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Rogue Money Radio 08.19.16 With Cliff High!!!

from Rogue Money:

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3 comments to Rogue Money Radio 08.19.16 With Cliff High!!!

  • Paul

    Cliff High is a complete fwit.
    How can anyone be taken in by his garbage.
    Mr. High, What happened to the prediction “silver to
    be $38 in 16 days” bullshit ?

  • Don

    Guess his time machine isn’t perfect.
    For those with ears to hear, he often pokes fun at himself for being consistently incorrect about the metals. There are even traders making bets doing opposite of his calls.

  • JoeM

    He has fantastic hits in a lot of other areas but not in Precious Metals. The reason for this is simple. The USD, as World Reserve Currency, MUST contain Gold/Silver prices as JOB NUMBER ONE else said Fiat Currency would fail in short order. The Anglo-American Empire “Core Power” emanates from the USD Printing Press.

    Period and Case Closed.

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