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Shock Interview: Anders Björkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes

from The Daily Bell:

The Daily Bell: Hello there. You’re a controversial commentator, of course, and your website is a shock for those just stumbling on it. But whether it’s accurate or not, it’s also interesting and even courageous. So thanks for sitting down with us. We try to operate without bias, and thus won’t endorse your conclusion that nuclear weapons don’t exist. But we certainly have difficulties with the current narrative. We cover the dominant social themes of the elite – their propaganda – and nuclear disinformation is certainly part of it. [Ed. Note: See updated DB nuclear summary HERE.] You seem very confident of your conclusions.

Anders Björkman: I am quite good at hydrodynamics and wave forces on ships and how to design the ship structures to suit. It is more complicated than nuclear physics! Once you make certain logical deductions, you realize that nuclear explosions are impossible.

The Daily Bell: OK, then, when did you decide that nuclear weapons were a hoax? You wrote to us that it took 50 years?

Anders Björkman: Actually, it took me 40 years to become an A-bomb denier. I worked in Japan 1972/6 and learnt a lot about the A-bombs there and many other things that didn’t add up. And in 1999 I met E and her father W who had assisted Stalin build his a-bomb 1949. W was employed in Wismut AG in Saxony digging uranium for Stalin’s bomb since 1945. But the mine was propaganda and didn’t produce anything worthwhile. This person was later arrested by KGB and had a hard time fleeing West. It seems Stalin and FDR agreed to fake the A-bomb together from 1942 onwards … in my opinion today. FDR adored Stalin and handed him eastern Europe on a platter.

The Daily Bell: Why did you decide to write a website? How long did it take and when did it go up?

Anders Björkman: In 1994 a ferry sank in the Baltic killing 1,000 persons. I was operating similar ferries and wanted to know what happened. I soon found out that the authorities invented a fairy tale – the “visor” had fallen off – but apparently the ship was sunk due to sabotage. I wrote a book about it 1998 and the authorities didn’t like it. Later it became a website. At that time I met E at Mombasa Kenya and she supported my safety-at-sea work. E and her father W were refugees from East Germany and had had problems with KGB and Stasi regarding Wismut AG uranium in the 1950s.  So I decided to make a website about the A-bomb, too.

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  • Omniversling

    There a quite a few people out in public claiming that nukes are fake. This counter claim, after 71 years of terror of Mutually Assured Destruction (Duck and Cover anyone?), cuts to the heart of the Grand Deception that is played out on us hapless humans by a gang of criminal psychopaths, who apparently think nothing of killing a few hundred million people in wars that they start and fund, for their profit and benefit.

    I can hardly believe that so much fraud is manageable, but then only have to think about the ‘100,000 secret keepers’ who did the Manhattan Project, and look at the sheer scale and detail of the NASA fraud (see: A funny thing happened on the way to the moon on YouTube, or search NASA hoax)…and I can conceive that Nukes are a hoax. However this could also be a massive counter-psyop by the nuke cartel and MIC to keep going with the Earth Extinction Program..

    Anyway, here are some links if you want to research further…

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