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PC Doctors Now Telling Parents to Lie to Children about Their Obesity

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

One of the most important things, if not the most important, that children should share with their parents is trust. A child who has little worldly experience and lacks the brain development and maturity to make important decisions and guide his or her actions must rely on parents to guide them, mentor them and help them understand all of life’s peculiarities.

But some politically correct physicians are now asking parents to lie to their kids if they don’t believe they can accept or understand the truth – a blatant violation of the trust and faith that are vital to the child’s parental bond.

As reported by New York Magazine, one of the things that PC docs are “advising” against is parents talking to their teenagers about their weight – and in particular, about their teens’ need to adjust their diets in order to maintain a healthier weight. Ignoring the problems of obesity and eating disorders, they claim, is a better way to reduce the incidence of both.

In other words, the better thing to do, these “experts” say, is to allow your children to maintain an unhealthy weight and lifestyle rather than possibly hurt their feelings by giving them some dieting and weight-loss advice that could actually save their lives.

According to newly issued guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should essentially lie to all teens, whether they have weight problems or not.

Diet and exercise has long been the go-to weight loss combo – until now

“Scientific evidence summarized in the new recommendations shows that physicians and parents can ward off problems at both ends of the weight spectrum by avoiding focusing teens’ attention on weight or dieting, and instead encouraging a healthy, balanced lifestyle,” says a press release from Stanford University Medical Center, in highlighting the AAP guidelines.

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