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Sick Hillary Tries to Get Out of Van, Nearly Falls, Looks Whipped

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Poor Hillary.
She looks whipped.

Video was posted on imgur today showing Hillary Clinton trying to get out of van.
She nearly falls on the way out.

And look who is there to help her… The mysterious handler.

Then there’s this…

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5 comments to Sick Hillary Tries to Get Out of Van, Nearly Falls, Looks Whipped

  • AgShaman

    She looks comfortable in those pajamas…though orange has always been her best color, maybe she can get some nice ones made in orange. Heck, the Walmartians wear ’em all day long…maybe she can tap into that voter base a bit more and just rock the look for most of the week.

  • KRELL427

    The Illuminati witch association must have kicked her out of the club and put a hex on her.😀

  • Ed_B

    Maybe her @$$ is so big now that she needs power-assist to get it moving? 😉

  • tomche

    Too bad I wasn’t there. I would’ve given her a swift kick in the ass (that BIG, flatulent ass), tell her to stop bitching and go erase more emails.

  • Desert Fox

    She’s looking goooood.
    Think you all should stop dumpin on the poor hag. If any of us had been that responsible for so much death/misery and all the lying and cheating, would we be doing any better? Probably not. She must have great “powers” to even still be walking.
    Also kudos to the half of the country that support her no matter what she does.
    DF out……………..

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