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SUPER MEGA CRITICAL ULTRA ALERT! China Prepares to Take Over the World?

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to SUPER MEGA CRITICAL ULTRA ALERT! China Prepares to Take Over the World?

  • Randy0302

    China is an economic warrior…a great one. They seek to dominate economically or said another way they take common sense steps like buying massive amounts of gold and hard assets while the US and Western governments act idiotic.
    Evil is dull. Western Governments are evil and dull. Faking being in charge.
    Though not perfect I trust the leadership of Russia and China much more than the Western pedophile class.
    Look no further than the fact that Russia and China have banned GMO’s 🙂
    We all need to work together to end the Western madness.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      +999 fine PM’s for your comment. (and don’t forget about the bans on ROUNDUP.)

      PS. China already owns so much of our debt, they just have to take possession of the collateral from the USA defaults. (biggest default is the U.S. currency with no true value.)

      Most USA dollars are not even paper cash with the value of BTU’s when you burn it.
      Most of our “money” is just digits on a bunch of computer screens.
      The Chinese are demanding gold, silver, ports, mines, farms, factories, etc.

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