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ROGER STONE: Hillary Plans To Steal Election

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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1 comment to ROGER STONE: Hillary Plans To Steal Election

  • Ed_B

    “Hillary Plans To Steal Election”

    Of course she does. This is how Dems operate. They steal what is not rightfully theirs. The fact that this undermines our political system and nation troubles them not a bit. How else did Obama “win” in 2012? After he revealed his incompetent anti-American agenda, only complete idiots of those on the take would vote for him. He knew that. Stuffing the electronic ballot box is super easy these days. That which can be rigged WILL be.

    But here’s the real problem. We settle issues in the US with ballots instead of bullets. When it becomes clear to one and all that ballots no longer work, what will be left to effect change?

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