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Solo Stove Review

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Solo Stove review by a MSB reader:

I came across a backpacking stove on the internet that burns twigs and sticks.

The stove is made and sold by Solo Stove.

I have several backpacking stoves, but they all need some kind of packed in fuel such as white gas, IsoButane, alcohol, etc. I have run out of fuel many times, and ended up carrying a dead weight stove for miles, and trying to cook over a fire.

I liked the concept of the Solo Stove so I ordered one. And today I tried it out.

Small sticks and twigs for fuel
I gathered up a handful of small sticks and twigs. I split them up into pieces about 3″ long and set them next to the Solo Stove.

I used a piece of folded paper towel and lit it with my firestarter. It took the spark on the first try and I scooped it into the fire chamber of the Solo Stove. I immediately added a few small pieces of the twigs on top of the burning paper towel. They caught fire right away and all was well.

How long does it take to boil?
So I placed a pot of cold tap water on top and started the timer.

After 3 minutes the water started to show the small bubbles that come before a boil.

Two minutes later (5 minutes, total) the bubbles were bigger and the water was hot enough for stuff like coffee, cocoa or tea.

Just before minute 6 rolled in, I had a rolling boil.

How much fuel does it use?
The thing that amazed me most, was that even after maintaining the boil for a few more minutes (playing around) I still had half of my original fuel left! The stove is very efficient, and very hot.

This thing is a fuel miser!!! Literally, the amount of twigs you could gather from just sitting on the ground would be enough to boil water in anything short of winter weather. I’d guess 10 minutes on the long side for icy stream water and 25 degree weather.

Windscreen for stove
I use a windscreen with all of my stoves and will as well with this one. For the few ounces it weighs it makes the stove far more efficient. They can be made from any kind of foldable or rollable sheet metal, or bought online.

Solo Stove is stainless steel
Now for the construction. The stove has no seams. Very strong extruded stainless steel. It has two moving parts. The stove, and the pot holder-upper. And the pot holder-upper turns over and nests into the stove body when it is not in use.

This stove is a must have for any backpacker who wants to save weight. It weights 9 ounces and is a “gear of the year” winner by Backpacker Magazine. It would also be great in your bug out gear, cars, and disaster stash. While not as quick and convenient as something like a Jetboil (I have one and have used it for years in all kinds of environments with 100% satisfaction), it is not far behind.

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1 comment to Solo Stove Review

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Good idea to burn twigs & sticks, but a couple rainy, damp days can drench everything.

    Here’s a clever idea. I tested it, it works.

    Buy some of the ALCOHOL-Gel-hand sanitizers in the pumper. When you read the label, the better ones are about 75% Booze (150 proof). And yes, you can “drink” it. (popular among under age kids who want to buy booze without questions, so it can alsao be a good barter item.

    This stuff BURNS very well and burns SLOWLY. Great for some cooking, and also to clean and sanitizes cuts or contaminated, dirty or greasy hands.

    So if you are “out there” trying to live & survive, the boozie hand sanitizers have multiple uses and you won’t need to find dry sticks.

    Put a few squirt-pumps onto a fireproof surface, dirt, metal or rock & light it. If you need more fuel to finish cooking, just pump out some more.

    I bought the ones with Aloe-Vera gel in it, to sooth hands (or perhaps make it easier for the stomach for they who will be drinking it right from the spout.) I have seen edible meds that contain aloe-vera.

    Perhaps the minty sanitizers may be better for barter and drinking. Where else can you find 125-150 Proof-(non-spillable) booze in small packages?

    These could be a premium barter item in any town where there is no booze. Smokers & boozers don’t like to be denied.

    Other stoves? search youtube for home made camping stoves and solar ovens, etc.

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