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Still Report #1102 – Hillary’s Handler Carries Diazepam Pen

from Bill Still:

For Hillary Clinton’s handlers, the election can’t come soon enough. Hillary’s health is deteriorating so rapidly now that whenever she goes out in public now, someone with a Diazepam pen is close by to give her a quick injection to try to control her ever-more-numerous epileptic seizures.
We’ve all seen the crazy videos recently of Hillary’s seizures and exaggerated expressions, but on Saturday, new photographic evidence of the ever-present seizure pen was revealed by the Gateway Pundit.

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3 comments to Still Report #1102 – Hillary’s Handler Carries Diazepam Pen

  • Suzanne

    I saw a post a few days ago that she has a form of Cruetzfeld-Jakob disease — and the research I did showed that the symptoms of CJD match her overt symptoms exactly — google SCJD or just CJD…. mind-blowing. The commenter on the article — which was on one of the patriot news ezines and discussed whether she has had strokes, epilepsy, etc. — related that her father had died from SCJD and that she predicted H would be dead in under 6 months. Hmmmmmm.

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