ponzi scheme crypto-currencies, the rest of us already have with Gold and Silver.

              Keep trying to figure it out kike.

              • mike

                Eric your parents may have not have told you that you do indeed have Jew blood somewhere down the recent line of Erics, no doubt about it…Jew blood sprinkled with some leprechaun and maybe even a dragon way back?
                The Jew blood is strong in you and that is good. You dont have to be ashamed, Jesus was a Jew before he morphed himself out of the Jew remember? So they’re not all bad, just some like you. I am a little flattered a real Jew would choose to use the Yiddish jibberish on me. Have no idea what your saying but keep saying it, its funny. Ask your Rabi “M’s” are NOT pronounced as “K’s”. I know the Yiddish Jibberish thinkers like yourself get that confused…Keep working on the English, you’ll get it.

                “Whoever smelt it dealt it” Eric my good Jew friend. Once again powerful words to live by that most of us gentile people learned as children but still relevant today.

    • Eric

      I’m onto you like white on rice. Send me your address and I’ll send you a book on how to shoot straight with the easiest rifle to use ever.

  • fonestar

    Oh look! BTC now stabilizing at $580 and not “collapsing” at all!

    Some thieves hacked into an exchange, stole $60 million worth of BTC and SOLD it to people anxiously wanting to buy Bitcoin. Smart people took advantage of the “collapse” (discount) in price and Bitcoin will be back above $600 USD before we know it.

    • Eric

      It is possible that it goes back above $600 before collapsing to its fair value of $0.66 but there are lots of sheep in this world who want something for nothing.

      What’s your address?

      • fonestar

        Bitcoin will become worthless some day.

        But it will be because some other superior P2P cryptographic payment system replaced it. And this will happen long, long, long after your beloved “dollar” has already died. But since you don’t mind waiting “5000 years” for your investments to bear fruit it shouldn’t be hard for you to do.

        • hal

          No eventually we will get it right and merge the best of both worlds.

          Money will be based (as it should) on actual production of desired goods and services, not on debt or government word or a math formula; it will be directly linked to real production.

          AND we could still very easily implement worldwide transfer systems to transact with our “credits” on some digital account, but the underlying asset that was used to legitimately create that credit would simply have ownership transferred.

          If you used something like this, it would allow any and all people to transact online instantly and be in perfect harmony with the real world transactions as well. Perfect consistency and FREEDOM for folks to participate in one or the other or both as it all stays synchronized and allows full privacy of finances to those who chose that.

          bottom line it would keep the amounts of money in check with real production (the way real goods and services are valued) and allow anyone access to the actual money itself if they so choose.

          I think we should use corn πŸ˜‰

  • AgShaman

    The only battle involved with silver that has any interest for me is the battle to establish value…which leads to price discovery sans manipulation.

    It requires the enlightenment of the various people and business’ you wish to transact with. Teach people past and present day monetary theories and you will increase the number of players interested in operating within a system of honest trade

    When large numbers of serfs are willing to trade a list of various items for silver….the battle will look realistic.

    I hope I don’t have to hang around and watch fiat tether itself to gold and silver whilst it makes its slo-mo death march to the dustbin.

    Silver and gold deserve more trading partners than fiat. Waiting too long to build these avenues will not be good for the PM community of savers.

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