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POKEMON GO, CERN & The Birth of The Augmented Reality MATRIX

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Pokemon Go is the new fad spreading across the world. The game has become larger than many long-running websites in just a few weeks. What’s behind all of the Pokemon Go rage?

I believe Pokemon Go is conditioning us for what is coming at CERN, the opening of a portal and the birth of matrix, fully realized and integrated. This is called the “5th Dimension.” We know that the Large Hadron Collider has been actively hunting for the 5th dimension for a long time now. It is hypothesized that gravitons can leak through our four dimensions of space and time and into the fifth. I have warned about this agenda in my videos.

Pokemon Go directs players to see and interact with a www hallucination. This is a part of the new augmented reality field of online interactive applications that allow a person to enter a whole new world they have never seen before.

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5 comments to POKEMON GO, CERN & The Birth of The Augmented Reality MATRIX

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Whether or not all this “Cern evil satanic portals” dimensional dangers etc ever comes true or not, I can make my OWN Predictions about the future of this stuff, and I’m pretty SURE that MY prediction will absolutely come true.

    When it comes to all this “Matrix-Augmented, 3D hologram reality viewing goggles, etc” stuff, it most CERTAINLY will make it into the PORN industry and bring in a LOT of money and will “re-vitalize” that industry as much as the VHS/VCR systems did back when video rental stores were the big thing.

    Then the Porn industry got another boost in revenues and popularity when the INTERNET became KING of “home viewing”.

    So the NEXT big thing, will be the “Virtual reality, 3D, holograms, Augmented reality, etc”.

    Those technologies will certainly have HONORABLE uses, such as learning and doing life saving surgeries, learning about the inner workings of engines, space explorations, deep ocean studies, biology, archeology, and all kinds of scientific, mechanical etc.

    Even for the common plumber, sewer repair guys, will probably get some use of this stuff.
    Microscopic studies as if you’re shrunk down to the size of a microbe or an atom, this stuff will be of tremendous use.

    It could even be useful to save marriages for ugly OLD people, to put on the 3D augmented goggles so they don’t have to see how old and ugly their partners really look like. Hahaha.. it’s the “Star Trek version” of putting on the Blonde wig tonight, or turning out the lights before going to bed, etc. Hahaha.

    • A decade ago, this was an episode of Futurama. Today, sex robots are already here:

      Albeit in a rudimentary form. I tend to agree with you, though, in that a VR sexual experience will be perfected far sooner than a whole robot. While what’s going on at CERN is disconcerting, the Singularity and breaking down of Man/Machine barriers progresses unhindered, with or without the spinning gears in Switzerland.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Futurama. +9999999. Loved that show.

        Slurm factory (Willie Wonka spoof).

        Fry eats the old egg salad sandwich-gets worms that make him smart but he has to shrink down, go inside his own head to battle the ‘genius worms’ and become stupid again.

        So much material.

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