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SILVER: The Bankers Achilles’ Heel… and TOP Performing Asset of 2016 YTD

MUST SEE: The Best And Worst Performing Assets YTD

from David Dees,

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37 comments to SILVER: The Bankers Achilles’ Heel… and TOP Performing Asset of 2016 YTD

  • knowtoomuch

    For those who have any brain cells left : Jew bankers NOT ONLY have (physical) silver as an achilles heel, but ALSO the ABSURD LIE of the socalled “gas chambers” they imposed on Humanity after WW-2 :

    • Moishe


      Jew bankers needed the holohoax to establish the unholy land of israhell as a stepping stone to achieve the jew world order & have 2800 goyim slaves, they will fail.

    • mike

      What is with the self hating Jews on this site, is it a magnet?

      Great words to live by, “Whoever smelt it dealt it”. Those words will always expose the Jew.

      You Jews have got to stop attacking Jews..Love your people man!
      Geeze even Moishe the Jew speaking the Yiddish “GOYIM” ..Nice, I had to look that up
      since I am not a Jew Yiddish speaker. Look seriously its cool you guys are Jews but please speak the English, I hate looking up Yiddish words.

      • knowtoomuch

        I’m sorry, but I ain’t no jew

      • Moishe


        Listen to the words of Genius Bobby Fischer. IQ of 180 Who knows better than a Jew hating, Jew?

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Wow, I never knew that Bobby Fischer’s IQ was 180. I think that’s even HIGHER than the “Unabomber’s” IQ.

          I wonder what the IQ of George Bush was at the time he was in office? Hahaha.

          I think George Junior did NOT get his daddy’s intelligence, but the level of evil was not reduced.

          “STupid Dumb”, I think Erdogan/Gollum has a BIG DOSE of it. RIght up there With Kim Jong iL.

          I still laugh about the dumb TV reporter reading the Teleprompter Feed about the Asian Jetliner that crashed, and the teleprompter person (who got fired for this SUPER funny, and now CLASSIC joke), it said that the Pilot & Co-Pilot of the plane were:

          “Sum Ting Wong”
          “Wei Tu Lo”

          That has to be one of the best, live TV news practical jokes that ever got by the censors/editors manning the 7 seconds delay.

        • mike

          Its cool man I accept you as a Jew. Jews can be cool and be good people. Jesus was a Jew before he was the Christian savior. Thats why I don’t care if you guys are Jews. I know individually there is hope for all.
          In the meantime stop hating on your peeps.No one likes a traitor not even the Nazis, Remember and take to heart,”Whoever smelt it dealt it”..Powerful words right there, no doubt. Your exposing yourself..Not cool to do if the real Nazis come back into power.

  • Troy

    I bought all my silver at $14, so I’m not buying any for awhile…putting money into my 68 LeMans, and fixing up an out building so the chickens, keets, a sheep have a cozy place. Also, planning on buying a GTO when the LeMans is finished.

  • Suzanne

    I started buying silver at $9… been buying through $40 and anytime I have some money after paying bills.
    Don’t forget the “other” precious metals… ammunition.

    • KRELL427

      Suzanne,I was reading the post about your husband and his Parkinson’s. Have you researched the benefits of coconut oil,or listened to what Dr Joel Wallach has to say about it. I could post some links for you,I have seen a lot of good results among family and friends who have tried natural remedies.

      • mike

        Dr. Krell with some good NUT advice. Krell will post you some youtube links to NUT oil
        to cure your ails..Its on the youtubes so it must be real.
        Krell, buddy go and talk to your Rabi..Your not a doctor you silly nut.

        You are seriously, no joke on your way to winning the ALLTARDS 2017 title.Your surpassing the current champ in all category’s, amazing work.
        Eric finally has some real competition!

        • KRELL427

          If you can’t figure out that our medical system is as corrupted or worse than our banking system then you are brain dead. Positive attitude also has a big part,which is something you lack completely.

          • mike

            Nah NUTs or good attitude are not going to do anything for Parkinson’s. It eats your brain, terrible disease. My friend who is a real doctor, his father just died of the Parkinsons. It was terrible seeing him in that condition..Didnt know me and could not function at all. If you got the Parkisons its like rabies..Once you show symptoms your a goner, nothing can be done..Not even the all powerful coconut oil.
            On a different note my Friend does think psychiatry is total bunk. So I suppose there is no hope for you or Eric.

            • mike

              Disregard my last message..That was a little mean even if it was directed at you/
              Who knows maybe your on to something with the Nut oil? Hemp oil seems to have some better medicinal property’s, at least with cancer.

            • Eric

              There is no such thing as a REAL doctor. There is no money in the cure. Only the treatment. His father died because he didn’t have any spirit left in him. Pure and simple. When a doctor tells you it’s hopeless, that’ bullshit. Lots of benefits with coconut oil. I’m also a big fan of coconut water. mike should just curl up and crawl in his bithole. He offer no value ever.

              That’s funny. Michael J. Fox doesn’t look like a goner at all!

              • Eric

                I know one guy who is so stubborn. He doesn’t listen to anybody. Everytime I suggest a healthy restaurant, he says “nah I don’t want to eat that health food stuff.” I say “You don’t want to be healthy?”

                Except he let the “REAL doctor” just remove part of his stomach, his spleen and part of his gall bladder if I remember correctly. Now he’s going to get 6 months of chemo cuz the doctor told him he has cancer on 9 of his lymph nodes. HE is a goner. Because he listened to the “REAL doctor” and has no interest in solving the problem and being responsible for his own health. MOST, not all, but MOST doctors really are quacks! Just like most lawyers and really just bar attorneys who work for the court system.

                Thinking for yourself, doing your own due diligence, and making your own decisions in life are critical to success and one’s own survival.

                • Eric

                  Just as an amendment, the problem is his diet. All protein, bread and carbs. No vegetables, vitamins, minerals, nutrients.

                  The lymphatic system is your auto-immune system and it needs lots of vitamins to fight off disease and cancer. His body is devoid of vitamins and nutrients.

                  Lots of B vitamins, Vitamin C, D, E, K, K2, A, potassium. There is more potassium in an avocado than there is in a banana. Vitamins are crucial for your body. Calcium, Magnesium, zinc and other minerals. And lots of good quality water and oxygen. No toxins. No sugar, No beer. It’s that last one I have a problem with.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I’ve done a bit of reading and internet watching and noticed that some LEGITIMATE research is showing that a large percentage of Parkinson’s patients are in fact, infected & suffering effects of chronic Lyme disease, and that doctors who are “Lyme” specialists are having some good results with treating people with lyme disease.

      Here is an extremely good mini-documentary about Lyme and it’s “side effects” that mimic other diseases but the CDC does not want to deal with it (probably because the rulers of the CDC are in bed with the insurance industry that is horrified of having to do LONG term treatment for Lyme victims).

      The standard 2 weeks of antibiotics recommended by the CDC is not fixing anything, and the standard “approved” testing (ELISA) is giving at least 50% FALSE negatives, even though there is a sophisticated test that really finds the infected people, the CDC does not approve (again because the treatments cost in the thousands instead of just $50 and the insurance friends at the CDC are the roadblock.)

      I have two close friends who seem to be suffering with undiagnosed Chronic Lyme disease type symptoms (joint problems, memory problems, neuropathy-nerve damage, etc. And these 2 friends, had lived in the North East section of the USA (Lyme Central).

      But it’s pretty much everyplace where mice and deer exist. (everywhere, and they even have versions of Lyme in Europe too.)

      It’s more wide spread across the nation than most people are aware of (deer ticks etc.) It also seems that Steven Hawkins condition may also be from Lyme (he was healthy in his 20’s, and he’s from that region of the country with the highest infection rates.)

      This public domain mini documentary is called “Under Our Skin”. One hour & 30 minutes.
      It gives details about the other “co-infections” that are from the tick-bites that transmit the Lyme bug… so the treatments have to fix several infections together.

      Hoping you can have some success with your difficult situation.

      • KRELL427

        Craig what you should also read about is cholesterol. Did you know the brain is made out of 80% cholesterol and our bodies can only produce 10% of what we need.Doctors are lowering peoples cholesterol intake,why do you think dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s is on the increase, watch Dr Joel Wallachia who performed over 20,000 autopsy’s on animals who died of natural causes.His book is considered a national treasure and is in the Smithsonian institute. Also watch Dr leanard Coldwell and his thoughts on the cholesterol scam. Rockefeller’s designed the medical industry to make you sick and profit off it. It is that simple and why nobody believes a simple fix when they hear it.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Yes, I know that our brains are about 80% fats, and I’ve watched a decent amount of the “Dead Doctors don’t lie”. very interesting stuff.

          I think we SGT people are pretty open minded and widely understanding of uncommon viewpoints, and yes, we do have a few dung-heads too.

          Our willingness to explore ideas & information assures that we will have a much higher survival rate than the dumb sheeples of the world who get all their information from the MSM.

          I’ve also learned some good things from you guys. The more I learn, the more I see how little I know. Learning & growing never ends.

          I’m astounded at the high levels of intellect you guys posses, and some stuff is WAY over my head,… stuff that takes years of dedicated, focused studies.

          I try to listen & learn and NOT throw stones at things I don’t agree with, but I do enjoy to make a few jabs & humor too every once in a while.

          I cannot always resist that temptation to “stir the pot”, but I do avoid trying to turn it into a frothy mess.

          • KRELL427

            Craig I hear you and wish we could spend our time more constructively as well. When it comes to gold silver and bitcoin I don’t mind screwing around and having some fun when it comes to peoples health that’s another story. This criminal Cabal is killing us for their profit and pleasure. What they do to children with cancer when there are many natural cures available makes me sick. I am sorry one Idiot had to make a complete mess out of this post for his self serving interest when I just offered to help someone. Like you said good thing there are many like minded constructive people on this site so we can all gain. If I made any spelling mistakes I don’t give a fuck. In my life I have never had any trouble communicating with anyone.

  • Eric

    Just got a whoooole bunch from the Doc. I do like the 1 oz Britannias a lot.

    Gonna go with the 2 oz walk the planks, bankster kryptonite, and Oligarchys next.

    Probably some more Eagles too.

    It’s a lot more fun to stack physical metal than it is to let it sit in you account earning no interest. I do it as often as possible. Don’t care about price. Just try to do it on dips.

    Stacking physical Silver is empowering!

    • KRELL427

      Eric ,I have been lucky to find a guy at work who is liquidating his whole stash,maples kookaburras,pandas,Scottsdale,monarch mint and others to me for $1 over spot.I even told him,what are you doing keep them. He insisted he wanted out,then I see one day he pulls in with a 2013 Mercedes E series. I said nice car,but one day you will regret selling the silver.

      • Eric

        Not surprising.

        The sheeple want immediate satisfaction. They assume life will continue on the way it always has. That’s great you are able to scoop them up like that. But be careful. He will definitely regret and possibly have a grudge against you at some point even though you warned him. That’s my experience anyways.

        As much as I want and do kinda need a new vehicle, I would much rather keep driving my little crappy coupe around which works fine so I can keep stacking. Might as well stay on the winning team.

  • Ether

    Top performing asset is Ethereum, 50-100x gains

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