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Mitchell Feierstein, author of Planet Ponzi returns to SGT Report to dissect the global economic meltdown and implosion of the planetary fiat Ponzi scheme. From $13 Trillion in bonds yielding negative interest rates to the ever-expanding criminal reach of Goldman Sachs, it’s everything for the international banking cartel and nothing but un-repayable debt for the people.

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86 comments to PLANETARY PONZI IMPLODING — Mitchell Feierstein

  • fonestar

    Every gold standard AND every fiat standard in history has failed. It is not a problem with the gold itself, or even the fiat money itself. The problem is with the STANDARD and the people administering them (bankers/governments). They fail because there are humans involved in a place of trust. Where there should be no humans involved and the monetary system should not rely on trust. So instead of the same INSANITY of relapsing from paper/to gold/to paper/to gold/to paper/to gold/to paper/to gold/to paper/…. it is time for THINKING people to speak up and stand up and demand non-governmental, money, credit and systems.

    • Eric

      Gold IS “non-governmental” money.

      That’s why I say put yourself on the Gold and Silver standard and stop waiting for some government to do it.

      Gold is massively undervalued which is all the more reason to think in terms of Gold, the purest form of money and get ahead of the bankers, rather than wait for their “standard.” I don’t require the government to set a standard for me. My own due diligence has taught me that because of quantitative easing, the price of Gold should be at least 5 times higher than it is right now.

      Anyone is welcome to transact in alternative currencies as long as 2 parties agree to it. But nobody can be forced to use something they don’t want to use.

      One can make all the demands they want, but making demands of others is the initiation of force. And you can try to force people all you want, but you can’t expect success at it. Power always trumps force. Physical metal in your hand is empowering. 3rd party counter-risk is not.

      Making demands of government is like trying to demand water freeze at 90 degrees. You have a better chance holding them accountable to the rule of law.

      Gold is the money of kings.
      Silver is the money of gentlemen.
      Barter is the money of peasants.
      Debt is the money of slaves.

      Use whichever works best for your situation.

      • fonestar

        SO why are you always bitching about the need to return to a gold standard then? And I still can’t blow physical gold thru a wire to fund a terrorist operation in Tehran in four hours.

        Hey what teh fudge? I thought fonestar got banned from here? Good thing I hacked most of my neighbours WiFi passwords (don’t use your cell fone number as a password lol). I even dumped my one neighbour’s dirty pictures and blackmailed her to get some more BITCOIN! Yay fonestar!

        • Eric

          Sorry, I don’t associate with criminals or psychopaths.

        • Howard Roark

          What a POS…yes, buy bitCON from this guy…

          • fonestar

            And WTF is your problem HOWARD? Check out and you will see that fonestar has 100% approval rating. Buy now with confidence!

          • Eric

            Howard, it is often difficult to remove the toxic people from your life. Especially when they are parasitic and have to cling to their hosts for survival.

            Scam artists and con men will often be the early adopters of something that has NO INTRINSIC VALUE, set upon building up the PERCEIVED VALUE to an unsuspecting public, only to sell that illusion for something that has REAL VALUE.

            • Howard Roark

              They’re the proxy army for ZOG…no surprise…load heavy

              • mike

                I think their hiding under your bed..Haven’t seen any creeping around my house? Weird..I have read many comments by wantabee Jews trying to justify the hoarding of PMs right here on this site?? Just hoard them and be cool with your Jew self, no shame, that’s what you do. I think your a simple case of the self hating Jew. I really dont care you Eric and Krell are Jews, you guys just need to accept each other instead of throwing your entire religion under the bus.. No need to hate your own peeps? Nordic normal people like myself really dont care about you Jews unless you try and poison my well. Then I will deal with you on an individual basis not attack an entire religion. Stop the hate man, love your Jew brothers.

                • Howard Roark

                  It’s already be poisoned, denial solves nothing, it’s not the Irish that have been kicked out of 92 countries 109 times…don’t be such a (((cuck)))

                • Eric

                  If he was nordic or normal, he wouldn’t be trying to push his ponzi scheme and talk out of his ass all the time. The stench of desperation reeks out of these guys as the price continues to fall.

                  Bitcoin now at 602. If it doesn’t hold here, it’s a long ways back down to 450. I can’t wait to hear mike’s excuses then. There’s no reason to hold bitcoin with all the other 700+ crypto-currencies out there.

                  The funniest part…

                  Silver a.k.a. REAL, SOUND, HONEST MONEY is now outperforming blipcoin and is up 46.94% YTD!!!

                • fonestar

                  Howard I’ve been kiked off waaay more than 92 sites cos immuh virtual jew.

            • Ed_B


              Looks as if they need a few dozen more San Bernardinos before they “GET IT!”. But not to worry. A few hundred more anti-gun laws will ensure that the law-abiding citizens cannot fight back against those who routinely ignore ALL laws and especially those that put any limit their ability to create mayhem.

              • Eric

                I think the new anti gun laws are on the ballot November 8 so there might still be a chance to stop some of them. I also believe some of them don’t kick in until 2019 so there is still time.

                If there are more San Bernardinos, I hope they are all in Sacramento.

                • Ed_B

                  “If there are more San Bernardinos, I hope they are all in Sacramento.”

                  Indeed so. Might open a few eyes… finally. But then, those in power are frequently surrounded by heavily armed body guards so do not care if they themselves are carrying a gun or not. This is typical of libtards.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    There is often a misunderstanding of the difference between “gold money” and “gold standard”.

    The world has had GOLD & Silver MONEY for more than 3000 years and it has NEVER failed and is STILL recognized and useable throughout the entire world, while a “gold standard” is very capable of failing because it is supposed to be “notes” that are “backed” by Gold (or silver), but it does not become “real money” until those notes are REDEEMED for their actual “precious metal backing”.

    I don’t want a “gold standard”, I actually want Gold and Silver money without any form of “notes” based upon a redeemable metal, as the “issuing authorities” have been known to empty the vaults when they damn well feel like it.

    This is why the STACKER COMMUNITY stacks PHYSICAL PM’s, is because we are ready for a REAL MONEY system that does not rely on any “standards based system”. When the FIAT fails, we will be able to SPEND gold and spend silver for our needs & wants.

    Stack On, Live On.

    • Ed_B

      Actually, Craig, gold redeemable money is a HUGE benefit for We the People. This is what forces a government NOT to spend so much of OUR money. When times are good, people are comfy with paper money, which is easier to carry and send via mail. This leaves more metallic money available to the government for spending. When times are not so good, people tend to hoard gold and silver money as a defense against monetary problems because they know that these metals handle such problems with ease. This reduces the amounts of these metals available to the government for spending. This was THE major reason why the US and other governments wanted to move from metallic to paper money. They wanted to spend more than they had and fiat currency was their route to doing that. The banksters facilitated this because they knew that they could exploit this character flaw in most politicians.

      There is an outstanding speech that was given by Howard Buffett, who was Warren’s father and a US congressman, back in 1948. It lays out why human freedom relies on gold redeemable money. It is available on-line as a PDF file. It’s about 4 pages long and should be required reading for every American and especially for our “leaders” and anyone who would be a leader. This is easily found via a search for “Howard Buffett gold”. I wish that SGT would use this as a sticky note / article here on the SGT Report web site. Yes, it’s THAT good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Eric

        “Even though there is a lot of gold buried down at Fort Knox, that gold is
        not subject to demand by American citizens. It could all be shipped out of this country without the people having any chance to prevent it.”

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          I’ve gotten pretty cynical lately, and don’t want NO kind of “promise note, even if it says: gold or silver standard, redeemable, etc on it”.

          I don’t want to take ANY chance on anything that is NOT in my own hands. If you don’t hold it, then you don’t own it.

          Judas didn’t take silver standard redeemable notes, nope, he took the COLD, HARD SHINEY Silver Coins. REAL money.

          When Jesus went to be taxed, he didn’t try to pay with any paper gold standard notes, he told the tax collector “GO FISH”, and from the mouth of a fish, they plucked a METAL COIN of the proper WEIGHT to pay the tax.

          Gold or silver in ANY government “vault” is NOT in my hands, therefore, it can be denied to me.

          • Eric

            Don’t worry Craig. It’s all based on trust. And trust is becoming a very rare commodity. After this system falls apart, I suspect it will take many generations before anyone will deposit their hard earned wealth with a 3rd party ever again.

            This is pretty damn cool and very tempting…


            Lots of good deals right now with premiums so low. Especially with the selling into the secondary market.

            Buying at 15 and selling at 20. Sure that’s a nice 33% profit. But I prefer the generational wealth creation method. If I am ever blessed with children, I won’t have to struggle to provide a future for them.

            Stacking metal, taking names, and chewing bubble gum. All out of bubble gum.

          • Ed_B

            That’s the beauty of gold and silver redeemable money. YOU choose which YOU will hold. If you don’t want to hold paper, you never have to hold paper. Both paper and metal money are available to all citizens and there is no requirement placed upon any citizen to hold either form of money. This is power… economic power… and when we hold this over the heads of those running the government, they KNOW that they are under OUR thumbs. This encourages them to behave themselves. It does not guarantee that, of course, but it does put pressure on them in that direction. Currently, there is NO power in our hands whatever as to whether or not the US Gov will over-spend the national income. So, of course, THEY DO! ๐Ÿ™

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              I fully agree that gold & silver in our hands is our power, but I fully disagree when you said that “we” can choose whether or not to hold the paper or redeem it for PM’s.

              The choice of redeeming it, is fully under the control of those who actually hold the gold, and if they say “no redemptions” then it’s the end of that. The French held large supplies of paper money-notes that were redeemable in GOLD, but suddenly, in 1971, the USSA authories arbitrarily chose to illegally refuse to give up the gold. It was a genuine default, but the government got away with it, mostly because the guy with the biggest guns (and will to use them) is the bully who wins.

              I choose to be my own authority and hold my own gold and my own guns. Possession is 9/10th’s of the law, and that’s why I won’t let the government or banks hold my gold and push a “redeemable note” in my face.

              Just like stocks, etc, held in the name of Cede & Company with you and me as the “beneficiary with voting & sale rights”, but just let some hiccup hit the markets, and sales of stocks can be corralled, gated, halted at the whim of those who hold the power.
              Even without being “gated/corralled” the issuing company can issue more shares (dillute the value of shares already held in private hands), or the issuing company can go bankrupt and the shares fall to zero.

              As George W. Bush said: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, we won’t get fooled again.” Hahaha. Comedians were SORRY to see him leave, because he created such GOOD material for laughs. (Nuke-You-Lir weapons rather than Nuclear weapons, etc)

              I can remember actually spending silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and even seeing the large silver dollars in circulation. I remember how they quickly disappeared after Johnson canceled our silver coinage with the promise that silver would not change in value. Hahaha.

              I’m done with being suckered into believing all the great sounding “logic” they throw at us.
              Bottom line, is that if it’s claimed to be “redeemable” then it’s clearly also able to default and renege on those promises.

              Nobody is going to be able to march into any government or bank vault with a gun and force the repatriation of their gold. (Hint: Germany’s 1400 tons of gold held for safe keeping, and they still don’t have it back yet.)

              If redeemability was actually valid and reliable, then Germany would have received back their gold within 7 days of demanding that it be redeemed to their national treasury.

              So I look at what happened to Germany’s attempt at redemption, and I know that I’d have much LESS chance of getting “them” to even pick up the phone and take my call.

              • Eric

                Craig, that’s all the more reason to hold one’s wealth in physical precious metal.

                We CAN choose whether or not to hold the paper or redeem it for PMโ€™s. But at what price? All of the metal is going into the hands of the average little guy joe public. The shortages have been in tonnage.

                I fully expect Silver to continue doing very well. And although I think we are still quite a ways away from $500/oz., $100/oz will be reached with ease. But I do think there will always be some coins floating around out there at the coin shops.

                Anyways, it’s all the more reason I am, have been, and continue to be very happy I am about 50% Gold, 42% Silver, 5% Platinum and Palladium, 2% junior exploration and Silver producers, and 1% BitGold. Very little cash. Just what I need.

              • Ed_B

                What part of “we now have NO control over US Gov spending” are you not getting? Gold and silver redeemable money worked for well over 100 years in the US and can work again. Our other paths lead to more BS fiat paper and even less desirable digital “money”. This is not about what any of us prefers as individuals. We all know what that would be. The real question is, “WTF is coming at us?”. Those in power won’t be offering a gold or silver redeemable money. Ever. They know that this empowers us and de-powers them, so they don’t want to go there. If they don’t want this, there MUST be a good reason to do it.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Ed, Sorry ED, but Gold redeemable “notes” can be PRINTED just as easily as “non redeemable” notes. Paper & ink, cannot never be trusted.

        I myself, will rely on the simple fact that nobody can PRINT gold or silver. Those gold & silver coins do NOT have to have words like “Redeemable” stamped on them, because they don’t need to be redeemed for any reason, because they are already real.

        • Eric

          What I find ironic Craig are those that say “some say money should be backed by Gold, but labor is what really creates wealth.”

          Gold is already money. Currency can be backed by real wealth. But it’s still just currency that is supposedly backed by something real.

          If all it took was labor to create wealth, one could go down to the beach and start creating microchips out of sand.

          Unfortunately, most fail to realize that capital is also required in the form of machinery, factories or facilities, and the knowledge that is required to manufacture the product.

          • Ed_B

            Land, labor, and capital… the big 3 of an economy. Not to mention technology but that could be seen as the result of the labor of scientists and engineers.

        • Ed_B

          You are welcome to your opinion on that, Craig, but pay some attention to the fact that gold and silver redeemable notes did good service in the US for several decades. Some people prefer paper money for some uses. Some don’t care as long as it spends. And others, like many on here want the metal. This is good. Choice is good. Lack of choice is not as good and that is what we have now. Fortunately, there is nothing stopping any of us from converting every scrap of paper money we can spare into gold and silver. Feel free to do that. I know that I do and in substantial amount. ๐Ÿ™‚

          But I still want a system that allows me to choose which form of money I use and that allows me and many others of like mind to put serious pressure on the US Gov to curb their excessive spending habits. Gold and silver redeemable money do just that while offering maximum choices to all of us.

          All of the fiat money problems started AFTER gold and silver redeemable money was discontinued in favor of full blown non-redeemable unbacked fiat currency. Without backing, pulled-from-air currency had no real value attached to it, so governments were free to print all they wanted. Some did just that and with the predicted disastrous results.

          • Eric

            The only problem with this in my view Ed, is that we can’t just simply go back to Gold and Silver redeemable notes because trust won’t return with the simple signing of a bill into law. We have passed the rubicon now. I agree they did good service at one point but that was when the people had much more trust in government. That was before anyone began waking up to any of this, before the work of people who have done the hard research we share, and before the internet came along and made everything global. They served a purpose at one point. But I don’t see them serving any purpose in the future. Not the near future anyways. Perhaps a couple hundred years down the road after everyone has forgotten these days much like the current generations have forgotten the colonial days of early America.

            I agree the choices are good. More choices create competition and competition keeps prices low. But I suspect the “redeemable” part can only go one way from now on. You can redeem paper or digital for metal at a certain price and vice versa. But the only way to redeem metal for paper or digital will be to either sell it for tax consequences, or spend it without tax consequences. Or better yet, pass it onto the next generation in some way.

            Careful tax planning and monetary/financial education of others is the key to our goals. I expect that when the system resets, the redeemability part will only go one way. You can deposit your Gold into a bank as part of the SDR to pay your taxes and other expenses. You may still be able to buy it at the retail dealer too. But most of us probably won’t want to be paying $10,000 plus per ounce.

      • Eric

        Israel is full of parasites and thieves!

        As Israel Prospers, Obama Set to Give Billions More in Aid While Netanyahu Demands Even More

        “Whatโ€™s perhaps most shocking of all is how little attention or debate any of this receives. Would Americans really be supportive of transferring billions of dollars every year to Israel, and then entering into a new agreement to significantly increase that amount and guaranteeing it โ€“ placing it beyond debate โ€“ for 10 more years? That seems doubtful. To begin with, Israel enjoys universal health care coverage while โ€œ33 million Americans, 10.4 percent of the U.S. population,โ€ remain without health insurance.”

  • KRELL427

    Just had dinner with a buddy of mine who has written billion dollar derivatives for one of Canada’s big four banks, he told me his bank has just started buying Credit default swaps expecting a 40% decline in Canada’s housing market.

    • Eric

      Did you tell him that anyone who has a paper and pen can write a contract (derivative) but it takes actual work to produce real wealth?

      • KRELL427

        He knows all that I know , what we conclude is they are preparing for the collapse, the big short is happening again, and his bank is preparing.

        • Kakistocracy

          I’ve heard much the same here in Canuck-town.
          Specifically Bank of Canada and CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation similar to Fannie/Freddie) issued warnings that the rate of increase in single family fully detached houses was unsustainable.

          Condo market in Toronto and Vancouver is slowly crawling to a halt but not that quickly .

          No matter what though, Toronto and Vancouver real estate will take the BIGGEST hits.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Any type of “Gold standard notes” (or silver) relies on the good graces and HONESTY of the “issuing authority” to actually give you your metal upon demand.

    We know what happened in 1971 when Nixon refused to redeem anymore gold for all those “gold standard” obligations that Europeans were trying to redeem.

    Prior to that, under Lyndon Johnson, the “Silver standard” was killed and after some “grace period” you could NO longer go to the Federal banks and demand your “notes” be redeemed in the proper weights of silver metal.

    Anybody who ever places any faith in the government or bankster system to remain honest and not cheat the people, is being foolish.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Talk about the Planetary Ponzi implosion, I see that BITCOINS are getting ever closer to their “intrinsic value”.

    They had reached somewhere about $666, but right now, are down to $617. They’re still in a big bubble and (OOPs,,, now they’re down to $616)… at this rate, they’ll be Two for a dollar before you know it.

    Not even the Dollar stores will sell them. Those BTC’s didn’t take much human labor to produce them, just pay the electric bills for all the computers that are eating all those MEGA WATTS & causing the power plants to pollute the planet.

    I wonder how much Fukushima destruction has hurt the bitcoin miners?

    Oh, by the way, as Bitcoin bleeds out, the “price” of gold and silver are RISING (as they should).

    I’m sure there will be ups and downs of both BTC and PM’s, but in the end, I’m confident that the PM’s will be the only thing standing.

    • Eric

      Craig, tsk tsk tsk.

      You know as well as I do that bitcoin doesn’t have any intrinsic value. But they are getting a little closer to their fair market value of 33 cents/BTC.

    • fonestar

      Yeah Bitcoin is going to blow up any moment now isn’t it you fucking morons? Been saying that for seven years now and you’re still fucking wrong. That’s okay, in some ways that is what makes early adopters of new technology rich… they get it and you don’t. They get rich and you stay poor. Met a guy the other week who bought into Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, etc in teh early days. People said he was “crazy” and computers were “a fad”. Now he is rich as shit and laughs at the fucking morons (like you) who said he was “crazy”.

    • Eric


      I think I read somewhere that blipcoin is a fake currency and is really a tech stock. Except most tech companies actually produce something that is real.

      Remember the bubble when everyone was trying to sell nothing for something?

      • Ed_B


        “Remember the bubble when everyone was trying to sell nothing for something?”

        Boy, do I ever! That was when the death knell of that market was sounded for one and all to see and hear when those who SHOULD have known better said, “Market valuations don’t matter”. The second I heard that, I wanted to yell at the person saying it, “Then come over here and pay me a billion dollars for my house!”. HA! Valuations ALWAYS matter to anyone who has even a teeny tiny understanding of economics. To others? Maybe not. But they sure learned when the “valuations don’t matter” market imploded in 2001. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kakistocracy

    Missed the point.

    There is ONLY ONE POINT.

    The Criminal Enterprise known as the : FEDERAL RESERVE
    and the Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, ECB


    Using basic acturial math, you can calculate that the owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE have at a minimum wealth of $76 TRILLION .
    This is the minimum amount given the 6% Dividend and 103 years of compounding and GDP growth.


    WE ARE BEING SCAMMED and ROBBED in plain sight.

    Take back the $76 TRILLION in wealth that the Rothschilds have stolen from all of us.

    anon, need you here…

    remember the Swiss Federal Institude study that said over 10 million corporations are all controlled by ONE SUPER ENTITY: ROTHSCHILD’s bank holding companies.

  • Jacobson

    44% of the comments were written by Eric.

    • Eric

      100% of the worlds problems are directly related to the state of “is-ra-el.”

    • Eric

      israel is a nuclear state
      israel is a terrorist state
      israel is a pirate state
      israel is an apartheid state
      israel is an illegal state
      israel is not the US’ ally, it’s the BOSS
      israel is not a democracy it’s a racial colony
      the UN itself said zionism is racism

    • Millicent

      To blow one’s own horn or toot one’s own horn
      Fig. to brag. Gary sure likes to toot his own horn. “I hate to blow my own horn,” said Bill (Eric), “but I am always right.”

      • Eric

        Below are 30 possible reasons why a friend, partner, colleague, relative or acquaintance (millicent)may criticize you:

        They are threatened by your competence, attractiveness, etc. so they are trying to level the playing field.
        They have a concern about your motivation, skill level, performance or contribution.
        They feel you are not doing your share of the work or being a team player.
        They have a strong unmet need that is not being satisfied.
        They have a controlling personality and have to be in charge.
        They feel entitled to special treatment or status and do not feel they are receiving it.
        They want to make you look bad so as to advance their own position or curry favor with the bosses, etc.
        They feel insecure and are overcompensating.
        They think you are making them look bad in front of others.
        They feel criticized by you and are counter-attacking.
        They think they are genuinely helping you by giving you the benefit of their wisdom or experience.
        They have strong opinions on a subject (e.g., politics, religion etc.) and see other points of view as less valid.
        They are trying to get your attention or connect with you but lack skills, so they end up whining (e.g., kids, teenagers).
        They are testing limits in order to feel more independent (teenagers, young adults).
        They are competing with you for status or position or you are an obstacle to their goal.
        They see themselves as an expert on the topic by virtue of education or experience and they want to share their knowledge with you and be admired.
        They are frustrated with you because they donโ€™t feel you have been hearing them or responding to their requests.
        They are trying to put their own spin on a situation to make them look good or minimize their bad behavior.
        They are setting limits on your disrespectful/inconsiderate behavior.
        They want you to understand how your actions are hurting or disadvantaging them.
        They are trying to bully or intimidate you so they can feel powerful.
        They are defending their own actions by pointing out that you also did some things wrong.
        They lack social skills and are delivering well-meant feedback unskillfully.
        They want to feel important and respected (e.g., an elderly family member).
        They are covering up hurt feelings with anger.
        They are a narcissist and canโ€™t handle your confronting them or not going along with them.
        They have a problem they donโ€™t want to deal with (e.g., substance abuse, spending money) and are trying to get you to back off.
        They feel you are acting unfairly or taking advantage.
        They have different values and perspective than you and are judging you.
        They are trying to shame or humiliate you, perhaps as revenge or a power play.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    $611……. $610……. Wow, this is Funny.

    I do expect a big spike UP when the FIAT go to hell, but the smoke & mirrors will quickly dissipate in the bright sunshine of gold and silver.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    When it goes under $600, it may fall off the cliff, or perhaps it will HANG itself with the BlockChain.

    I think somebody out there needs a HUG (or a box of HUGGIES).

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Did somebody just tell the Chinese & Indians that Bitcoin is NOT gold or silver?

    I feel like I’m watching a REVERSE-AUCTION. Now down to 608… do I hear 605 ? Going once, twice, Down down down she goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

    • Eric


      For $605 you can buy 26.5 ounces of Silver.

      BTC is massively overvalued.

    • Ed_B


      Nope. No need. Those people KNOW what does and doesn’t have value. With their very long histories and dozens of currency deaths over the millennia, they pretty much know in their DNA that only gold and silver are money. All else in the financial world is credit or debt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OOOps again. Bitcoins now down to $579.60 ? Like the Lemmings playing Pokemon Go, right off the cliff.

    Get em quick, before they…….

    Even the Clowns are angry at Bitcoin.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Wow. Reverse auctions really work for Schitcoins.

    Lost another $11 in just 30 minutes. At this rate of decline, it will be down to 37 cents within 24 hours.

    from $579 to $566 in 30 minutes.

    I’m sure it will take longer than that, but I can see the trend. I’m not blind. Even Ray Charles could have seen it.

    It’s going down.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OOOPY POOPY, the bottom is falling out.

    The community of Bitcoin holders are filling up their diapers faster then the price of BTC is falling.

    Only about 2.5 hours ago, it was “holding” at about $566, and now, we are at $515.

    As Sean would say “We are DOCUMENTING the COLLAPSE” (of BTC).

    Oh Shit, as I am typing this, it just fell down another EIGHT bucks, to reach $511.

    OH DOUBLE CRAP, it’s falling faster than I can type, it’s now at $507.


    I wonder when it will hit $450? Perhaps by midnight, it will be pushing $400 or $395???

    Now it’s showing $502.

    FUNNY but sad.

    Silver is UP to $20.60 and OH SHITTY SHITTY BANG BANG.. Bitcoin just hit $498 !!!! $496 !!!!

    OK,, time to post this before it hits ZERO.

    $494….. $490…. $485……..

    • KRELL427

      Cliff was only out by 180 degrees.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Perhaps Cliff was “channeling” a little bit of Bo Polny?

        If Cliff was saying “Big moves in BTC, Amazing, shocking, etc” that certainly occurred, just in the DOWN direction. But he did mention that Silver would be going up, at least he got that direction correct.

        I see the BTC has regained a bit of its dignity, now back up to %543.

        And what about that idiot (GOLLUM- ERDOGAN) in Turkey. Surrounding the US Airbase and going all crazy. Erdogan has turned TURKEY into the North Korea of Muslim nations…a “Muslim Crazy Nation”.

        Perhaps we need to call Erdogan by his NEW NAME… KIM JONG ERDOGAN.

        But of course, since the US base is part of the headquarters for movement of the heroin trade out of Afghanistan, and protection for the USA-ISIS monster in Syria, and all that dope money is getting stepped on, I think that Gollum is going to have a date with a Vince-Foster NAIL GUN.

        Or perhaps he’ll be bench pressing a big can of hummus and it will fall on his neck and crush his throat?

        Of course, if Gollum is working under the table to keep the drug routing happy as usual, then Gollum will get to keep His PRECIOUS “Ring of Power”.

        The resemblance is astounding.

  • freeman-halflife

    beware, so far no alternative news site on the net that is still running really has named the bulls by their names…..that’s why they are still running.
    SGT dodged the question,”who runs the world?”, “who’s behind goldman sachs?”…..hmmm, i don’t know….hmmm,….buy gold, and guns, and a big bunker…..
    All real whistle-blowers, martyrs, are with God…including Jesus himself….
    “Give to Caesar what belongs to him”…..we all know about fiat money, central banks, gold, silver, etc…..nothing but factoids…..the reality is Lucifer rules the world and all his worshipers…the empire of clay is collapsing and the anti-christ will take over to represent the bearer of light….possibly an european white freemason (a rothchild, best candidate, surely best student) but probably a patsy, evil lives in the shadows…’s not banks and humanity, it’s good and evil as it has always been…since Eve ate the fruit.

    • SGT

      reeman-halflife, Oh God help us, another armchair Quaterback who professes to have all the answers, yet doesn’t know the first thing about this site or my body of work. Watch the first TWO MINUTES of this recent piece I produced, then get back to me you keyboard Keystone cop.

  • freeman-halflife

    what’s wrong sgt??? 1 h to moderate my post….
    or are u part of the 12 tribes of goldman sachs.

    • SGT

      freeman-halflife, you are a complete idiot. This isn’t Huffington Post where we have a staff of hundreds to cater to self-absorbed people like you. We have a staff of THREE, two of which are part time. I was at dinner with my wife, you self-righteous fool.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit


        +999 Fine Gold for you & your honest response to somebody who thinks you’re rich just because you have a well run, well researched site.

        Your site is actually my top favorite to visit, along with ZH, and then I jump around various other places to catch up with (often useless) news bites.

        Your followers and commentators are very often VERY clever, intelligent, and put out detailed and well formulated opinions & observations (with humor as well as conflict), I enjoy to see the variety that you so generously allow on your site.

        Even the “rotten apples” helps me to appreciate the golden gems of wisdom and humor that shines thru the muck… but the MUCK is still needed to appreciate those gems by comparison.

        • SGT

          Hey Craig, thanks a lot, I appreciate it. You add a lot of value to the comments section here and I really appreciate those of you who do so. It’s easy to point fingers and throw stones from the cheap seats, as many keyboard ninjas are apt to do. But it would be a lot more helpful if they’d enter the actual arena and fight the good fight.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            I humbly thank you for your kind words & your appreciation for my participation, I’m blushing.

            (even though I know I can sometimes have opinions that can be very harsh, but I usually try to frame my attacks with some honest & fairly decent logic.)

            Thanks for allowing your followers to submit both the good and the bad, as it does help each other to sharpen their wisdom to rise to the challengers.

            You have been providing a VERY valuable service with the great variety of worthy information, as warnings, and as teaching various ways that can help educate people how to improve and survive, as well as some interesting news and even some humor to keep away the darkness.

            Things in the world are really getting wound up like a thousand rubber bands ready to snap.

            We truly live (and die) in very “interesting” times. I’m gonna give it my best shot, and YOU have helped us all.

            I am honored to give a few tidbits that some people may find useful as well as my challenges to various ideas.

            Good luck to us all.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OOoops on me, I hit the Percent key instead of the Dollar sign… but BTC has lost of bit of that “regained dignity” that was $543, and is back down a bit, to $528.

    What a Roller Coaster, eh? Like a drunken man trying to use the stairway, staggering up and down, no telling how long before he ends up on the floor.

    37 Cents, ready and waiting.

    • KRELL427

      120,000 coins were stolen today,check that link for the story.

      • Eric

        Those aren’t real coins. Those are chuck e. cheese coins.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Yes, I read about it. Juicy targets with no danger of getting hit by the owner’s 12 gauge makes BTC’s an irresistible target for every kind of hacking thief.

          It a very different situation for anybody or any group who may try to steal even a dozen troy ounces of somebody’s silver or gold. Household dogs, burglar alarms, handguns, long guns, baseball bats and fists are some pretty good deterrents against thieves.

          It seems that stealing Bitcoins may be more difficult than hacking into Hillary’s email server, but not impossible.

          I really hate thieves. It would be nice if the blockchain could both trace & “inactivate” those stolen bitcoins so as to make thievery useless, but then some scammers would come up with a new hack to hold people’s BTC as hostage until you pay a “Let my BTC’s go” ransom.

          Kinda like what GERMANY is going through in trying to get their GOLD BACK from American thieving government & banksters. Just goes to show you, TRUST NO ONE.

          If it’s not in your hands, then it’s NOT REDEEMABLE & You don’t own it.

          I wonder if Germany could hold all USA military hardware, bases, buildings, tanks, planes, people, and USA companies, and USA citizens etc. etc. as “Collateral” until the gold arrives?

          Their own version of “Ransom ware”, just to get their OWN GOLD BACK again. Since the USSA is HOLDING it like a THIEF, I don’t see no reason why some LEVERAGE could not be employed.

          But the negative aspect is that the USSA is paying large amounts of RENT for all that land, and all those personnel are spending vast amounts of their pay each month which is a big boost to the German economy, as well as whatever taxes are being paid to Germany.

          When the USSA infests a country, it embeds itself like a symbiotic parasite that would damage the host to remove the infestation.

          • anon

            “When the USSA infests a country, it embeds itself like a symbiotic parasite that would damage the host to remove the infestation.”

            And who is it, that has INFESTED the USA, and turned it into the USSA?

            (I’m quite sure that you (Craig, Eric), know, but, I’ll post something for those that don’t ~ ok, watch this:)

            SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE !!!


            You see, the USA has been COMPLETELY HIJACKED, which is why it is now the USSA. If you guessed WESTERN INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANKERS, you get 1 point.
            However, it does, in fact, go DEEPER than that. The W.I.C.B. have legions of “Helpers”, assisting them. Those “Helpers” also go by another name: SAYANIM. Look it up.

            The VERY SAME W.I.C.B. that are essentially at the root (cause) of the current global financial systemic “crisis” (never let a good crisis go to waste! ~ Rahm Emanuel) will also be at the ready to offer up their “solution”, and some new monetary scheme that THEY control. You can BANK on it.

            Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

            Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Canโ€™t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

            Read ALL comments. Click on ALL links, and read/view/listen to ALL content. IF you haven’t done so, already. The proverbial wool has been pulled over your eyes ~ and most Americans are FAST ASLEEP, to this very day.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hmmmm, …. a “downward algorithm hack”? That sounds like JPM, COMEX, PPT, etc, doesn’t it?

    This is another, or perhaps the BIGGEST example why BTC is NOT money, and is not a good place to put your money.

    I prefer gold and silver IN MY HANDS because NO computer program can HACK MY OUNCES.

    Nobody can PRINT gold or silver. You can’t “mine it” with a computer program, it takes BIG Machinery, fuel, labor, manpower, mineral rights, refineries, etc.

    That is a very large investment in time, money & manpower for something that “some people” claim is worth less than a “dollar”, eh?

    (and NO, I am not a Canuk or even a Yooper, eh?) Hahahaha.

  • freeman-halflife

    I apologize to SGT, my bad….with so much garbage on the net sometimes it’s not easy to take your finger off the trigger (keyboard)….

    It’s ’cause of the guys behind SGT we are all MEN today….keep it up guys…the other side is tempting..$$$$$….but after I pokeman u, i now know the real u…God bless…

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