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SILVER: The Bankers Achilles’ Heel… Does This Look Like ‘Free Market Price Discovery’ To You?!


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12 comments to SILVER: The Bankers Achilles’ Heel… Does This Look Like ‘Free Market Price Discovery’ To You?!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That looks like a Bart Simpson “head & shoulders” pattern developing. Bart Simpson head pattern.

  • Howard Roark

    To millicent and her bitCUCK buddys it does, but bitCUCKS aren’t awake for a while yet…silk road addiction is a bitch…like millicent

    • mike

      Your solution is to buy the most manipulated asset on earth with dirty dollars?..If you insist on buying silver something that has always from the beginning of civilization been manipulated then do it with BTC. At least you wont be supporting the dollar paradigm and all that includes, Bankers, Gubberments, The CIA, The NSA, Aliens, Jews and evil cats. The very things that enable the manipulation in the first place.
      Always nice to see you in the comment section Eric. If you want to get “Honest” once again the only way you will ever do that is with Honest money, BTC and starving your alien Jews.
      Instead of Taking your alias from Ayn Rand then doing everything she stood against, embrace Innovation and fight Bureaucracy.

      • Moishe


        Please don’t insult Aliens,and evil cats lumping them in with Jews.

      • Howard Roark

        There’s fonemikestar…2:48PM first appearance, woke up about 1PM, prototypical opiate addict…

        • mike

          Nah, make that woke up at 2pm..You slaves are the early bird brains.
          Speaking of the bird brains, do you want to end the manipulation or feed it?
          BTC is the only solution out there right now. Buying silver at artificially manipulated prices to the up or downside is not going to do a thing to TPTB or the dollar paradigm.

          You can trade dirty dollar for silver and that ends the transaction since PMs do not spend, all you can do it store it or sell it for dirty dollars.

          You can trade dirty dollars for BTC and that is just the beginning of the transactions..All done without the entire control structure.

          Buying BTC you support the control structure one time by purchasing with dollars or never by taking it as payment for something. Then every time you use it, 100-1000 times depending on what you purchase is a direct punch in the nose of Banksters, Gubberments and middlemen, evil cats and Aliens.

          BTC is the Destroyer..Since there is nothing you can do with PMs once you have them except sell them, they’re just a bonus for the bankers in the form of fees.

  • willygroper

    looks like 6a est is a pretty good algo esf time to pick up a few.

    that is unless Sean is pedaling fiction. /sarc

  • d

    Where is a COMBINED effort of the Gold and Silver SELLERS…to address these daily moves with the CFTC…demand that they investigate same…as they are being paid with taxpayer money to sit and watch the daily carnage….ALL PM sellers need to ‘get er done’..and pound the CFTC daliy…imho

  • Ed_B

    The info on silver and gold price suppression is already out there and widely distributed for anyone who cares to look at it. The latest mia culpa from Douche Bank pretty much seals the lid on all that. It’s damn-near impossible to get banksters to own up to the crimes that they DO commit, and it IS impossible for them to admit to ones that they did not do. So, they did, in fact, manipulate the silver market. If silver, then why not gold? GATA is all over that with tons of data on it. We also have national behavior to go on, where the data can be inferred based upon the actions taken. It is interesting that whenever a government falls somewhere in the world, there are always unmarked aircraft there to spirit away whatever gold hoard WAS there. Annnnddddd, it’ GONE! But it doesn’t just disappear into the nether world. Someone has it and is using it for their own purposes.

    Fact is, ALL markets where someone can benefit from manipulation are manipulated. Libor? Proven fact that it was manipulated. FOREX currency markets? Again, proven to be manipulated. Base metals? Proven fact of price manipulation in order to benefit a few companies that make metal food containers and other metal products. The list is long and getting longer. Not because the manipulators are just getting around to them but because they are finally getting caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

    Naked paper shorting is their favorite method of price suppression and the data over time shows this to be true, both in amounts and in timing of the naked shorting. The dumping of massive amounts of paper silver, usually via futures contracts, at the most thinly traded part of the day is how this is worked. This does not lead to profits in ANY asset and precious metals are no different in that respect. It only leads to price reductions. The good news is that this is becoming less effective as more people around the world wake up to these manipulations and see alternative assets in which to save their wealth / work product.

    So, those who think that silver and gold will one day break free of these market manipulations and will therefore soar to MUCH higher prices, tends to buy and hold these assets. Those who do not think this to be the case invest their money in other assets. Well and good. All of us should put our money where our mouths are. But, we do not have to be “all in” with any class of asset. History shows that a diversified portfolio works best more often than not.

    Then, there is another class of investor, such as myself, who sees value in many assets and feels perfectly fine investing in them on a diversified basis. That said, I also have my favorites and tend to be in them more heavily than in others. This has worked very well over the years and is likely to continue doing so. If not, then not. I will adjust as needed. But in no case does the future scare me into doing foolish things or into not doing what I believe to be necessary and prudent.

    How each of us chooses to invest and make a decent return is up to us. Just do the due diligence that all investing requires so that you make your choices based on data and reason. While this does not guarantee success, it sure improves the odds. Be prepared to lose money at times because no investment works every time. Learn from that experience and move on to better days.

    Cheers, all.

  • PTG

    I’m going to go down to Border Gold ( ) this weekend and buy on this dip.

  • Steelerdude

    I always get a kick out of when SGTreports gets pissed off at the sell offs….at least you and Andy Hoffman can get pissed together and have a beer…..LMAO!

    thats what makes both of you special to the people on the board….we are right there with you!!!!

    Like I said in a post yesterday, I wonder how much money the Govt has thrown at the paper gold and silver markets to keep them down….its mind boggling!

    have a great weekend SGT and Andy Hoffman and the board!

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