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It’s WIN-WIN!! for the political parties

by Rachael L. Mcintosh,

On May 3rd, 2016 the Republican party declared Donald J. Trump its “presumptive nominee” for President of the United States of America even though some states, some really big states like California, had not yet held their primaries / caucuses.

At first I thought, “WOAH! Trump’s ideas really have some serious popular support despite the man only getting an endorsement from The National Enquirer and his son-in-law’s weekly newspaper, The New York Observer.”   By the way the newspaper tycoon wannabe, son-in-law and daughter didn’t change party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in time to vote for their dad in the NY primary even though they had almost a year to do so.  I guess the primary was the last thing on their minds even though the son-in-law wrote and published an endorsement of Trump.  But that’s OK because I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that the newspapers and news distribution services are owned by just a few corporate super-conglomerates that simply won’t print anything that runs contrary to a pre-scripted narrative.

The well known media bias thing only added more validity to Trump’s $36 million self-funded campaign claims that he was a “non-establishment candidate”.  He proudly touted that he wasn’t beholden to anyone because he was funding his own campaign. Clearly, he was not like the other smarmy politicians who had to kiss up to their sponsors, say whatever it took to get elected, and then do the exact opposite once in office.  Trump would say whatever fell from his lips and no one could do a thing about it. He was the epitome of “not politically correct” and lots of people loved it!

That was until he was officially on the hook for ONE BILLION dollars on May 3rd.  At 6:05pm, the ink wasn’t even dry on the signed contract yet when GOP National Chairman, Reince Priebus, who you might remember as reading from a teleprompter during the last Republican National Convention in 2012,  sent out a Tweet.

Reince Priebus Tweet announcing Donald Trump 2016 nominee

Reince Priebus Tweet announcing Donald Trump 2016 nominee

I thought that was odd, considering that the GOP literally hates Trump because of his  past contributions and shmoozing around with high falutin’ democrats like:

Trump golfing

Trump golfing


Donald Trump's wedding

Donald Trump’s wedding

Then I thought about it.  Trump just did what Romney did last election!  Trump had successfully negotiated a deal with the Republican National Committee on May 3rd.  Like Romney, he would sign some letters endorsing some Republican candidates and put together a professional team to collect money. Voila! He had the “presumptive nominee” title.  (Remember when that term wasn’t even a thing?)   Of course, the loans Romney had made to himself during his campaign would get repaid first and the rest would go to the RNC.  SWEET!

For those who were paying attention during the last RNC in 2012 you might remember when the term “TEAM ROMNEY” magically rolled onto the scene.  That’s when it happened. That’s when a hybrid corporation was created of Romney lawyers and RNC lawyers to facilitate the rules change to accommodate the “presumptive nominee” and literally black out any competition or dissent from duly elected delegates representing other candidates still in the running during the convention. Trump now has all the benefits associated with the 2012 rules change. But of course, that doesn’t mean that the RNC can’t change the rules yet again.  (See James Perloff’s excellent blog post about the history of political party rules changes.)

Anyway, Trump just did the exact same thing as Romney, but on steroids. Trump is now technically on the hook for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. He is no longer “Mr. Non-Establishment” because of paying his own way.  Quite the contrary, he’s groveling to the corporations and the uber-elite just like all the other narcissists who feel compelled to lead millions of people.  I mean, let’s face it, Trump’s a businessman and that’s why he hooked up with Goldman Sachs and Soros men to head up this new team despite accusing his GOP competition of being in bed with these same entities. He wants his darn $36 million back and if I know him, he may even be offered a commission from the RNC for collecting money for their organization.

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