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Storehouse Creativity vs. Fearful Hoarding

from McAlvany Financial:

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1 comment to Storehouse Creativity vs. Fearful Hoarding

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I’m trying to accomplish BOTH categories. (Creative Storehouse AND Fearful Hoarding.)

    Fearful of not being able to BUY food from the store, so I try to HOARD extra food at home.

    Planning for drastic changes, so I also stack things to build and secure my future without fear.

    I’m glad it’s pretty easy to make PIZZA, but to make the CHEESE you need some “milk animals”.
    To make the Flour, you need to grow & process the wheat.
    Meat for the pepperoni, spices, garden tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, oregano, fennel, celery seed, green peppers, etc.

    I’ve got a neighbor with about 50-100 head of cattle, including some juicy Angus. Obtaining chickens should not be a problem, so many people around here have them.

    What do Turkey VUltures taste like? We got plenty, and they are HUUUGE.

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