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The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh


Author Rachael McIntosh joins me to share some very interesting insights about Hillary Clinton, the Rothschilds, the coming economic collapse and the controlled demolition of World Trade Center building 7 on 9/11. Rachael’s book series ‘Security Through Absurdity’ was voted Best News Series of 2014 by and you can purchase the books today directly from Rachael at her website

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176 comments to The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh

    • Ed_B

      Thanks @Eric. I always like to hear what John Williams has to say. Yes, he’s been off in his timing of recession and hyper-inflation but then who hasn’t. TPTB have incredible resources to keep the dead cat bouncing for much longer than seems rational or possible. Still, JW is one of the few honest economists out there who hasn’t been bought by TPTB. He says it like he believes it to be and not how others tell him it will be. Most economists work for the banks, the universities, or the government… sometimes in combo with these 3 groups. As such, they toe the party line or their very comfy incomes go POOF! and disappear… and so do they. To avid this, they keep to repeating what they are told, especially as it pertains to the US economy. That this is blatantly false doesn’t seem to bother them as much as does losing their cushy jobs and benefits.

      • fonestar

        ERIC, ED_B and the others are all certified MORONS who don’t even think there should be a public internet. Even most of the “sheep” can understand that the internet and e-commerce have benefited our lives and our economy tremendously. Not these BONEHEADS, face it… the faster these types of people die off the better off the rest of us will be without them holding us back.

        • Eric

          MX Gold up 22% today!

          How’s your unbacked, unregulated, all digital Ponzi scheme doing?

          Did it go to the moon yet?

          • fonestar


            And BTW “SGT” I’m calling you out. You let fake .gov nazi retards like ERIC spam his pointless videos all over this site but you try and ban fonestar instead? SCREW YOU. You and your geezer users are an EMBARRASSMENT to the truth. Read your own viewer’s F’n comments… none of whom appreciate ERICs brainless bullshit.

            • KRELL427

              You should be happy you have made money, unless you have another agenda? If I was a bitcoin fan I would still be pissed at you for making Bitcoin holders look like complete idiots.

              • fonestar

                Yeah and how did I make Bitcoin holders look like “complete idiots” KRELL?

                Most “Bitcoin holders” have never heard of fonestar, never heard of, never heard of Most of them probably don’t even speak English. And you know what? They don’t need to hear about any of those things either. I saw what an assortment of idiots were on those sites and I made THEM look like idiots!

                • KRELL427

                  Obviously you do not own a mirror.

                • Eric

                  Krell, have you seen any sailboats for sale in bitcoin?

                  We could sail away from these morons with our pirate booty. 🙂

                • fonestar

                  Obviously you can’t refute a damn thing I’ve said.

                  I’ve said that Bitcoin is going to the moon in 2011.

                  I’ve said that Bitcoin cannot be stopped by any government in 2011.

                  I’ve said that Bitcoin is the most powerful currency on Earth in 2011.

                  I’ve said that Bitcoin cannot be hacked in 2011.

                  I’ve been 100% correct. People like SGT and Tyler Durden were trying to use FUD to scare people out of BTC since 2011. They’ve been proven 100% wrong.

                • fonestar

                  And FYI at least 2 of the Tyler’s are in their 30s so they should have known better about the power of P2P technology. Maybe Sean is an authentic geezer I dunno…

                • Eric

                  If bitcoin is so great, how come there are no central banks on earth that hold it in reserve?

                • fonestar

                  Because Bitcoin is kryptonite to Bankers? DUH… any other hardball questions from ERIC??

                • Eric

                  If that was true, more than 30 people would be using it.

              • mike

                I will sell you my sailboat, a Stevens 47 super nice boat, sail any seas on this earth, a true blue water boat.
                225 BTC and its all yours..Has all new rigging,sails, New westerbeke diesel, tanks, Nav, solar has it all…If your serious I’ll send you info.

            • Eric

              Is this what you call “to the moon?”

              Blipcoin up 35.56% YTD. 🙁


              First Majestic Silver up 463.30% YTD!!!


              SGT runs rockets around fonestar!

    • fonestar

      Did it ever occur to ERIC that most of us are already subscribed to John Williams, Future Money Trends, X22 Report, etc? And we get notifications of when they release new videos?

      • Eric

        How do you know what “most of us” are subscribed to?

        You just make stuff up.

      • Millicent

        Ho-Hum… Eric. A total loser, along with his girlfriend Krell.

        Save your breath Foney. He is a psychotic parasite that has attached himself to this blog.

        Anyone who questions what he or the PM gods say will be barraged with at least 3-4 posts that claim he is right and that anyone who questions him is wrong.

        • KRELL427

          Milicent I’m happy you finally found a couple of friends to complain and not pick with, post some good links if you have any. If your so bored do something about it.

        • Eric

          Tonight’s shocking story…

          Millicent has an issue with somebody making a comment.

          It’s no wonder the good looking single men aren’t knocking on her door.

        • fonestar

          I’m totally willing to believe that ERIC and HOWARD are 2 different people.

          There’s lots of fucking idiots in your country. Simple math dictates that they are bound to wind up visiting the same websites quite often.

          • Millicent

            Eric, Howard the Doark and Krell… The 3 stooges of the SGT site.

            Not only are these characters stooges, they are also evil. I have seldom felt or experienced such vehement evil as that which emanates from these 3.

            I suspect that the innocent sounding “Hi Guys” SGT character is worse than they are. He is their mentor, shepherd and enabler…

            • mike

              Not so sure Eric is Krell but Eric and Howard are the same individual or individuals. They work here on SGTreport for sure. They try to incorporate all the advertisers in their real life testimonials. Eric just got busted hardcore with his stupid buying gold with goldmoney..He was boasting about how he just bought 67 grams of gold with his goldmoney account from Switzerland and Asia and how secure the purchase was using Goldmoney and how everyone is stupid and he is smart for buying gold.

              Eric just spent 68 grams of physical gold from his goldmoney account to purchase 67 grams of gold + shipping? Seriously boneheaded move no normal individual would make and if they did would not admit to it.

              Wow that is really stupid but proves the point Eric, Howard and probably others are Sean, Rory or whoever works on this site. Its simply a form of advertising attempting to make it look like everyone is on the same page and keep the focus off of real solutions. Lets use some of Erics links to purchase preps, gold and silver etc…

              • Eric

                mike, you don’t know how to read and lie about everything.

                Everyone knows it.

                Seek help.

                • mike

                  Really I dont know how to read???? Let me refresh your memory…

                  August 11, 2016 at 12:02 am · Reply


                  Only 1000 other crypto-currencies and digital payment systems out there to use. You can even create your own very easily like Trumpcoin which I think is rather clever. But I’m still not buying any. Tel-Aviv is the crypto hub of the world. If these fools want to give their wealth to Israel, that is their cliff to fall over while staring at their smartphones.

                  Picked up 45 grams of Gold in Switzerland yesterday. Another 22 grams in Singapore today. Never had to leave the house. And guess what? It was INSTANTANEOUS using A much better solution to bitcoin. Strange how the first 6 million bitcoins matches exactly with the jew’s fake 6 million number. It’s almost satanic…666 like the “star of david” hexagram like on Saturn.

                  This is all WAAAAY over mike’s head of course.

                  August 11, 2016 at 5:54 pm · Reply

                  CONGRATULATIONS Eric you just gained ZERO GOLD and paid a fee for the privilege using Gold Money. You spent 68 grams of gold from your goldmoney account to purchase 67 grams + shipping.
                  That is pure genius…You are the single most epic tard on the planet.

                  ONLY BTC IS MONEY!
                  Please stop commenting. If this comment deosn’t win you the 2017 ALLTARDS title I don’t know what will.

                • Eric

                  mike, you DON”T KNOW HOW TO READ!!!

                  Where does it say I SPENT 68 grams of gold? I said “I picked up…”

                  You’re not very good at writing either and you can’t think straight for that matter.

                  You should sell all your bitcoin and buy Trumpcoin. It’s a much better value at $0.05 rather than your WAAAAAY overpriced bitcoin at $580. And virtually the same thing.


                  Only Trumpcoin is money.

                • mike

                  Picked up 45 grams of Gold in Switzerland yesterday. Another 22 grams in Singapore today.****** Never had to leave the house. And guess what? It was INSTANTANEOUS “using”********* A much better solution to bitcoin.**********

                  First Goldmoney is no solution at all…Just adding another middleman into the equation..

                  You would have to use your own gold savings account at goldmoney in order to purchase gold from anywhere other than goldmoney. If you did go through goldmoney then you dont hold that gold..It’s in a 3rd world vault good luck on getting any of that back in a SHTF. Also if you used goldmoney to purchase gold then you used your bank issued credit card not your goldmoney savings to purchase gold. That directly supports the Jew banksters you rail against and no different than buying gold or silver anywhere with a credit card.
                  If you were saving at goldmoney then you had to use your goldmoney savings to pay for your order. That would mean you existentially spent 68 grams of gold to buy 67 grams of gold which is retarded.

                • Millicent

                  “Hi Guys”…

                • Eric

                  I didn’t use a credit card at all. And why would anyone buy Gold with Gold?

                  Did you buy your printer with another printer?

                  You’re not too bright. You repeat everything I say and you call me the parrot. haha!

                  Goldmoney is a way out of the banking system. No more of a middleman than your worthless fake blip currency. How do you buy bitcoins? Don’t you need to go through an exchange? Like the one that just got hacked and everyone lost 36% of their holdings?

                • Eric

                  Thanks millicent. We saw that the first time you posted it.

                  Another angry idiot who doesn’t think for himself.

                  Don’t post too many videos. Mike will call you a parrot! Yikes!

            • Eric

              Now I know you’re a government paid troll.

            • Howard Roark

              How many?

          • Howard Roark

            fagstar is such a “rebel”, but yet identifies himself with “country”…lol!

    • KRELL427

      Gold doesn’t just talk the talk it walk’s the walk.

      • Eric

        Gold has won marathons for 5000 years.

        bitcoin…hopped a puddle once.

        I’m buying more Gold and Platinum. And some Silver.

        • mike

          Eric stop with the parroting and listen to the interviews for ONCE, Jesus Christ ()*#($*%#(@)$@(%*..Never will gold and silver be money again. The dollar has already collapsed twice and was replace with a new currency called, wait for it… THE DOLLAR, 1947,1970. The infrastructure is in place for all eternity. The new dollar will be a crypto currency called the US DOLLAR and you’ll still be able to buy as much silver as you want with your new dollar crypto currency..Central banks are already using block chain tech to trade dollars between themselves. So why not attempt to understand the only honest money ever to grace the earth, BTC the only money that can not be controlled by your gubberment including the CIA?

          Trump is a moron..Endorse a criminal Paul Ryan who took 2.4mil for his yes vote on fast tracking Obama Trade and endorsing the most vile McCain. Trump is against free speech, for torture, NSA, Spying on all American in the name of security…The guy really is the Devil and anti-freedom. You should vote but there is no one worth voting for so just write in “mike”..That’s what I am doing 🙂

          • Eric

            lol! Bubbles sees things a lot more clearly than mike.

            mike, how many industrial uses does bitcoin have?

            ready? wait for it…zero. The same number as your iq.


          • Steelerdude

            I agree with you Mike, Eric has WAY WAY too much time on his hands and I dont bother with his links….when I see 24 comments on a subject, I think there might be some intelligent discussion…then I open the details and its Eric all over the board posting links and videos and it sucks big time.

            Then there is couple of others that are arguing back and forth and creating 80 comments. ugh!

            Now I know why brotherjohnf has closed his comments on his site….

            Maybe SGT could eliminate the posting of videos and links…its a shame, the few us that post once in great while, are ruined by Eric….

            • Eric

              Steelerdude, one doesn’t have time unless one make’s time. Perhaps you don’t have enough?

              I’m sorry you are butt hurt by my comments. But you don’t have to click the links if you don’t want to learn anything.

              • Millicent

                Boastful in your ignorance… that is you. People who talk a lot use it as cover to hide their stupidity.

                @dude, you are correct in your ASSessment…

                • Eric

                  People who can’t contribute anything useful but constantly criticize the solutions of others will get eaten in the collapse.

                • KRELL427

                  A man with no enemies is a man without character. Paul Newman

                • I’m in full agreemnt with you on the boasting thing, Millicent.

                  It is difficult to open the comments section on any meritable subject and not find Eric there with the first remarks; and Krell quick to follow. Eric seems to spend an inordinate amount of his waking hours on this website, wanting to school the World with his brilliant observations–yet is blind to the dismissive, caustic nature of his attacks on those who merely disagree–or (worse) who DARE to challenge his perspective. He will respond with high appraisals of the value and superiority of his views (replete with excessive links and videos) and then admonish one and all to simply skip his posts if they “aren’t interested in learning something.” Intelligent? Quite so…yet often unbearably arrogant in his demeaning responses to those who venture (or dare) to disagree. Even Rusticus–equally intelligent, and FAR more kind–is saying “the comment section here is no longer fun.” Will Eric stop to wonder if he is in any way implicated by that remark? Probably not, but it would not likely arouse any interest in “self-reflection” even if he did. There seems to be a relational disconnect, coupled with a manic need to “always” be RIGHT. If his ideas or motives are actually challenged, he will merely re-assert the superiority of his perspective; or resort to disparaging insults that silence any respectful discourse. The thing that makes this my last post re Eric’s presence, is the acceptance that there can actually be no REAL discourse with a Narcissist. You either agree with them or you don’t…..

                  And if you don’t, “you” have no value in their eyes.

                • Eric

                  It is unfortunate there are so many people here now with such hatred for me that they let their emotions blind them from the fact that collapse is not fun, and instead whine about their feelings being hurt.

                  If one believes my comments are incorrect or unfactual, anyone is certainly welcome to try and disprove them. But if they cannot do so successfully, they should not be upset with me that they exposed their argument as nothing more than name calling or mere opinion. That is not narcissism. That is humility. Something that the population of western civilization at large could use a lot more of.

                  If one would rather simply dismiss my links or comments but then try to argue their own reality without even looking at the evidence, they should not be upset with me for proving their ignorance. Their own bias blinds them. And if they can’t discuss something that doesn’t already confirm their own bias, then they really have nothing to contribute to any conversation. If you don’t want the debate, don’t start the argument. Instead go talk to people that always agree with you and be a happy ignorant slave.

                  You don’t need to agree with me. But don’t get upset with me because your argument is weak. Expressing feelings of anger toward me because you don’t like the quantity of my comments does not prove any kind of argument. It just shows how one would rather think with their feelings rather than use critical thinking skills.

                  You are welcome to your opinion about me. But if you don’t like the heat, don’t come into the kitchen when the water is boiling.

                • Millicent

                  Thank You Victoria, contrary to Eric’s self centered opinions I am able to contribute some “useful” discourse and encourage others not to allow themselves to be bullied by the E&K tag-team.

                  If Eric had grown up in my era he would have either had to be a good fighter or would have eaten a lot of knuckle sandwiches…

                • KRELL427

                  Millicent I can remember you and Christine having some heated catfights in case you forgot.😀

                • Eric

                  I don’t know what is wrong with people Krell.

                  I only want to help them. That requires they get their facts straight and stop being fooled. That requires they stop being so ignorant. That requires some actual work on their part so that they know who they are and who their enemy is and stop getting angry with the ones who are trying to help them like you and myself.

                  If I had grown up in millicent’s era, I would have left this dump and these morons in the dust a long time ago and hopefully be sipping wine and smoking cigars with Doug Casey in Argentina by now, rather than still trying to convince them that gold never stopped being money.

                  I am always reminded by what Dr. Russell Blaylock said…

                  “Were developing a society because of all these different toxins known to affect brain function.

                  We’re seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ. In other words: a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society.

                  So everyone is sort of mediocre. That leaves them dependent on government, because they can’t excel.

                  We have these people of lower IQ who are totally dependent. Then we have this mass of people who are going to believe anything they are told because they can’t really think clearly—and very few people of a very high IQ have good cognitive function who can figure this all out.

                  And that’s what they want.

                  So you can kind of piece it together as to why they are so insistent in spending so many hundreds of millions of dollars of propaganda money to dumb down society.”

                • mike

                  Eric your problem is your a parrot. You have never disproved anything just injected your ignorant opinion into any comment I have ever made. Instead of listening or even attempting to understand. That’s how I know your a moron and/or just completely socially inept.. You do not make arguments just your opinion but then attempt to say comments are an argument? Your wrong on many things but others do not feel the need to spam youtube videos proving it. You only need the ability to think which you do not have. You must rely on others faulty work then present that as the word of God. You not helping anyone posting links to overpriced preps or ignoring anything in any interview that goes against what you believe. Your are what is called an ASSHOLE. Believe it or not others can make up their own minds without your “Help”. Others can go on youtube and listen to the exact same thing as you and come to a different conclusion. Everyone knows your position so no need to parrot it any longer.

                • Eric

                  You’re funny mike. You appear to be losing your cool with so many accusations and opinions about me. I never called you an asshole. Do you know what a hypocrite is?

                  So what according to mike is a safehaven for one’s wealth?

                  A non-tangible, un-backed, all digital currency with no regulation where the losses are socialized when your currency exchange gets hacked? (Which is a parasitic central bankers wet dream come true by the way.)

                  Or physical Gold in your own possession which has been considered money and a store of value for 5000 years?

                  You’ve been smelling the shit so long you actually seem to think that it smells good for some reason.

                  I hope the rest here are capable of making up their own minds.

                • I haven’t checked for replies yet, but I wrote a long post several hours ago–re Eric–and would delete it if I could.

                  Not that I feel there is no truth in it, but that it was based on a “personal” reaction to the issue of Eric’s apparent arrogance.

                  There is always the possibility that I might get along very well with him if we met in person. It is quite a different matter–typing words on/and into a machine–and sitting face to face with another human being, in the flesh. You “see” the One behind the eyes, and if there is a true gesture of mutual openness and respect, then there can be a refreshing, non-judgemental (and kind) exchange, even if you have differing views and never meet again.

                  No doubt we are all at least somewhat on edge these days, considering the fact that we may end up with a psychopathic-war-hawk-murderess as our next President; not to mention that her Masters want billions of us dead! (I’m not on the Trump-train either, but that is another matter.)

                  All things considered, “we” have all the more reason to not be so quick to judge one another’s motives here. Eric can tend to monopolize some of the threads at times; a fact that is quite plain to see. But my only “real” issue with him is his tendency to make abusive, disrespectful comments if anyone pushes his buttons. Those last three words are key because, otherwise, he will most often respond with cogent facts and commentary. To that I would say, you are an intelligent man, Eric; but when someone triggers you there is often a cruelty in your responses. And the fact that many of your posts fill these pages, means that YOU have ***considerable effect on the direction and undertone a specific commentary may take here.*** And, that comes with a certain responsibility which, IMO, you would do well to give some deeper consideration.

                  For instance, when you DO get on a negative roll–with fonestar–it creates a really stinky environment. Yes, he can be obnoxious, and sometimes crude; but when you react, it gets much worse and the whole thread is hi-jacked by the ugly back-and-forth repartee. When you don’t take (or make) the bait, many of us give a sigh of relief as we don’t have to spend our time scrolling past the verbal jousting and bull-shit. (And the fact is, that even in scrolling past, it is hard not to pick up on the vibe.) You always SAY you are trying to teach him something, but your obvious reactivity exposes it as the common ego-game it is…whether you want to acknowledge it or not. And I suggest that if you were as consistently aware and mindful as you imply, then you would be far more cognizant of the mood that the badger-like intensity of your insults toward fonestar can create on these pages. (You also say you never start it, but that isn’t exactly true.} My primary point is that you have a “big” presence, and you make a LOT of comments, so whatever energy YOU are bringing in can really color an entire thread.

                  Lastly, what Rusticus said about the comments here not being fun anymore; I think we would ALL do well to entertain a little self-reflection. And given the profound danger inherent in current World affairs, we might infuse this board with a little more kindness and empathy. We can freely express our opinions and frustrations without personal, disrespectful attacks on one another. I’ve certainly pushed the boundaries myself in some of the personal comments I’ve made to Eric; particularly when the arrogance and snarkiness with fonestar gets really thick! I have allowed myself to get sucked in. No one has twisted my arm, so I take full responsibility for that and it ends today.

                  My apologies to anyone I have offended; and a final note to Eric. You asked me why I “seem” to let fonestar slide and don’t call him on anything when he gets so maddeningly obnoxious. It’s because when someone persists in acting like a punky 12 year old–blatantly trying to push your buttons–you ignore them, period. You let the insults go over your adult head because you know he’s playing you and it’s a game that has no winner. Kids get bored quickly if they can’t get a rise out of you, and they end up respecting you more when they don’t.

                  That’s it; I’ve said my piece and feel satisfied that I’ve expressed myself adequately. From now on, I think I’ll just enjoy the great info and offerings here on SGT and steer clear of the comments, unless it’s to offer kudos to Sean or one of the many excellent guests.

                • Howard Roark

                  Lulz, POT, KETTLE…NARCISSIST…how many cats do you have?

            • Howard Roark

              “Steelerdude”, someone have a gun to your head to come in here, NO? Then quick your bitchin’ hypocrite cuck…”muh Pittsburgh Steelers”

          • fonestar

            That’s right Mike. I think gold & silver are important things to hold but as ASSETS which is probably all they will ever be. We are living in a digital information age now. Nobody is going back to the 1800s or 1900s when we sat around waiting days or weeks for payment to arrive. If your payment is not instantaneous then nobody is going to do business with you. Actually now, when I use traditional banking services these days I have the feeling that I am dealing with an antique apparatus. A left-over from a bygone era. Everything I try to do takes “days to clear” and involves “service fees”. If there’s a problem with something I need to take government pieces of paper and stand in a lineup for an hour. I’m told how much of my own money I can spend in a day. If there’s a problem with their network I can’t spend any (happened a few times). I also can’t send any of my money to countries or people that my bank tells me are “enemies” of my country (dotted lines on a map).

            Crypto just wins hands down in every single area. It’s easier to use. It’s cheaper to use. It’s simpler to use. There’s less headaches involved. It’s just the superior product.

            • Eric

              If crypto was superior, crypto exchanges wouldn’t socialize their losses.

              Silver is the peoples money. That’s why 400 million oz go into public hands each year. Nobody is forcing you to do the same. If you’d rather use your Ponzi scheme, continue to do so as long as it is accepted somewhere. But don’t expect it to be forever. Exchanging coins and bills for goods and services is instantaneous.


              • fonestar

                You can send bills and coins instantaneously online? We are talking about a globalized economy here. Not mom & pops and the local corner store. Can you hack it?

                • Eric

                  Why do I have to only buy stuff online? I like to support my own community and pay in person much of the time.

                • fonestar

                  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

                  And this right here ladies and gents is the typical BONEHEAD type response you can expect on SGT/ZH/SD/TFM, etc…

                  If people like ERIC were in charge, we never would have had an e-commerce revolution, an information super highway, the personal computer, Napster, etc, etc… No! People like ERIC think you should have just been happy buying CAT FOOD & DORITOS at your local grocery store all that time. Seriously, where the F*** do these people get off? They’ve obviously been hiding under a rock for the last 30+ years and now they are crawling out pretending to be relevant?

                • Eric

                  How did anyone ever survive for 6000 years without buying everything on the internet? How did communities ever get built in the first place?

                  Dude, go outside and get some sunshine. Your neighborhood grocery store could probably use some business. Do they accept bitcoin for the food you buy your cat?

                • fonestar

                  People practiced human sacrifice and slavery for most of our history too. Nobody wants to go back to that either. Your “logic” is faulty and you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about.

                • Eric

                  So you are saying that I am required by law to only purchase goods and services through the internet then?

                  They also built cathedrals, skyscrapers, steam engines, airplanes, etc. But not all technology was successful. Remember the shoe umbrellas? How did that work out?

                  You keep trying to say the problem is with the payment system. I keep saying the problem is with the money itself.

                • mike

                  There are numerous interviews I listen to here then simply repeat information by the miners own mouths..The Amazing thing is after I do that Eric attacks me with the same old parroting BS? He doesn’t believe someone directly in the business but someone like SRS Rocco even though roccos EROI is a neat idea but 100% off.

                  To anyone that can listen heard the First Majestic (PRIMARY MINER) guy say it cost them $10/oz to mine silver. After paying for machines processing and employees. A primary miner that only produces 35 million ozs, nothing compared to byproduct miners that produce silver at ZERO. If you take the total amount produce by byproduct and primary miners you get .15/oz average or less. This is all possible by innovation. That is a far cry from Roccos 19=25$/oz production cost. So why not Question that. I really do want real answers and to expose the charlatans.
                  The other miner that purchased the Barrick mines complete with infrastructure ready to go that can produce Gold for 600 an oz..I just asked why in the world would barrack sell a mine ready to go that can produce gold for 1/2 of what SRS Roccos EROI says it can? Ehy would Barrick sell for only 100 million? I could understand if the mine was not complete with infrastructure and ready to go?That just doesn’t make a lick of sense for Barrick to sell. Why not ask the obvious questions like if it was ready to go and proven at 11 or 13 grams per ton like the miner said why in the name of god would not barrick mine it? It was ready to go!! Anyway something seriously fishy about that guy. Anyway attacked by the parrot Eric for pointing that out.
                  This interview for example this lady was on it saying the future money will be a crypto. It wont be BTC but a new dollar crypto. Block Chain is here to stay folks like it or not. Why not use the one single money that circumvents banks, gubberments, CIA and is the only true stake in the heart of the vampire squid? It was strange for Sean to arguing for Trump a man that wants to regulate the internet? I think everyone must be confused. YOu either believe in freedom or you believe in Trump. I suppose my big mistake here is actually listening to the interviews. I wish others did as well to have some real discussions.

                • Eric

                  If you really had listened to this interview, you wouldn’t have to make up lies all the time that I have to constantly debunk. And she didn’t say money would be crypto. She said that she wrote in her book the money thing won’t be bitcoin but be like bitcoin and not be tangible. That does not mean that what the government says is true. If the government tells you that you are free, does that mean that you are?

                  As for your lack of information on EROI, you have yet to prove or answer my question as to why you aren’t mining Gold or Silver since all you ever say is that it costs nothing to mine. According to mike, equipment costs nothing. Mill equipment costs nothing. Energy costs nothing. Labor costs nothing. Permits, NI 43-101 technical reports cost nothing. Lawsuits never happen.

                  It is truly amazing you aren’t a mining executive or CEO yet mike!

                  You never document any of your made up findings. Silver as a by-product does not equate to free silver brought to market at no cost.

                  And you still have not done any work whatsoever to learn what or how the CME works and what the difference is between commercial and non-commercial longs and shorts in the Gold or Silver markets, despite the repeated times I have asked.

                  As for K92’s Papua New Guinea project, you could have easily looked up the following link at any point in time…

                  “The Kainantu project was acquired from Barrick Gold (ABX.T), the world’s top gold miner, in 2015. At the time, Barrick was undergoing a corporate rationalization and selling non-core assets. K92 paid Barrick an initial US$2 million to buy the mine and could make up to an additional US$60 million in future payments to Barrick if certain milestones are reached, such as producing more than 1 million ounces of gold over the next nine years.”


                  But according to mike, mining has no capital costs associated with it and $2 million some how equates to $100 million. lol!

                  And as long as mike doesn’t document anything and continues to make up whatever reality he wants to live in, that is the only thing that matters.

                • mike

                  Excuse me “Like Bitcoin” would be a crypto lol ah hahahaha. The infrastructure was in place for the K2 mine according to the Fishy miner. Infrastructure would include equipment as in infrastructure
                  Regardless they can produce gold for 600/oz far less than 1200 as in the Roccos EROI model. EROI is meaningless for one simple reason different people can produce more or less for the same amount of energy. You can not quantify that, when you do you end up with numbers 100 times the actual cost. .15 cents for silver and maybe $20 for gold an OZ actual average worldwide overall cost of production. If Byproduct miners can mine it cheaper who in the name of god cares about primary miners? Thier contribution to overall inventory is minor.
                  I quoted the Miners direct words…Equipment and permits in hand including fuel, employees First Majestic can do it for $10 an OZ. That is sad compared to a Byproduct miner that does it a ZERO. Not to mention the minor contribution to the over all silver production first majestic makes.
                  I quoted the K2 weasel that can do it for 600/oz gold including equipment, permit, fuel, employees..Yes when they say a price for production all of that is included even crazy exec salaries. Enough of your total ignorance please for the love of god. You are totally wrong and no stupid youtube link is going to change that fact. Your even wrong about Primary miners.


                • Eric

                  “EROI is meaningless for one simple reason different people can produce more or less for the same amount of energy.”

                  By what margin? Please document your findings.


                  If your numbers were even remotely close to being accurate, which they are not, that would make the miners an extreme value worth investing in. However, you continue to focus on the precious metals markets while completely ignoring the underlying problems created by central banks.

                  “Like bitcoin” does not mean crypto or bitcoin. If you listen to the interview in context, it means digital. As in what Sean alluded to…Gold backed currency. A Chinese Gold backed yuan or the SDR with Gold in reserve.

                  If I am “totally wrong,” please DOCUMENT YOUR WORK! Attach links. It’s not that difficult to do.

                  If my entire life was wrong, I wouldn’t be where I am. You’re the one who was complaining about lower silver prices the entire time while I was more than happy to buy them at cheaper prices.

                • KRELL427

                  You would be shopping at Walmart buying expensive Chinese garbage.

                • Eric


                  You mean instead of talking to the cute girls at the excellent dentist that I have or at the jewelry store without being too concerned about the cost?

                  mike is losing it. He should have bought more Gold rather than farting around with digita blips on a screen.

                • mike

                  By 19-25/oz cost of production using the EROI model to actual primary miners saying it cost them $10.00 (Including everything from equipment to energy human and mechanical and salaries). That is a massive difference even one your bird brain can understand, i think?..OMG your are so stupid. What a total and complete moron. Just stop right now. We all know your a moron no need to continue.

                  EROI is a nice idea but no way to quantify to get accurate results. If 19 to 25/oz primary cost of production is accurate then I stand corrected…But kind of weird when you have your favorite mine saying out loud for the world to hear, it’s $10
                  Anyway Moron you win, I will not respond to you from this point forward. Your a brick wall of the purest ignorance a human can possibly be,, The only time I will mention your name is in the 2017 ALLTARDS awards program. Your running away with it so far.

                • Eric

                  I still don’t see any links to your findings. Just numbers that you pull out of a hat.

                  Which primary miners are you talking about?

                  Since you don’t provide any articles or data, I have to assume that if a primary miner has all the infrastructure in place, and a good balance sheet, and some cash in reserve and can mine Silver at $10/oz, then it is probably quite profitable with a Silver price of $20/oz. Which one are you referring to? Please LINK to where you are pulling these numbers from?

                  Don’t go away mad. Just breathe and stop calling me names. It doesn’t help your argument.

            • Eric

              Real estate is an asset. Is that important to hold?

              • fonestar

                Real-estate is just another paper asset. When push comes to shove, you can expect to be shoved off your land and get nothing for it. I’d take a 10 ounce gold bar over a piece of paper saying I own half of the western states. At least I can put that in my bag and run away with it.

                • Eric

                  That’s because Gold is money and not just an asset.

                • fonestar

                  No Gold was money to European and Asian people up until recently. Gold was never money in Africa, North and South America. And without people Gold is just another metal.

                • Eric

                  I’m not so sure you have your facts straight.

                • mike

                  One more to rub it in..Perfect example of your gold at work 1/10 gramn for a loaf of some sketchy bread $4.33..Wow that’s some inflation hedge don’t you think?..Can you make itty bitty gains of gold to pay for your bread. I wonder what those people taking the gold were trading it for maybe US DOLLARS? Too bad they didnt have BTC there in 09 when this video was made..They do now thank goodness 🙂 Now they wont have to spend all day in a river like a slave for a barbaric metal when their money goes to shit. Your posted video is slavery pure and simple, fortunately that will never happen again. Your backwards in time.


                • Eric

                  Yeah now they can experience only an 80% crash in the price of BTC overnight and currency exchanges socializing their losses rather than relying on hyperinflated banker currency.

                  “Can you make itty bitty gains of gold to pay for your bread.”

                  I don’t eat much bread but I do make gains in the markets trading gold stocks from time to time.

                  It’s not slavery because they have to work for their money. It’s slavery because they relied on government and central banks to solve their problems. If you don’t want to work, don’t expect to eat.

          • Carlos

            Hey Mike, are you one of those 14th amendment slaves? (aka a UNITED STATES CORPORATION CITIZEN). It sounds like you are one of those slaves because slaves are the only ones that can participate in the popularity contest called voting. Of course you don’t actually get to elect a representative that is done for you when you fill out your I want to be a slave who gets to participate in the popularity contest card.(aka voter registration card agreeing to let the electoral college represent your corporation; aka birth certificate name.)And as a side note Bit coin for your information is registered property of the Crown, and is regulated by the crown as well. That is why the FBI, who is responsible for enforcing copyright law confiscated all those Bitcoins from the mtgox shit show. In theory Bitcoin’s decentralized idea of banking is a good one and would have merit if not for the fact that it is regulated by the owners(crown) and can be shut down at the flick of a switch. That by the way is a NWO wet dream. They must just love guys like you, falling for the new substance less money.

            • Eric

              mike is still on the glenn beck controlled opposition crybaby page.

              Okay I asked for it there. So what?

            • Eric

              Excellent comment Carlos. Thank you for all truth.

            • mike

              I was attempting to point out to the Eric creature that if he believes the Palestinian struggle is righteous Eric is indeed the American by name only aka an “ABNO” not me.
              I believe America was conquered fair and square as to the laws of Civilization including the Indians who were not opposed to attacking each other to take over territory. I believe that is the same struggle the Palestinians are engaged in right now. It is not my war. I really do not care at all who the victor is in that war. I dont believe we should dictate how a country defends themselves. I don’t believe we should help or hurt Israel. I dont have a horse in the race. The only thing I care just a little about is the historical places and relics that must never fall into the hands of the Muslims. It is a beautiful place and if the Muslims win it will be a hell hole like the entire middle east..Excluding the UAE, Qatar, Parts of Oman…Only a matter of time now before they fall.

      • Ed_B


        When we get right down to the bottom line, gold IS the walk. 🙂

  • KRELL427

    I am pretty sure Trump set a goal of 1 billion $ not he owes 1 billion

  • tomche

    Terrific interview, Sean. Rachael is fabulous.

    • SGT

      Thanks Tom, I love her too, she’s great!

      • fonestar

        Hey, admit that you listeners are too dumb to even understand the difference between a CURRENCY and CURRENCY EXCHANGE and fonestar will go away. DEAL??

        • Eric

          Hey, admit you don’t know the difference between honest money and fake currency and I will enlighten you.

          If you send me your address, I’ll be happy to send you a book.

          • fonestar

            The crypto-anarchists understand EVERYTHING about good money.

            Further proof that rehashing gibberish about “store of value” and “intrinsic value” causes brain damage. Yes, LIQUIDITY and EASE OF USE are actually important in MODERN PAYMENT SYSTEMS. If that were not true, cash would have never overtaken coins and credit would have never overtaken paper money. People didn’t go towards CC and electronic payment because they were more cumbersome and time-consuming. Or because they enjoy getting shafted by the FED. Clearly SHEEPLE value “ease-of-use” over “store-of-value” (until it’s too late to get a store-of-value).

            But don’t expect any nuanced discussion on this and how the two are not mutually exclusive from the likes of ERIC, HOWARD and KRELL. Just more denial of the perfectly obvious and nonsense about how we are going back to previous centuries PAYMENT SYSTEMS in their SHTFantasies.

  • The comment section here is no longer fun. :/

    • fonestar

      Dial 1-900-FON-EFUN

    • Ed_B

      That’s what happens when the site PTB allow boneheads to run amok instead of giving them the boot. I have seen this on other sites. After a while, all the good folks drift away, leaving only the scum that caused all the problems. With mission accomplished, they too soon drift away leaving an empty husk that no one visits where once there was a thriving web site. 🙁

  • Jacobson

    33 out of 65 comments are Eric’s.
    That’s 50%.
    Welcome to Eric’s show, the keeper of the faith.

    • Eric

      Congratulations! You learned how to count rather than just make up numbers.

      100% of Israel has been land that was stolen from others.

      • mike

        That is the way of every nation on this earth. No land belongs to anyone unless they can keep it..Who’s was it before the Israeli’s before the Palestinians and before them etc. Things change Eric, get used to it. The natural law of civilization, conquer or be conquered. Wow your dumb and will be easily conquered in the SHTF.

        • Eric

          Good. Then you won’t have anything to complain about when bitcoin crashes to zero $0.37. It doesn’t belong to you if you can’t keep it.

          The land of Palestine was given to the jews by Rothschild and Balfour in exchange for dragging the US into WWI. What right did Britain have to give Palestine to the jews?

          Can I give your land to Japan? Afterall, it doesn’t belong to you if you can’t keep it right?

          What did your mother do to you?

          • mike

            You can give me Japan you can. If you have the might to do it sure why not? Hell yes I’ll take it. What about America, it was the bankers that financed and colonized it. Are you willing to give up everything you have because it was stolen..Or was it conquered no matter how? If you believe the Muslims deserve Israel then give up everything you have and go move back to Poland..Oh wait where did Poland come from?..Who had it before the current Polish? Man your dumb.

            • Eric


              “you’re dumb” is not an argument. Idiots with extremely low IQ use it when they have mental health issues and can’t participate in civil debate.

              Also, Learn to read and write.

              • mike

                Are you going to give up everything you have stolen from the Indians?
                That was a question not an argument fool. And you’re dumb is a most appropriate response to an ignoramus like you. Conversational English as in texting, messaging or speaking has no rules applied. You would know that if you were not a moron.
                Have you ever been to Israel? Are you aware of what Muslims do to other religions artifacts? Are you aware of countless important Christian sites?
                Just give up all the land and gold and everything you have accumulated. Under your Israel logic applied to yourself you must leave. You are in essence a JEW occupier of the poor Indians that just want to be one with nature and not war. You really are a stupid individual.

                • Eric

                  Which indians and what did I steal from them exactly?

                  Are you aware what Israelis do to the Palestinians that are already living there like illegally occupy and steal their land, shoot their children in the street. Palestinians have no right of free speech, assembly or movement. They are arrested and imprisoned without charge or trial, tortured, subject to house searches without warrant, assassinations, extra-judicial murder, have no right to vote for the Israeli government (even though it controls their lives).

                  You moved from dumb to stupid. That’s still not an argument. You’re not very good at debate. Maybe you should run for president for the DNC.

                  Tell you what. Pack your shit and get out of your house. Your land belongs to China now because I have a book that says it was promised to the Chinese.

                • mike

                  First Eric I could care less about the Palestinians.. Sounds like an ongoing war and may the best most prepared win, law of the jungle. I prefer the Jews only because they keep the place safe and nice…Really is a great place.. It is however not my war, im not Muslim or Jew. I think the IDF should just go in and kill them all if they can.
                  I dont know where your from in the country so I can not tell you which tribe you are oppressing. Wouldn’t be hard for you to find out if you care about the Palestinians. The Jews just need to do what we did in America to end this once and for all..Go in and march them all out into a reservation, a nice long walk. Then it is done. In war nothing is illegal lol, if so go arrest them Eric. By whos law the UN? By our law? We dont have jurisdiction over other country’s. Unfortunately Eric the world does change whether you like it or not. Nothing is illegal about conquering land/ Its not pretty but that is the Nature of man and will never change. History is not over many things will change.

                • Eric

                  Wow! You continue to prove how you have no idea what is going on in the world, how we got here, the history of it, how it’s connected and why it can’t just be solved with your over simplistic solution.

                  They are already on a reservation. It’s called Gaza City. They often turn the water off and bomb their schools and hospitals in the name of defending themselves. If the jews had declared war on them in the first place this would have been over decades ago but they didn’t. Why? Because conquering one country is not the agenda. They want the world.

                  Mike, why don’t you just take a break for a while and go read 500 books. You need to get up to speed on a great many things. It’s unfortunate you feel the need to constantly dominate these comments sections with misinformation that I have to continually correct you on instead. It’s no wonder everyone is upset about it. The conversation was rather intelligent until you, fonestar, and millicent came along and dumbed it down.

                • mike

                  The difference between us is I have been there have you? Have you been anywhere in the world? Its quite different than your youtube links or books written by idiots.
                  There is no reservation, all the “Palestinians” I saw were free to go where they wanted until they attacked. Israel is far too easy on them in my opinion. Why hasn’t Israel gone in and destroyed them all if their presence in the land their fathers conquered for them is “Illegal”? What would stop them from doing that if they were already “Illegally” there? What an epic tard. Your just a victim of Muslim propaganda. There are no Jews hiding under your bed.
                  The Muslims want the world btw that is fact so be on the lookout under your bed.
                  The Muslims dont need or care if your on their side same with the Jews. Its not your war Eric and if it is go there and fight instead of doing whatever it is your trying to do. You really don’t know anything do you?

                • Eric

                  Guess what mike,

                  It’s your war too. Geez wake up man.


                • Moishe

                  Eric is 1000% correct!

                  Jews are and have always been the greatest threat to mankind the world has ever seen, They are a parasitical organism destroying everything good in their sights. They are blood suckers both literally & metaphorically. They will die off as most parasites once they destroy their host (non-jews) because they will feed upon themselves, it is their nature.

                  May I note if a person is born with jewish DNA such as Bobby Fischer & denounces judaism for what it is then they are not a jew.

                • mike

                  I think the place was conquered fair and square by the law of civilization, conquer or be conquered.
                  I know the story of the British promising “Palestinians” Palestine and setting boundaries for help then going back on the deal. That is unfortunately how things are conquered.
                  You think its Illegal, I think it is just war and conquest. You support it by default by living in America and prospering to a point where you can waste money on things like PMs.
                  There is no difference between Israel and America. We broke lots of treaty’s with the Indians making our actions “Illegal” in your view but you still wont leave the place. Your terrified of the real world. You can do your own research if you dont believe me. I think it is all just good planning. I want you to be successful, the more successful you are the one less person I need to worry about. You want justice for the Palestinians when they deserve no justice.You want justice for them and are not willing to go and fight for them and Allah. They lost what they held for a short time. They had the place by conquest and lost it. They are now subjects unless they fight and get the place back. Once again its not my war or yours. Our war was fought and won by our founders and ancestors. It will our task to defend it forever by any means necessary or lose it. Israel or the Jews are not going to take over the world they can hardly keep the tiny place called Israel. If you went there you could see for yourself how small it is in reality. Reality is something you seem to ignore?

                • Eric

                  mike, stop kvetching and do your homework you lazy dumb goy.

                  America isn’t using a proxy army to attack Indian reservations.

                • mike

                  Then what is you guys major malfuntion with BTC…It is not the CIA or the Jews..It completely circumvents all control mechanisms.
                  If oyu really think that the Jews are after all of us then why in the name of the lord Jesus are you supporting that system by purchasing the single most manipulated asset on earth? I said it before BTC is the one true stake in the heart of the squid. The only thing that can end the strangle hold of all central banks etc and you can actually spend it now.. Sorry it’s not pms and never will be. The world has moved on so either you can be part of the solution or a huge part of the problem. Wake up to the solution.

                • Eric

                  It’s manipulated to the downside. In our favor. It’s on sale and undervalued. I’m not interested in spending. I’m interested in saving. Spending is the easy part. Little girls spend like crazy. Just give it to them.

                  Why do you want to outlive your wealth rather than have it outlive you?

                  No kids?

    • Millicent

      Actually, Eric is a brownnoser and SGT appears to like having this moron kiss his butt and dominate his blog…

      • Eric

        And millicent is only here to argue with others.

        • Millicent

          Of course Eric, reality is whatever you (or drooltube) says it is… What we get here is a steady diet of “the world according to Eric” and anyone who does not agree should take a hike… And don’t come back with that “you’re not presenting a valid argument” BS, you’ve worn that one out.

          Victoria had the correct take… narcissist. I’ll add egotist and psychopath to the mix.

          Any time that 50% of the comments on a given thread are dominated by one poster then there is a problem there…

          • Eric

            You’re not presenting a valid argument. So you have to resort to name calling.

            I never told anyone to take a hike or to agree with me. I just ask them not to be full of shit and then get upset with me when I prove it.

            Nice going by the way. You make it easy for me.

            • Millicent

              Ah, Eric, never one to disappoint… I called you mentally dysfunctional, not names. Some day you may wake up and realize that all you are is an insignificant, smart-mouth, asshole (now those are names) who has never learned to keep his trap shut or respect others’ opinions.. I strongly suspect that you are going to have to learn that the hard way.

              King of the SGT blog…

              • Eric

                Your opinion of me only fills the void inside your own selfish feelings.

                You are welcome to have an opinion. But that doesn’t mean your opinion is right, truth, or fact.

                I don’t deal in opinions. I deal in facts and truth.

                Millicent…comment critic.

      • mike

        I think Eric is Sean or Rorey..It’s the only thing that makes sense. And since Rorey is a good friend it makes sense Eric has never been admonished for being stupid and giving people headaches. I mean everthing Eric says is text book Rorey.

        • Eric

          I don’t give people headaches. Your head just hurts because you can’t think straight.

          And I’m not Rory.

          • Millicent

            No, you give them a pain in the ass… And no, you’re not Rory, you’re Bory as in Boring.

            Now we will wait for December to see how your buddy Glitter’s PM price predictions play out. I’m sure there will be a bunch of CYA excuses to gloss over his buttsmoke when the truth is known.

            Perhaps he will join you in the ranks of to AllTards? Perhaps you will elope with Krell and show your true colors?

            • Eric

              Perhaps I will order more Gold and Platinum and Silver rather than sit there waiting for your poopy bag plan to work.

              Still waiting to hear just one real solution from you.

  • AgShaman

    I wish I had this one on thumb drive and I would send it to somebody special.

  • Millicent

    Solutions: Go here and look at the 5 year charts for Gold & Silver.

    All that you geniuses need to know…

    p.s. My PB plan has worked well with you, you’re are still jerking your knee… Your ego won’t let you let go of that one, will it?

  • glitter 1

    “It really doesn’t matter,the plan is already in place”- RM


    This video is 3 hrs long,upon viewing in it’s entirety you will come to the realization that what we’ve been taught about the founding of The United States is a mirage/a lie at best.It can be used/serve as a segue way towards additional intentional mis-information/disinformation in all things spiritual.

    If you take the time with the video above then this brief summary from his book:The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw (33rd Deg.) will be more meaningful.This excerpt from his book is not all inclusive/complete.

    Here is the complete book,which I have.It provides complete insight into what our “Enlightened Founding Fathers ” Believed.

    “Novus Ordo Seclorum” will take on a new meaning/understanding.

    Here is a video interview of SVALI,who is an X-Generational Illuminati Family Member.She exposes how they have over time have infiltrated all levels of Power and Influenece and are/have been working towards their World Government/NWO Plan(s)and are looking for “The One Who Is To Come” aka The Anti Christ who will be The Beast.During the interview she references “The Russian House”
    Sean,you once question my supposition that Russia/Putin is in on the NWO Plan(s),

    Here you will see a certain symbol on the left side of Pike’s sash:

    Here you will see the same symbol on the wall where Putin addresses his Cabinet:

    Yes they are the same,the symbol for the 32nd degree of (World)Freemasonry:


    All World Leaders,Prime Ministers,Politicians,Heads Of State,Officials,etc are “Initiates” ALL,Bare None.They are all Initiates To/Into The Beast System.

    Recently Newt Gingrich stated that the reason why Donald Trump is not being accepted/resisted/rejected is because he is not “An Initiate”.He’s not one of them.

    What is seen/viewed outwardly is not what is happening in the shadows out of plain sight/view.

    “Who is able to make war with the Beast”- Rev 13:4

    • AgShaman

      Interesting tangential perspective as always g-1.

      What do you think about the Rio Olympics opening ceremony satanic symbology?

      • glitter 1

        I haven’t tuned in on any of at this point,just not interested,maybe I’ll catch a few of the competitions.So far my timing hasn’t connected with it.I’m sure I’ll see a piece on the opening ceremony at some point.

        As to my perspective,”The Quest” has been ongoing for thousands of years with snapshots of it’s progress along the way.

  • Millicent

    Do we recognize a familiar pattern here?


    Eric on It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse — James Wesley Rawles
    Eric on It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse — James Wesley Rawles
    Eric on The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh
    Eric on The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh
    d on Why The Father Of The Orlando Mass-Shooter Was Sitting Behind Hillary

  • fonestar

    Another comment section bonestard.


  • This was a fantastic interview, Sean. Wish I could say the same for the comment section…

    You also mentioned Catherine Austin Fitts over the course of the interview, another one of alt-media’s most valuable women. Would love to hear a conversation between the two of you!

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