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SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar: Big Events Coming & 1 Oz Silver Buys 6 Months Of Food In Venezuela

from SRSRocco Report:

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10 comments to SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar: Big Events Coming & 1 Oz Silver Buys 6 Months Of Food In Venezuela

  • mike

    According to Ro Coo Coo we are still under the mining price of silver and gold 1200 for gold 19-25/oz silver. Even though it cost less than half from primary miners? I guess a man in his house working with his flawed EROI model and gubberment numbers knows more than the miners? So weird. What is this dudes game seriously? Why does he put out so much disinformation?..How and why is he gaining from getting the dull aka Eric and Krell to buy metal? So many questions with no answers. Lets sharpen up and start rating these characters on originality, knowledge, actual work. I say we put SRS Ro Coo Coo bird in the fail category.

    • Eric


      If you send me your address, I’ll be happy to find a local psychiatrist or a mental hospital that you can voluntarily check into. I’ll even call them ahead of time and ask them to have a white coat and a padded room standing by for you.

    • KRELL427

      Speaking of parrots, you sound the same as that cross eyed guy in the videos on the other thread. No wonder you cannot read data, Kross-eyed Kike

      • mike

        Neither can Ro Coo Coolata. He makes several massive incorrect assumptions one being
        if someone can produce for less energy. His EROI model say it cost 19-25 an oz to produce silver..It does not take that much to produce Silver. Silver reserves are endless in the ground and it cost Primary miners $10.00/oz which I have a hard time believing, more like $2 tops. For the sake of argument even if it cost Primary miners 10/oz they only produce a small fraction of above ground reserves the vast majority is byproduct miners. They produce silver at virtually nothing. So the overall average cost to produce silver every year is penny’s an oz. I know that is so far above your head. I feel like a broken clock, exactly the way every person in your entire life feels about you.

        Whats with the Kike? My name is Mike you simple moron. You must be thinking in Yiddish, try thinking in English, K’s are not pronounced like M’s. Dont believe me ask your Rabi.

        • Eric

          No you are definitely cross-eyed kike as you show severe signs of schizophrenia and dementia.

          Hey kike, If the miners “produce silver at virtually nothing” as you say, wouldn’t that make mining shares an extreeeeme value???

          Perhaps you should sell your overvalued ponzi scheme bitcoin and buy some mining shares before you grow more cross-eyed kike.

  • glitter 1

    I traded my FRN’s for Silver and Gold Bullion Coins in 2005/06,since that time both have appreciated more than double/>100% what I paid for them,even with the four year down turn.Neither the Dow or S&P have appretiated to that extent since the same time period,both haven’t doubled their averages.Forget about the Nasdaq.The silver and gold mining shares even better.Entry point is paramount.
    Some people just can’t get it and probably never will!

    • Eric

      That’s because kike is always blabbin and never listens.

      • Millicent

        Top 100 Traits of people who suffer from Personality Disorders

        Use of profane, derogatory or dehumanizing terminology to describe another individual or group.
        Labels Designed to Hurt

        Name-calling is one of the most common tactics people use to hurt others or disparage them. It often occurs when someone has an emotional argument to make with little or no supporting logical argument.

        The emotional mind can often have a “mind of its own” or “emotional intelligence” which operates independently of the logical mind, and name-calling is a product of this emotional mind, an explosion of feeling in the form of barbed words.

        Most people who indulge in name-calling know that the label or name they choose to describe another individual is not factually accurate. The label is often regarded as hyperbole or as a metaphor. Something which more accurately describes how the speaker feels about the other person than what the speaker actually thinks about the other person.

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