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RUMINT: U.S. Nukes Are Being Evacuated from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base to Bulgaria

from Rogue Money:

Here’s an excerpt with a link to the original Vineyard of the Saker post:

Bulgaria had no Russian bases in Soviet times, but now has a number of US ones and is already in increasing danger at a time of growing Cold War 2.0 tensions. If Washington moved nukes into the country without the government’s permission, it would be a display of arrogance that could cost the USA dear.

But to use the huge US base in Kosovo would be to put the weapons just a few miles form major concentrations of armed Jihadists, surely unwise even by Washington’s standards of recklessly or deliberately sending weapons to places from which they are promptly seized by Al Qaeda or ISIS.

And how many of the 90 missiles did they even manage to spirit out of the country before President Erdogan, shocked by the fair-weather (dis)loyalty of his American allies stopped them moving out the rest?

For that was surely the purpose of the mass blockade by 5,000 Turkish nationalists, power cuts, and the sealing off of the whole base by 7,000 heavily armoured Turkish troops.

However many nukes are left, they certainly now form extra bones of contention between Ankara and Washington. This will, on balance, probably move the world’s nuclear Doomsday Clock back a minute, with anything that weakens the Nato encirclement of Russia making Planet Earth a slightly safer place.

The following is the Russia Analyst’s commentary on the subject: we think 90 tactical nuclear bombs is a bit on the high side for estimates of what the U.S. military still stores at the strategically located base near the borders of Syria and Iraq. However, the number is feasible considering that until a few years ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel was vowing to make the U.S. relocate the Cold War legacy weapons out of Germany.

Since the 2014 Washington/Langley sponsored coup d’etat in Kiev followed by the return of Crimea to Russia and the remilitarization of the strategic peninsula amidst the U.S.-Russian proxy war in Ukraine, Merkel has stopped talking about the American nukes in her country, which German Luftwaffe Tornado jets if not Eurofighters are equipped to use in wartime. Other NATO air forces including Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium’s F-16s are capable of dropping B61s, though the nukes have yet to be forward deployed to Polish soil from their current locations in the UK, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

The nukes at Incirlik became a subject of concern during the week-long power cutoff to the base, reported by The New Yorker magazine amidst a curious media blackout. The New Yorker was accused by members of the military and experts on nuclear weapons of engaging in sensationalism regarding the remote possibility of Turkish Grey Wolves ultra-nationalists or ISIS terrorists trying to storm the base to seize one of the nukes from their underground bunkers or explode one as a ‘dirty bomb’ spreading radioactive plutonium (forget movies like Broken Arrow — terrorists would have neither the means nor the capability to set off a nuclear blast). However ‘respectable’ outlets such as The New York Times, Foreign Policy and Bloomberg all followed The New Yorker piece with articles suggesting that it could be time for the Pentagon to move America’s nukes out of Turkey.

We now know thanks to the reporting of Sibel Edmonds and others that the coup was run out of Incirlik by Turkish officers attached to NATO’s rapid reaction force — making U.S. denials of any foreknowledge and participation in the putsch less than credible. The media blackout during the power cutoff contributed to cryptic tweets from servicemen on base and rumors spreading to their stateside relatives, until the Military Times acknowledged the outage and base commander promised to get the air conditioners back on after a hot, sweaty week for his airmen.

At that time in late July rumors swirled that contrary to Department of Defense claims that flight operations were being conducted as usual against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq from Incirlik that the base’s operations were severely limited by the electricity cutoff and that U.S. airmen were confined to the base at the request of the Turkish government.

Sub for more: | Sputnik News reports Over five thousand joined anti-American demonstrations yelling “death to US” and demanding an immediate closure of the Incirlik Air Base for over five hours on Thursday before Turkish police came in and broke up the protesters before they could arrive at major NATO military facility, home to nearly 90 US tactical nuclear weapons.
When a demonstration involving several thousand Turks denouncing the coup was held outside the base gate on the night of Saturday-Sunday July 30-31, Turkish police massed near the Incirlik base gate. Russian media reported the Turks had between 5,000 and 7,000 police officers and security personnel operating at or around the base perimeter in the nearby city of Adana in what Ankara later said was a training exercise. When numerous Twitter accounts, some of them with a history of pro-Russian posts asked why the mainstream media wasn’t covering this ‘exercise’, a response came several days later from the CIA/State Dept. neocon mouthpiece The Daily Beast.

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