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Sandy Hook Elementary Slated For Grand Reopening – Critics Decry Event

When are they planning to have a hoax shooting at this one?

by James Tracy, The Sleuth Journal:

On July 27 the Hartford Courant announced that “[t]he new Sandy Hook Elementary School will be opened to media and Newtown residents … nearly four years after the mass shooting at the school.” The lavish facility is scheduled to begin operations August 29.

The announcement came just as the Democratic National Convention was kicking in to “high gear” with Sandy Hook front and center to promote the Democratic Party’s promotion of heightened police state and gun control measures.

“The 86,800-square-foot school will house students in prekindergarten to fourth grade,” the Courant continues, “and the $50 million cost was covered by the state.”

“We are very grateful to the taxpayers of Connecticut for giving our town the funding to build this school,” First Selectman Patricia Llodra said in a statement. “Our goal was to create a place of community and learning, a place that would honor those we lost and allow those who were left behind the chance to move forward. I hope everyone who comes to see this new building takes away from it these ideals.”

CNN, a news outlet that went to unusual lengths to both promote and defend the official narrative of the Sandy Hook tragedy, ran the promo above announcing the school’s reopening. At the time of this writing “thumbs down” responses to the video outnumber positives by four to one.

Of course, these views should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, they represent the opinions of the American public, not “blue bloods” like CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Perhaps it’s time that elected officials paid with taxpayer dollars should listen to their constituencies instead of crying the all-too-familiar crocodile tears. The reaction is exemplary of the dynamic where, despite the event’s extremely poor production qualities, those controlling the narrative, in particular the influential forces within the Obama administration, law enforcement, and corporate media generally, play footsie with the loyal opposition, from the National Rifle Association to the libertarian wing of the GOP. All know full well that with Sandy Hook the emperor has no clothes, but play along with the charade.

Below are some of the top comments on CNN’s video, “Sandy Hook Elementary to Reopen.” We wouldn’t want for these to go “down the memory hole” should CNN choose to pull the plug on this post.

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