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Still Report #1100 – LongRoom: At Last, an Unbiased Poll

from Bill Still:

I’ve been reporting on the USC Daybreak poll, which still has Clinton ahead of Trump by seven-tenths of one percent. Then someone emailed me a website called LongRoom. It compares the various statistical skews or biases of all the polls and removes them.

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1 comment to Still Report #1100 – LongRoom: At Last, an Unbiased Poll

  • windrunner58

    Bit of a stretch Bill. But at any rate, neither poll matters. Only those who count the votes. And we all know they are DNC members. NEVER, in the history of the world in my lifetime (58 years) have I seen anything so blatant, so obvious, so agregious being done, and yet Clinton will most likely be selected, and the American citizens (not including the illegals and the Muslim invaders) will do NOTHING!!!


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